Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Style Bloggers Roundup of What's Haute: Vol 15

We're a little light this week....the world of high fashion and style waits for no one.....but what we do have is BIG on how-to's and fabulous insight on what's haute now and in the near future.  From different denim outfits to the perfect nude heel to doing doily's right and wearing what's haute to a black tie affair.....even a bit of fashion history, these top style bloggers are bringing the best of style to you!  Read more....

Doing Denim Right

'Pure' Pump by Charles David


Black Tie Art Gallery Crawl

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

‘Pure’ Nude But Not Nekkid

One of my most favorite new Spring trends is the nude shoe.  It’s the perfect solution to those outfits that you either can’t figure out which shoe color to commit to for an outfit or when the outfit needs to be the statement piece so that you can pull it off in a sophisticated way for the office.  And one of the sexiest way to be nude but not “nekkid” is the ‘Pure’ pump from Charles David.

I have to admit that I haven’t been all that impressed or rather, inspired to purchase any Charles David shoes in many, many seasons.  It truly has been disappointing because of how devoted I used to be to them.  Charles David used to really do it for me, especially when it came to work appropriate shoes back in the late 90’s.  But as of late, it hasn’t been as grabbing until these ‘Pure’ made me do a double take.   ;)

At the skyscraper height of a 5” heel, these elongate your body to no end.  There is a 1” platform to take you down to an actual 4” heel but these are not for ladies afraid of heights.  I was wearing shorts when I tried them on and I honestly felt like my legs had a sequel.  The nude color of the pumps matches my skin tone rather perfectly creating a seamless long leg.  EVERYBODY LIKES THIS! ;)  I honestly was taken back on the effect they had on my legs.  I mean, of course a 5” boost would make anyone as tall as a tree but there’s something about the right skin tone match to really take you up that extra notch. ;)

Now being that they will be a classic staple in any closet given their fundamental neutral nature, comfort is rather key.  And it seems quite the oxymoron to think that a 5” heel could ever be comfortable.  And I’m your girl, I’m not going to lie to you… so no, they aren’t what you could be able to likely handle for a marathon 12 hour day.  BUT, they are cushioned enough for you to handle a medium amount of walking and standing in your day.  The leather is a little on the stiff side but I anticipate that after a few wears, the leather will loosen up and get softer with more wears. 

Right now you can get these at for only $75, 40% off the regular price.  And they come in 5 different colors that are less expensive… swoon with me here. ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Midweek Style Society Vol. 13

It's very soggy in the Mid-Atlantic this week, but that's no reason to be style-free!  This week the top style bloggers are all about helping you think stylishly and be fabulously haute in your shoes, on-the-go chic.  Let's get style!

Long-Legged Inspiration

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It’s my dreaded time of year where I have to give up a precious hour of sleep and change my clock to lose an hour thanks to Daylight Savings time.  I’m not sure why, but it gets me all out of whack and it takes me several days to get on track.  This “Spring Forward” time change also always reminds me of my high school days when staying out past curfew on this particular night was the worst because it was exaggerated by an extra faux hour.  Parents can be so lame sometimes... ;)  Aside from the teen memories and slight physical malfunctions from lack of sleep, the great trade off about this time of year is that SPRING IS FINALLY HERE.  We can shed our fabulous Winter boots and begin to enjoy the fragrance from blooming flowers in the sunny air.  As one of the hot 2011 trends for Spring color and mod styles are a great way to welcome the new season.  These adorable ‘Tess’ mod sandals from Kate Spade have me ready to tip toe through the tulips. ;) 

The ‘Tess’ exudes the signature clean lines of Kate Spade.  They are simple and yet uber stylish.  I love the Mad Men feel that you get from these T-straps… and if you have caught my past posts, I do a triple swoon for a T-strap. ;) They have this wonderful classic, sophistication that is also nostalgic for me, all at the same time.

The sandal is relatively flat in the footpad which is always concerning when it comes to wearability.  Ms. Katie Spade thought about that when she added a nice padding in the footpad, albeit it almost unperceivable to the naked eye.  What also helps make the ‘Tess’ a great wearable option is the 3 ¼” heel.  It’s a good crank up in your vertical fabulousness without making it unbearable to take another step around Hour 7 of your day.

Their versatility comes in the two color combinations along with the fact that you could easily rock these with some opaque tights for the chillier Spring days and step up your Mod look.  At about $120 on sale at or Footcandy, this is a really affordable way to update your Spring wardrobe.  Mod can easily go “grandma’s closet” on you but because it’s Kate Spade, the details have made this sandal fresh, young and very Mod-ern. ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midweek Style Society Vol. 12

Life without fashion or beauty is like a day without sunshine.  Today's roundup from top style bloggers is all about beginning with the basics: from knowing your body type to comparing the top style magazines to make wise decisions to simply observing moments of grace.  Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a little leopard print zest, sheer delight and shoegasms!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bloch Swan

Ever since I swooned over these in my Subway Style last Fall, I have been totally jonesing for them.  The Aussie, Jacob Bloch started perfecting ballerina shoes since 1932.  Designing a ballet shoe that caters to the needs of dancers has been the Bloch philosophy.  So who better to go to when looking for a ballet flat to get you through your daily grind’s performance than the OG ballet company themselves?  In a stroke of luck, I came upon the ‘Classica Pearl in my size in black for a mere $89 sale (double *SWOON*). 

