Friday, October 29, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Season 8 Finale

We’ve come to the end of Season 8’s Project Runway. And that means that we’ve come to the end of 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  This weekly Friday post came out of my addiction to Project Runway.  Spoiler Alert of all Spoiler Alerts!! I’m about to talk about who wins the entire season so please stop reading if you want to watch last night’s episode first. ;)

My goodness!  What a shocking outcome!  The popular frontrunner to win, Mondo Guerra (@LoveMondoTrasho), was robbed according to the Twitterattis and blogs.  Ms. Gretchen Jones (@Gretchen_Jones) took the grand prize of being this season’s winner.  The judges sided with Ready To Wear over what Nina said was teenage fashion. You can get a refresher of what the lines looked like here Project Runway on LIfetimeTV.  If your interested in Gretchen’s jewelry designer, check out my Fashion’s Fabulous Night Out – From NYC to LA Fashion's Fabulous Night Out - From NYC to LA post where I met him and all of this season’s contestants.  And clearly, the decision was NOT an easy one for the judges.  In an extensive, not very edited, look at the judges “chat”, we saw the judges yelling over each other in a way we have never seen on Project Runway before. 

I think the take away from the judges chat “slug-out” is that the factors that a designer successful are factors like commercial marketing and range of appeal.  Gretchen’s line has pieces that would attract women from ages 18-50 because of how versatile the design and use of her print was applied.  And let’s face it, everybody loves OPTIONS, just ask Rachel Zoe! :)   Mondo’s “MultoMondo” collection, as Michael Kors called it, was fun and fresh and completely ADORABLE.  But Nina made it clear that, from a selling point, Mondo’s line was too limited in comparison because it wouldn’t appeal to the range that Gretchen’s did.  I think the judges saw and really appreciated the brilliance and genius that is Mondo but went for the line that would be most profitable.  Remember ladies, bottom line is that fashion is a business.  Heidi, Nina and Michael did not create the Project Runway empire just because they are “fun” personalities, right? ;)  They have the bu$ine$$ $mart$ too.  And regardless, we have all have now been bitten by the Mondo “Mondo-ern” style and are thirsty for MORE!  I’m sure that our little Mondo will be giving us the goods even without this win. ;)

Now, on to the SHOES!  Ms. Jones did a pretty great job with her shoe choices on her runway.  There was only a couple outfits that I would have gone in a slightly different direction, one being her finale dress.  I think that the open toe lace up black suede ankle flat was definitely echoing the vibe of the outfit.  However, because of the floor length hem of the dress with the sleeve, there was a lot of covering up happening.  You needed to show a little more skin, or as Michael Kors called it, “relief”. 
The open toe and the open heel was a good call but still a little too much.  That’s why I though that the Mia ‘Hayat’ was the better balance between the vibe of the outfit and the “relief”. ;)  And it’s just super cute! 

This black suede thong sandal has an ankle cuff with a ruching detail.  It also has an adjustable buckle closure on the outer backside of the ankle for that perfect fit.  These are also a great pick for your shorter shorts and micro-mini hemlines that show off your gams.  And the lesson of the day is versatility.  Having the option to wear something several different ways not only expands your wardrobe but also makes your shopping choice a wiser investment. Your wardrobe needs to be a multitasker just like you! ;) At only $29.99 on Piperlime, it’s a total steal too.

Congratulations to Gretchen and all of this season’s designers!  They made for a greatly dramatic season that kept us all coming back for more.  This has been one of the most memorable seasons for me.  A special thanks to you for indulging me in What Would Project Runway Shoe?  Who did you want to win??

Happy Halloween!  Be safe! ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saving My Sole

One of my most cherished pair of shoes are these Burberry black satin pointed toe classic pumps.  They are quintessential elegance.  I was able to score them for a complete deal of $100 at the Burberry outlet stores in Cabazon.  For those of you unfamiliar with the outlet shopping mall terrain of California, Cabazon is moments outside of Palm Springs.  And I have to say that they are THE best outlet stores of all outlet stores.  They even have Prada.  Its UH-MAZING… Your heart truly stops shopping there from the incredible deals. :)

I adore the little bow that sits so properly on the outside edge of my foot.  But what I love the most about these pumps is how comfortable the 3 ½” heel.  They have a seemingly crazy pointy toe.  The secret is how long the shoe is.  If you notice that they are longer than regular shoes, you will get that your toes stop well before the narrowing of the toe actually starts.  My little piggies have lots of wiggle room. :)  They really are easy to wear all day long.  They don’t have a super padded insole but they are still really very comfortable.  They don’t start to really hurt until about 8 hours in.  Sincerely amazing.

