Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bootin’ The Winter Blues

In my effort to prep for Winter fashions at the start of last Fall, I needed to find some great boots.  It gets overwhelming to find boots, especially online where you can’t feel the quality of leather and if the measurements are accurate.  That boot shaft is so tricky!  And more than anything, it’s easy to feel frumpy when you’re layering for what feels like an eternity.  BUT, I was crazy lucky to take a chance on my whim to get the Harper boots from J. Crew.

I honestly think these may be the most wonderful flat boots ever made.  They are like BUTTA!  I ordered my true size in the brown suede.  The suede is so utterly soft, it’s like you’re holding a leather sample for a couch.  The leather is thin but not flimsy.  Its got a great weight that helps insulate your legs when you need to keep warm but not so much that you start to sweat. 

The heel is ¾” but for someone who’s so used to wearing heels, you feel like you’re barefoot from how low you are.  I’ve had flats and other flat boots that actually hurt my heels after wearing them for long stretches of time.  Not the case with these.  The inner cushions in the soles are fantastic.  They take about one or two good wearings to form to your feet.  After that, its like you’re not even wearing shoes.  They feel like really comfy socks.  The toe box has lots of room to wiggle your toes in and help if you should be on your feet so long that your feet swell.

These are not boots that stand up on their own.  They flop over because the leather is that soft.  These have to be stored in their box with the tissue to keep them looking their best through the seasons.  I say through the seasons because I’ve not stopped wearing them since I first got them.  They were perfect for Fall, phenomenal for Winter and just right for the chilly Spring moments.

I loved the brown suede pair so much, I had to get them in black leather.  They also come in Cognac and Grey Suede.  And just like the first pair, they have not disappointed.  I really love the sleek silhouette these boots give you.  They don’t slouch down around your ankle after a few hours of wear.  They stay in place just as when you first zipped them up.  They have enough room in the ankle for folding in straight leg jeans and even more room with skinnies, leggings and tights.  They don’t dig into your foot or any part of your ankle when walking or sitting.  The boot shaft is perfect for those of us with toned calves measuring a generous 14 ½” thanks to the extended calf design. 

They all have a gold zipper that has a chic little tabbed snap that covers the top of the zipper.  The only downside I’ve found to that is when you cross your legs.  That little extra covering on the zipper top can dig into your leg a bit, but that’s generally the case with all knee high boots.  And more than anything, you look and feel fabulous through the entire Winter season… the endless compliments you get each time you wear them also help put some bounce in your step. ;)

It seems that the secret is out on these as they’ve sold out on the J. Crew site.  But don’t fret.  You can score yourself a good pair, at quite a nice deal, on Ebay.  In my quick searches, most are at a 50% discount on the “Buy It Now” option.  So go boot the winter blues with this great Ebay bargain!



silvergirl said...

I love boots, but you are right buying them online is very tricky

awhite said...

Don't you just love a good pair of boots?! Will certainly get you through a tough winter. :)


Jenniya said...

love this! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following. I followed you back honey in GFC! :)

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The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Jenniya thanks for follow! *hearts*

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@silvergirl Boots online are such an intimidating purchase! Field work is always required... I'm happy to do the heavy lifting. ;) *hearts*

Unknown said...

Ooh, those are beautiful! I love them in the leather because suede scares me a bit - I can't seem to avoid salt stains with it! Thanks for sharing :) xo

I'm so glad I found your blog! If you'd like to follow each other, I'd be happy to keep in touch! Just let me know on my blog :)


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@awhite aka Ashley~
I love the boots you are featuring on your latest post too! Great minds... ;)


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Dolce Vita Thanks Doll! I was always nervous about suede too but I found some killer suede and leather protectant spray that is awesome... Have you tried any? I'm a big fan of your blog and style too.


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...
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Guiltyhyena said...

Your boots sound great. I need to invest in some new knee high boots!! Winter and layering can be abit of a chore!

Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting! :)



Miche said...

