Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can’t Rain On My Parade

Lindsey’s got another warrant for testing positive for substance abuse, there’s a lingering Fashion Week hangover and lots of fashion roadkill from models’ spills on the runways BUT you can’t rain on my parade with these FAB Steve Madden rain boots. The ‘Tsunamii’ wellie caught my attention in Marie Claire’s October issue for their super smart design. They have these edgy little adjustable buckles for a perfect fit that are like Teflon to frump.  But the real bonus is that they have this fantastic contrasting zipper that runs the length of the BACK of the boot. *SWOON*

I honestly think that this is design is SO genius.  We love our wellies for all the protection they offer us from the rain and wind.  What we don’t love about our wellies is getting them on and off! Granted my need for wellies in Los Angeles is not terribly frequent (although these last two years we’ve had some serious torrential moments) HOWEVER, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly broken my neck tipping over trying to pull off my wellies.  Rushing into the house, dripping wet with the umbrella, purse, and totes as cargo, getting out of the wellies to avoid sopping all over the floors is always a major struggle.  Having a zipper with a ribbon loop for extra length and grip is just brilliant.  The fact that the three colors of the boots (black, navy and olive) come with great contrasting zipper colors just makes me adore them even more.  Being able to take them off in my cubicle without a commotion makes them WELL worth their $80.  So, while Paris serves 200 hours of community service and a year’s probation for pleading guilty for cocaine possession, you’ll be zipping in and out of these wellies stylishly and hassle-free.  Bring on the rain! ;)

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Pretty Pink Ponies said...

Oooh! Great find! I <3 the red zipper detail of this boot!