A few months back, I was wearing my delicious little black satin pumps by Burberry with my gorgeous BCBG black satin pencil skirt when I noticed that the sole of the toe had worn down to the satin.  I was so distraught, I limping the rest of the day until I was able to get home and take them off immediately.  Given that I have yet to find a truly reliable shoe guy in my neighborhood, I was not about to take my beloved Burberry’s to any of them untrusted.  I decided to try to take them to Burberry directly and have them repair them.  I was ready to pay for any repair costs to restore my little sweet peas back to their glory.  I dropped them off and kissed them excited that next time I’d see them, they’d be good as new.  

And 8 weeks later, new they were!  The satin was cleaned and shiny everywhere.  The best was that they got a whole new sole.  They were even better than what I remembered them to be.  And what was even more amazing was that Burberry repaired them for F R E E.  Not a dime did it cost me.  *swoon*  I share this story with you so that you can also have hope that your tired and beloved designer shoes are truly an investment that can last you a lifetime and that you too can save your sole. ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Boot Me Up

Clearly, boot weather is upon us so let us relish in our boots!  This year, I was on the hunt for some wedge boots that I could wear to work.  I have several pairs of stiletto heeled boots and wanted to mix it up with something new.  I have actually wanted something like this since last winter but never found a pair that was quite right… Until now that is.  I first hear of the Biviel brand during one of my ‘Sidewalk Style fabulous discoveries in the Fashion District downtown.  Being such an enormous fan of Spanish fashion (Zara, Mango), I was totally enthralled with the boho-chic comfort that Biviel had to offer.  And in perusing their shoe selections online, I came across the ‘BV1818’.  I could not wait to get them delivered by the UPS man, aka the best man in brown! 

Once I got them, they were everything they promised to be.  The leather was exquisite!  It is so unbelievably soft, I just want to pet it all day long.  They have a deep burgundy piping that details the boot along with the button strap on the outside top.  My eyes were won over by the adorable stitching detail on the wedge heel.  It’s so very subtle but its these kinds of details that enamor me.

I’ve worn them twice and love them even more.  Their 3” heel is so comfortable that I would easily run a mile in them.  The cute little cap-toe design makes my foot look small but not in a bad way.  Think dainty. ;)  But the comfort level on these boots is seriously off the charts.  Hands down, these are THE most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.  I didn’t even have that rush of blood or feeling of relief at the end of my 12 hour day when zipping off my boots the way I normally do.  My tooties were just as happy campers in the boots as without the boots, even after all the running around.  So please, boot me up! ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 13: Season Finale, Part 1

Well, we’re here.  It’s the beginning of the end of another very intense season of Project Runway.  This is my weekly post of ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?’ (WWPRS) where I pair the winning look with a great shoe.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

I truly did NOT envy Michael, Nina or Heidi last night.  Gretchen, Michael C., Andy and Mondo brought their A-games and gave us oodles of gorgeous clothes on the runway last night.  You can check out everyone’s brilliant work here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV. 

The family visits episodes always make me tear up because you get the context of where people came from and how hard they have worked to get there.  It’s always heartwarming to see the Cinderella stories, which is why I was truly devastated for little Michael C. during his mega-meltdown for being auf’ed from the competition.  Not having your family supporting you in life when all you’re trying to be is you is really hard.  The other designers clearly have had challenges to overcome but they all had their family backing them 100%.  Little Michael C. was the reject through and through and although he’s been cut, he’s always gonna have a devoted fan in me. ;)

The judges critiques were triple harsh and even Heidi realized they were on a rampage with how many new ones they were ripping.  However, at this point of the competition, you are really splitting hairs in terms of the level of design, construction and styling.  It’s the best and most talented of the group, making those that move on all the more special and deserving.  Señor Mondo came out on top being called first to move on to show at Fashion Week and deservingly so.  My goodness, what innovation and genius!  He makes mixing prints so fun and fantastic looking that it makes me feel I can overcome my issues about print mixing in my everyday wear. (In fact, I did the other day! :))  His collection is truly about making fashion fun again.  And who can’t benefit from a little fun in this overly stressful world we’re living in? 

