Thursday, December 15, 2011

WINS! Project Runway Winner, Anya Ayoung AND Missoni for Target Pumps Giveaway Winners!

Well, Season 9 of Project Runway has finally come to an end and Anya Ayoung (#PR9Anya) was crowned the winner.  Her designs wowed the judges and shocked most fans.  Victor was the expected winner since the majority of his designs were impeccably constructed and just such a chic line overall.  It was rather disappointing that his runway designs were pushing his creativity to something that didn’t seem to suit him.  While I also thought Victor did better in the season, I really didn’t like his runway.  Anya, on the other hand, really did impress me with her runway show.  It was fresh and fun and very her.  There’s something to be said for staying true to who you are no matter what.  I guess sometimes that’s what will make you win in the end.  

As for my Missoni pump winners, they are, drumroll please….

Amy Ford Wagner, Long Island City, NY
Maria Scala, Cliffside Park, NJ
Yolanda Machado, Valley Village, CA
Amy Reneau, Wichita Falls, TX

Special thanks to Ms. Ford Wagner for sharing her kicks with the fabulous Manhattan skyline backdrop!

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Thanks to Project Runway too for another exciting season of dramatic fashion!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Last Hurrah

While we Southern Californians are supposed to be used to the sunny and warm Fall and Winter weather, we have been gifted an extra warm front.  Al Roker even said we’re the hottest place in the U.S., and I’m guessing he’s not just talking about our gorgeous ladies. ;)  As such, I felt the need to break out my sweet little Tom’s wedges for all my Black Friday and After Thanksgiving shopping sprees.

The funny thing about Tom’s shoes, is that after you get your first pair, you notice EVERYONE has a pair on where ever you go!  And it’s no surprise why.  They are WONDERFUL wedges!  These lovely little wedges are the perfect height at 3 ¼” to let you run about town in comfort while being effortlessly put together.  It’s the stylish accessories like these Tom’s wedges that make women look tremendously fashionable in just jeans and a little T-shirt on a casual afternoon.  They mold to your foot the more you wear them so you only feel better and better with each wear.  These are better purchased on the snug side because of the fact that the canvas material does stretch over time.  And if red’s not doing it for you, they come in just about EVERY color and pattern imaginable! *swoon*

The other great thing about the design of these is that they have this little V elastic piece across the bridge of your foot.  This little stretch is not only to help to give you the perfect fit and avoid an excessive gap on the outsides of your foot as you step, but it keeps the shoe from overstretching as you wear them over and over again, making them last in your regular shoe closet circulation that much more.  It makes for a $mart wardrobe investment.

And talking about $mart investing, Tom’s Shoes donates one pair of shoes with each of your purchases to a child in need.  Tom’s works with their Giving Partners to distribute shoes all around the world.  They have also started donating eyewear as well with their new line of sunglasses too!  In this season of giving, this is one of the easiest ways to do some real good and score points with Santa for your own Shoe Wish List. ;)  Besides, can you even get over how adorably sweet these cuties are?  Their happy smiles make me want to get them each their own little shoe closet!  Don’t you?

Wedges not your style?  Or perhaps you aren’t living in the warmer climate to allow for wedges, Tom’s new glitter line in all the festive colors might be a great option for you this holiday season. 

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Cheers Dolls!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) Designing for the Birds

We are getting towards the end of Season 9 of Project Runway and it is really getting exciting!  The beautiful designs are only part of what makes this season memorable.  The challenges have been wacky and unconventional forcing the designers to bring it and bring it hard.  In this week’s ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) we pair the winning look with a slightly unexpected shoe.  SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you still haven’t caught the last episode and want to watch it first. ;)