The flats themselves are not actually flat.  They have a curvature that slightly bends them up at the toe and the heel.  This is actually a good thing because they hug your feet a little more.  They have a little tab on the top of the heel to help you slip them on and is also a great little detail that sets it apart from your other flats.  The support in the sole of the flat is really noticeable once you have them on.  It’s almost like the shoe is holding to you rather than you trying to get your shoe to stay on you.  Part of the reason for that is the elastic edging that keeps its snuggly in place.  I tend to have somewhat sensitive ankles to the elastic edges and usually can’t wear those types of flats.  These were relatively soft enough for me to withstand for extended hours and they got a little looser the next couple times I’ve worn them.  It seems that they only get softer with time and that’s hard to imagine because the leather is really buttery goodness. :)

So you can’t be a swan princess without a bow on your ballet shoes and the ‘Classica Pearl’ definitely fit the Playbill. ;)  The ever so feminine bow is so delicate, it looks like it could come apart.  But like the rest of the fine craftsmanship, the quality of materials do not disappoint.  The dainty bow is the perfect detail to make you embody Audrey Hepburn in your capris and cashmere sweater.  These fun and sweet flats are so classic and delicious to wear.  They are a really great alternative to those days when your feet say no to heels and your heart says yes to fashion forwardness.  There’s a few different color options available at Zappos.  While you may not be dueling your inner Swan Queens, you can have your Bloch Swan. ;)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Midweek STYLE Society: Top Style Bloggers Talk Style, Vol.11

Let's talk about spring 2011 fashion forecasts, how to make those spring dresses wearable now and how to wear funky stockings as well as some great boots perfect for now and what's going on with the Pisces style sign.  This week's roundup from top style bloggers is fun but very informative: read and be stylish!

Spring 2011 Silhouettes

Corso Como Satchel

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

‘Satchel’ Obsession

In seeing all the fashion queens work the incredible flat boots all Winter, I just had to find me a pair before the season was over.  And lucky me, I was able to snag this pair of Corso Como ‘Satchel’ knee high boots from the Daily Candy Swirl sale.  As you may remember, I literally fell head over heels for the Corso Como brand in ‘My Farrow Ladies’ post.  And I can tell you that these boots left me with the same level of love, just like a teenager’s first crush, hopelessly devoted. 

I was nervous that they would be too bulky or too much going on with the two ankle straps and buckles.  I was actually worried about a cankle situation.  Much to my relief, there was no cankle situation to be had. ;)  The boot has a slim design that counters the ankle straps so that there is no unsightly bulkiness in the ankle area.  The almond toe also helps keep the boot classic and sophisticated for a great work outfit option. 

The boot shaft is a very roomy design having a generous 15 ½” circumference and about a 16” leg opening for those of us with more athletic and bigger calves.  The back side of the boot shaft has vertical strips of leather with elastic insets that allow for accommodating larger calves.  

Also, something worth noting is the top of the boot.  It’s not straight.  It has a slight angle where the outside of the boot is higher than the inside.  This is something to pay attention to if you have curvier legs because it may not be the most flattering design.  I’ve tried on boots with a bigger angle only to feel like the Goodyear blimp as a result of the visual effect that cut had on my legs.  So, ladies, be aware of that top boot line.  ;)

My most favorite part about this boot is how COMFORTABLE they are!  MY GOODNESS!  The signature Corso Como comfort system is truly unparalleled.  The flexible sole helps with the comfort as does the five layer cushioning.   I can’t even tell you how great it is to walk in these boots.  It almost feels like marshmallows are in your soles.  I cannot wait to get some of their heels and feel this comfort system in some 4-inchers! ;)  

The Corso Como principle is to create high quality, fashion forward shoes with the utmost comfort.  They are all made in eco-friendly factories in Brazil using naturally tanned leathers, recyclable boxes and tissue exuding chic consciousness.  *swoon*  You can find these in black, milk chocolate brown and whiskey brown on 6pm.comBloomingdale's,, and ranging in price from $120 to about $200.  And don't forget the fabulous rhinestoned signature sole.

I have to say that while I’m still fighting through the end of my pneumonia, wearing these delicious boots make it less painful to get through the daily grind and has me in a total ‘Satchel’ obsession.   Stay warm snow bunnies! ;)