I went with Mondo's winning look for today’s post.  And inspired by the great eco-haute fashions from LA's Fashion Week show,  I’m doing one regular suggestion and a comparable vegan option. ;)  Mondo’s choice of the nude peep toe bootie with the hint of turquoise was a great pick.  But I wanted that pop of color so, I chose the ‘Calandra’ by the fun and fabulous Betsey Johnson.  These fun and funky purple pink suede peep toe pumps have this fantastic whipstitched grosgrain ribbon that are the kind of sass you want with this kind of dress.  They have a 4” heel with a 1 ¼” platform that give you great vertical proportions when wearing a floor length dress. ;)  The ‘Calandra’ is on sale on Piperlime for $139.50.  These shoes not only are head turners but generate flurries of compliments!

My vegan choice is the ‘Pig’ by Mink shoes.  If you haven’t heard of Mink shoes, they are all about animal-free and eco-friendly materials.  They use all sustainable materials like rubber, cork, wood and organic fabrics.  Their very colorful shoe boxes are made from recycled paper that’s got clever little handles making it a reusable bag.  Loves it! ;) The ‘Pig’ is a bright pink velveteen strappy stiletto with pink rhinestones on the criss-cross straps.  The heel is about 3 ½” high.  The delicate ankle ties make the shoe uber feminine.  Pairing this little ‘Pig’ with the fun Mondo dress makes for a fabulous “look at me” night on the town.

Andy and Gretchen put out great pieces in their mini-collections.  Andy clearly has serious skillz with that beautiful green dress.  Gretchen has a great concept with her boho-chic style.  Next week’s our last episode and our last ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?’ but as you know, all good things must come to an end.  What’s your prediction on who will win?  I have mine! ;) #TeamMondo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LA’s Fashion Week: Green Youth Movement (GYM)’s Green Initiative: Haute Green Fashion

 LA’s Fashion Week is upon us and while it is small, it comes with lots of fun and great fashion.  I sponsored the Green Youth Movement's Green Initiative Fashion Show because it’s an organization that educates youth about living green and eco-friendly behavior.  

The Green Initiative fashion show proves that fashion and sustainability do go hand-in-hand…hmmm, where did I hear that before??? ;)

The Pre-Show Haps

So at the Sunset Gower Studies, I spent the majority of my Saturday drinking, chomping and test driving the new Chevy Volt which is their newest hybrid.  I also got to meet some great folks and see some great shoes!  

Bai Ling posing after her Chevy Volt test drive

I had the pleasure of meeting the drop dead gorgeous Carolina Davalos, Univision radio host, Telemundo Fashion Reporter and Lifestyle Correspondent.  She recently launched the Latin Fashion Network and in her “free time” she’s also a fashion editor for Diva Tú! Magazine.  

This international fashion queen bonded with me over our love for shoes as she modeled her Givenchy over the knee boots.  She made me a lifetime fan when she told me about how she’s been working at so many different projects and is ready for one of them to just take her to the next level.  I heard that! Love her!

I also got to meet GreenT who is all about STOP’ing traffic for eco-fashion.  Her LED stop sign earrings & shoe bling are from Glitterbug Lights. The shoes were a gift from A-Line Media.  What can I say?  She’s a gal after my own eco-fashion addicted heart. :)

Haute Green Fashion

First up to show was Kristinit with some gorgeous separates perfect for the office.  This beautiful collection had my most favorite dress of the day.  It was black with gold printing and very easy to wear.  It also had a TON of pieces that I would love to have in my wardrobe.

Second to show was Keok’jay who had some great separates too.  Some of my favorites was this gorgeous top with a crocheted like back and linen pants, a printed black and white skirt, and her finale dress with this very intricately woven center tie in various hues of grey all in stretchy jersey fabric.