Mr. Bert (#PRBert) was sent packing with his unmotivated attitude of designing a bird inspired look this week.  It was sad to see him go since Old Bert had finally grown on everyone.  But there can only be ONE winner of Project Runway and now, after 12 episodes, my money’s on this week’s winner, ANYA (#PR9Anya)!  Her winning dress  was inspired by the sinister black raven.  It is so chic and modern and incredibly versatile.  This is a perfect example of where your accessories really change up the feel of your outfit.  With this kind of edgy and modern dress, you can go in so many directions with shoes.  It was hard to pick one since you could go with booties, boots, sandals, or pumps.  That’s why I wanted to go with the ladylike ‘Tesi’ by Ivanka Trump.  I’m SO in love with doing a nude shoe with a black dress.  It’s one of this season’s best concepts.  It instantly makes your legs longer and YOU taller! ;)  With the 4 ½” heel including a 1” platform, you’re sure to reach the clouds and get a great view on the dust on top of the cubicles around the office. ;)  Tesi’ also gives a nod to wing tip shoes with the black edging on the back of the heel.  The edginess of the design is countered with the ladylike patent leather giving you a very fresh and modern look.

I hope my bet on Anya wins me big money this season.  And… speaking of winning, have you entered to win some Missoni for Target??  Check out how here!


Monday, October 3, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) The Retro Piperlime Design Challenge

Are you a big Project Runway fan?  I am!!  I’m such a big fan, I came up with ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) where I pair a shoe or two with the winning look of the week.  The stakes are getting higher and so are the prizes!  This week’s challenge was to design a retro 70’s look with a teeny budget.  Tim announced the added twist on the second day which was to design a one piece outfit in one day.   SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you want to wait and watch the episode first reading about the winning design.

Bert (#PRBert) really showed his strengths tapping into his past and making this fresh and modern delicious dress.  It was such a marvelous throw back to the 70’s Jackie O that all she needed was a little silk neckerchief and big gold rimmed sunglasses to polish off the vibe.  He came in second but still got to have his design sold on Piperlime, which has already sold out! 

Little Miss Anya (#PR9Anya) was the winner with her fabulous pant jumper and her wonderful attitude.  Anya grew a soft spot in my heart, and the judges too, with her “can do” attitude.  She pulled it together after losing her money at Mood and making her first outfit with scraps.  Meanwhile Mr. Joshua (#PRJoshua) was pulling at my last nerve with his entitled attitude.  He needs to take a tip from Anya and realize that you can’t take for granted the opportunities you get when your dream is just within reach.  Is anyone lucky enough to be that demanding when it’s really what you want?  Even if it means having your mascara running down your face at Mood from crying, you stay true to what you want.  

Anya paired her winning design with the Rachel Zoe ‘Eva’ (shown above).  And while I can understand that she was trying to be the 70’s funk on the runway, perhaps a more wearable choice would be the Mark & James by Badgley Mischka ‘Dante’ (shown to the side & below).  You get the same concept of the platform wedge but it’s a little more toned down for say, daywear.  It does have this very unique split heel detail on the back.  You can see it from the side view of the shoe.  Its more classic feel will actually let you wear it with more things to update your wardrobe for the Fall without having to get new clothes.  Mz. Zoe always tells us to change up your wardrobe by changing up your accessories. ;)

I’m wondering if karma will take care of this little queen Joshua and if the true of heart Anya will prevail.  The suspense is building! ;) 

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Monday, September 26, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) The Rock and Roll Real MAN Challenge

Being the big fan of Project Runway that I am, I came up with ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) where I pair a shoe or two with the winning look of the week.  SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you want to wait and watch the episode first reading about the winning design.

This week’s challenge threw our designers for a bigger loop than the previous challenge of having to design for the real woman.  Most designers had never done menswear and they seemed to be all thumbs in having to design a look for the new classic rock band, the Sheepdogs.  Poor Anya (#PR9Anya) showed us how elementary her sewing skills really are and Kimberly (#PR9Kimberly, @KimberlyGoldson) proved she is the queen of pants again but not so much of men’s shirts with her sad Charlie Brown moment.  Meanwhile, I felt really bad for Ewan of the Sheepdogs, as Oliver’s “fat” issues surfaced again.  I think he called Ewan fat about 5 times.  Our men can’t all be chiseled, Oliver!  Gosh.  But, I do think it was Oliver’s time to go. 