Boots <3 They make my heart flutter in the winter lol. I love that first pair of brown boots you posted AND I'm glad someone else understands the importance of having boots that are too thick, but also aren't entirely flimsy..hard to come by these days

Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Hey ladies! JCrew's having a sale 40% off! Code: TAKENOTE yay!
Go get those boots!


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks for the AMEN and hit me up any time you wanna talk boots.. ;) <3

berrytrendy said...

Love the boots!!

enter the GIVEAWAY on my blog: http://berrytrendy.com/2014/01/08/dresslily-giveaway/#comments

lots of items to choose from!

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh these are nice! I know it can be overwhelming when you are looking for something specific. I have a horrible time with coats. My sells out very quickly and even when I find it the garments often do not fit.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Allie of ALLIE NYC, its the worst when you actually have something specific in mind! And when your size, no matter in what, sells out the fastest, you're so out of luck when it comes to sales because those are the sizes they're out of... Such a bummer... What about getting a good tailor?


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous boots!! Taking the time to find a great pair is a good thing to do! :)

Dascha said...

So nice!!

Follow you on GFC.
Follow me back? :D


Unknown said...

SUCH cute boots!!! I desperately need new ones too!
Kat | www.poshbykat.com

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Nice boots


Unknown said...

You're so right, it's very tricky to buy boots online. I always need to try them in store first xo

Urszula Makowska said...

Boots Boots Boots! Everyone is addicted to boots <3 I sure am ;D <3

Marie said...

These boots are fabulous! Love them!
Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. :)
Happy 2014!

Brittney said...

I'm so glad that you included an ebay tip for those of us who can't buy these boots at full price. I love the gray version and it even looks so soft from the photos!


Another Beautiful Thing

noradulce said...

Very nice boots. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your comment on my blog and follow. I'm following you back on GFC and Bloglovin. Keep in touch and have a great day.


Unknown said...

What awesome boots! I love a great pair of cute flat boots!


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Britney/ Another Beautiful Thing,
I'm always a girl with an eye for a bargain! ;)


Nana Jover said...

nce post dear =) UI'm addicted to boots recently hope you could check my blog =) we can follow each other if you like. Just let me know =) hugs http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Look very comfortable! x

valerierbrems said...

I buy everything online. For shoes it is idd a bit tricky but you can always send them back if they don't fit...

Carmen said...

Hey dear!
I just wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog :)
Have a nice day!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Nice selection, seems so comfy!


Unknown said...

Great descriptive review. I only wish reviews on retail sites were this good since it can be risky to buy shoes online. I can understand why you are so pleased with these boots. The classic style makes them a worthwhile investment.


Aux Caprices de Flore said...

Love this need-high boots


Unknown said...

I really love the black leather ones. I've been on the hunt for some nice knee high boots for the past winter!

xo, Joy

Unknown said...

Great blog! I always tell people that I'm terrible at being a woman since I'm not super into shoes. I don't own very many and the ones I do own aren't really that exciting. Haha. If I try to wear high heels, I run the risk of death by toppling over. Hehe. <3

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, by the way! I really appreciated it!

- Anna


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

These are gorgeous boots! We get a lot of wet weather here, and I worry about wearing suede in the rain. But the comfort of these boots sound so, so nice. I have to be careful about the width of the boot, and sometimes go to a wide width. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and saying Hi!

Anonymous said...

I love when I find a great boot that I like so much I want it in more than one color. This year I got a pair of Sam Edelman black riding boots that I love!

Life's a shoe said...

great post! thanks for the sweet comment and follow..following you on GFC and twitter too! :)


Tiffy Diamond said...

Love the boots especially in grey. I find that flat shoes hurt my heels a lot to so nice to hear these don't.
Blog: CuteLA.com

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

That asymmetrical side zip is so chic! One little detail can make all the difference in the world! Great pick!

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest lovey!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

little luxury list said...

Those boots look gorgeous! I love the look of the leather - it looks so soft and supple!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Elle said...

These boots are gorgeous! Every girl needs a fab pair of boots!


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