Viktor (#PR9viktor) took top prize this week with a rather incredible three piece rock and roll look for Leot Hanson, guitarist for the Sheepdogs.  This Working Girl was getting a little hot and bothered with the very edgy mix of classic rock and country that Viktor created.  The pieces separately didn’t seem to be all that amazing but there was definitely something about the look put together.  I wasn’t loving the pleather jacket alone but as a final look, I could see a rather hot stud getting on a Harley and riding down the 101 with the sun and ocean behind.  Oh, my, I am digressing!  So, following this harder edge motorcycle, look, I think that the ‘Men’s Harness 8R’ by Frye fit the bill perfectly.  The leather straps and brass details add the roughness that you want out of this rock and roll look.  The structured snoot toe keeps the look from being sloppy and overly comfortable.  The weathered and distressed leather just add that touch of extra hard edge to not confuse this look with pretty fashion, but make it real manly fashion. ;)      

The competition is getting more intense.  We’re getting into some serious skill level and Anya and Kimberly may not measure up.  I’m looking forward to next week’s episode and I’ll see you here for next week’s “What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missoni for Target Madness

Wow.  Wow.  WOW!  I think we have hit a new level of shopping extravaganza.  Missoni for Target has burst through the Twittersphere, the fashion worlds, the national news, and even gotten our boys to ask, “What’s Missoni?”  There is no doubt, Missoni for Target has arrived.  And, it has arrived so well, that the Target site crashed, we all became all too familiar with Woof! and most of the Missoni for Target line is already long gone.

I was one of the insane, although some would call genious…. ;) hee hee, freaks that tried at midnight on the 13th to score some loot online and with no luck, set my alarm to get up at 3 am and try again.  To my crazy excitement, that plan DID work, and I scored about 80% of all the things on my list.  (You know you had your list a week before the launch too. ;) )  Sadly, as I was loading my cart online, things were not only already sold out but were disappearing from my cart!  I was soooo angry!  That was the flag that this was going to be a blood bath.  I quickly added the rest to my cart and successfully, checked out and got my email confirmation about 30 minutes before the epic Target website crash.

I showered and got myself ready for the madness that would ensue at the store.  I strategically picked the store that would likely have the least demand in my immediate area and hung out there for a couple hours before they opened.  The poor Target employees were so clueless to what they were about to be thrust into.  As the clock struck 8 am, the doors flew open, and the claws came out. 
Working Girl's Shoe Closet follower and fan, Christina, sharing her fabulous Missoni Pumps she scored 

I was able to score my pumps.  And they are SOOOO adorable.  I loved them online and in the commercials but I died for them in person.  They are so very soft and just truly delicious.  The suede is quite delicate and scuffs very easily, like so much so that the suede scuffs from the inside of the box.  The tissue paper the shoes are wrapped in are a necessity to keep them looking as best as they can.  And, Scotch Guard is ESSENTIAL with all suede.  They run a tad bit on the large size so getting a half size smaller may be an option for some.  I fit perfectly into my normal size 7 ½ but I know that others have gone down a size.

Sadly, the flats were very poorly made and not made of quality materials.  Of the entire Missoni for Target line, I feel that this may be the one major miss for Missoni.  I didn’t bother in getting the flats, as darling as they are, because I knew that my $20 could easily go towards that very coveted throw. ;)  Which, it did!

I did a series of rounds to various Targets to get the remainder of my “Must Have” list and while there’s a few things I still didn’t get, there’s still eBay and my hope that Target will restock. ;)

So, for you beloved followers of mine, I feel that this little Missoni pump is such a “Must Have” for every Working Girl’s Shoe Closet that I’m giving away 5 pairs of these little lovelies.  Yes, you read that right!  All my 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, and size 9 sisters, here’s YOUR chance to score you some FREE MISSONI PUMPS!

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Tell your friends!  Good luck!!  Last chance to win is October 31st!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) The Real Woman Challenge

There’s nothing like having to design for real curves to send our designers for a real loop.  Some of the nine remaining designers were really sweating it this week and the workout clothes Heidi Klum for New Balance episode was three challenges ago. ;)  Boobie talk made so many of our boy designers scratch their heads and showed us that the all knowing Tim Gunn actually has limits, but even more adorable than ever! ;)  So now, ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) is a little ditty I do about pairing a shoe or two with the winning look of the week.  SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you want to wait and watch the episode first reading about the winning design.

Well this gives Mz. Joshua (#PR9joshuam), his second win this season.  And I really did love the fantastic and fun, Kate Spade like little black dress he made.  Classic lines that you could wear to many fun Working Girl type events. :)  I did love the pop of fun turquoise in the shoe he picked which looked like a Pour La Victoria pump.  However, I would have taken it up an elegant notch with the Badgely Mischka ‘Stella’ in this divine Royal Blue.  The lace overlay and sequined flowers add the bedazzle that Joshua was DYING to add to it. ;) When a gal is going out, she wants to sparkle.  And ‘Stella’ doesn’t disappoint.      

Now I know that the tradition of “What Would Project Runway Shoe?” is to pair a shoe with the winning look, but I feel that Viktor was robbed…. And that may be the Working Girl style in me talking now.  Regardless, I’m going to make an exception and pair a shoe with Viktor’s (#PR9viktor), DE-VINE design that I truly adored.  This outfit deserves to be in EVERY Working Girl’s closet.  And as such, the Charles David ‘Dimora’ must be too!  While I understand the neutral choice Viktor went with, I prefer the nice contrast of the deep red, burgundy color of this heel.  The burgundy color fits in the jewel tones color palette of the look.  This outfit also has that Kade Spade feel, which we adore.  And to me, having that mary jane strap makes me feel like it’s a perfect complement to the classic era.  The peep toe is just a flirty touch to give the overall look enough sass to make you feel like the queen of the cubicles.

The designers are being whittled down one by one.  Tune in next week to see if Bert is still hard to love, if Joshua is going back to bedazzling, if Anthony Ryan can make it work better, and if Anya learns to sew something new again. ;)  See you here for next week’s “What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) 

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion’s Fabulous Night Out – Christian Louboutin & DVF From LA to the Big Apple

It seems like just yesterday that we were running through the streets of Soho for Fashion’s Halloween Night in New York for last year’s Fashion’s Night Out.  Here we are a year more fabulous and more fashionable.  This year did not disappoint!  I feel that it didn’t quite have the same promotion here in LA that it seemed to have last year but the events were severe!

While I didn’t make it to the Rodeo Drive Carnival in Beverly Hills, I did start my evening at Christian Louboutin’s West Hollywood boutique and scored myself the limited edition Make Up Forever eyelashes designed by Mr. Louboutin himself.  

 My niece and I were fortunate enough to each score a pair of the 1,000 pairs divided between Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas’s Highland Park Village. The Louboutin store was jam packed with celebrities and fashionistas, of course… Sadly, there were a bunch of people there that reminded me why people really hate LA – arrogant and rich celebrity actor wanna-be’s that are far from LA’s best.
HOWEVER, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Mrs. Hollie Vilander and her adorable husband.  

It was their 3rd anniversary and they chose to celebrate it with the fabulous old school hair stylings, lash stylings and gorgeous shoes there at Christian Louboutin.   Mr. Man treat Lady Vilander to the ‘Daffodile Brodee as his gift to her for three years of marriage.  *swoon* Meanwhile over in New York City, Johnny Weir celebrated with the pair of lashes with the mini red bows, the same ones I got! .

So after getting treated to cocktails and delicious appetizers, we teetered our way over Diane Von Furstenberg for the party there.  Ms. DVF was celebrating her Diane perfume kick off complete with samples, a drawing and a fantastically fun and original picture mini flipbook that you and your FNO crew got to shoot.  In a very short time, the folks from A Little Scene made everyone their copy of the pictures of your 7 second photo shoot.  We had scarves, sunglasses, purses and drinks to help add to the fun photo shoot.

Ms. DVF’s Fall collection of shoes left me speechless.  

 The ‘Fern Heel  left me so in lust!  And the ‘Rhiannon Heel’ are the Fall collection’s signature that have the gold buckle that are carried throughout the very Mad Men inspired purses.  GORGEOUS!  What a FABULOUS night!  What did you do?

Here are the rest of my FNO pictures.  Enjoy!


The Hair Styling Salon at Christian Louboutin

The line waiting for Lash Application

Hair and Shooz

Hair and Shooz at Christian Louboutin

Pricey Hair Do at Christian Louboutin

Diane Von Furstenberg with photo shoot in the corner for picture flipbooks

DVF 'Fern Heel'

My Fabulous niece, Julie, posing with her Christmas gift... shh, don't tell her!

FNO's Fabulosity at DVF!

Friday, September 2, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) Kid Inspired Wearable Art

Well it seems that when you are around kids, the grown ups in us come out.  And that was certainly the case in this past episode of Project Runway.  The designers were paired with kids to assist them in a painting that would serve as their inspiration for their design this week.  Everyone put their age forward, along with their fashion sense, and put away their claws, at least for this week. ;)  The concept of wearable art turned out some of the most outrageous fashions we’ve seen this season.  From Bert’s Cirque du Soleil’s crazy pants to Laura’s ethereal fairy dress that resembles a reinterpreted rose.  So, ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) is about pairing a shoe or two with the winning look of the week.  SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you want to wait and watch the episode first reading about the winning design.

Well our southern belle, Anthony Ryan (#PRAnthonyRyan), finally was elevated to bride status from being the eternal Project Runway bridesmaid. ;)  Anthony Ryan wowed the judges with his almost literal translation of his inspirational self portrait painting.  The decision of going with the bold brush strokes for his main design element in his dress won the tougher than usual judges including Kenneth Cole and Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire.   

Ms. Zanna said it herself, Anthony Ryan’s styling was perfection down to the shoes.  The Working Girl can only emphatically agree.  Blade’ by L.A.M.B.  is yet another nod to the one and only Ms. Gwen Stefani to lead another fashion forward look.  ‘Blade’ fits perfectly into Anthony Ryan’s winning look with its t-strap fabulosity.   The length of the dress begs for the ‘Blade’s’ 5” heels with 1” platform.  The tapered t-strap design compliments the brush stroke design effortlessly without being too matchy.  The spikes on the ankle strap and spiky tapered heel gives the edge to make the overall look very modern.  All in all, a match made in fashion heaven. ;) 

Now, should the dress be made available for little ol’ us to purchase, and should the dress be made, say a little mini dress, I would HAVE to go with the ‘Roza’ by Sam Edelman.  There is something about the spikes on the back of this heel that just DEMANDS to be worn with the mini version of this dress.  It carries just the right amount of attitude that goes with avant guarde fashion and today’s modern working girl. ;)  The 4 ½” heel with 1” platform make this a truly wearable heel for an urban night on the town!

Next week’s challenge is another team challenge of two teams of five… And boy, have the claws been sharpened for all the lost time.  When do our little designers ever learn that when you get along, you make it work and win?  Tim Gunn ain’t just whistling Dixie here. ;)  See you here for next week’s “What Would Project Runway Shoe?” 

Have a safe Labor Day weekend and Great FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!(#WWPRS)