Third to show was Jonano who had the collection that told the best story, as Heidi would say.  It did feature her signature print in two different day dress styles but it also had a new twist on the now staple sweatpant outfit.  She did really new and fun designs with dresses that work really well for the office or for a fun night out with girls.  The fabrics all looked so cozy that you know you could wear them from day to night without that feeling of being bound by your clothes when you get home.

Emily Factor’s collection was last and it featured this very whimsical, boho chic print that she worked in every way possible.  Flowy butterfly dresses, tank tops, endlessly flowing skirts and even leggings!  I loved the high wasted wide leg pants with the printed tank and the butterfly dresses the most.  What totally blew me away was her finale dress.  It was the most modern wedding dress I have seen yet, that I would actually consider wearing.  It may not be necessarily be intended to be a wedding dress but is SO gorgeous, I instantly pictured it at a beachy wedding or even better, at a outdoor in the woody nature kind of wedding… SO West Coast. ;) Ms. Factor really outdid herself with that white dress.  I die!

All the designs utilize sustainable materials and are socially responsibly produced.  *swoon* Utterly FAAAAAHBULOUS!  I love that in response to global warming issues, we have this eco-chic “haute” couture. ;)

The Shoes
The shoes were SO amazing.  I saw one pair of regular knee high boots.  The rest were gorgeous heels and booties.  Here’s a flash:

All in all, this was truly a great example of how eco-conscious fashion can be.  Kudos to the fab designers.  I’m excited to see what more the future will bring us. ;) 

Special thanks goes out to my Creative Director and partner in fashion crimes, Blinker Wood!

Friday, October 15, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 12: New York State of Mind – The Final Four

We’re nearing the end of Season 8’s Project Runway. That also means that we’re near the end of 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  The Project Runway addict in me inspired this little ditty.  Spoiler Alert!! Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

I have to say that getting to do anything using New York as an inspiration is truly a gift.  This week, the designers were challenged to ascend throughout the City for inspiration for their runway design.  This was the “Make It or Break It” moment to qualify the designers to go forward to compete in Fashion Week. 

The drama has run its course and left Gretchen out of steam and inspiration which yielded a sad little outfit.  Andy, Mondo and Michael C. turned it out by staying true to their skills, energy and their identity as designers with some incredible pieces. Peep on all of last night’s designs here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV

There wasn’t one “winner” per se, because the prize was that they get go home now for a much needed rest and create a collection to present at Fashion Week, a Lincoln Center first.  Little Miss April was sent home because she wasn’t able to show a range in her designs.  Her “pregnant witch” design was well made but mimicked what April was actually wearing on the runway herself, oddly enough.  Gretchen commented that she and Andy are artists and I really do have to agree.  I think April will bring us more amazing designs as she matures as a designer and gets out of her “black witchy” period. ;)

I’m focusing on Michael C.’s design since his name was called first to move on to Fashion Week.  Drawing from Lady Liberty, Michael C. designed a very chic flowy modern gown with a major dose of sexy with a thigh high slit and low, low, low back.  It could easily have fit into a Calvin Klein collection due to its effortless sophistication and simplicity. This dress lets you go in several directions, which is why the judges loved it.  I see it as an evening dress that you will want to just swim in its fabulosity.

And as such, when thinking of what I would pair with this effortless chicness with the bling that only Giuseppe Zanotti knows how to bring.  These silver leather jeweled t-strap sandals jumped out at me because of their Grecian-like vibe.  The delicate straps compliment the simplicity of the dress and balance out the much needed bling of the colorful jewels to continue with that ‘wow’ factor.  Giuseppe is a bling man and discretion must be used when pairing his shoes because they are so gorgeously over the top.  Michael C.’s design last night is a perfect canvas for this kind of eccentric shoe.  These have the hefty price tag of $795 on and their fabulousness really are worth every penny.

We are starting our LA Fashion Week and things are promising to be very exciting.  I'm a sponsor for the Green Youth Movement fashion show that will be showing green fashion!  You know I'll be bringing you all the great fashion next week so be sure to check it out. ;)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoe Gal Had A Little L.A.M.B.

Well, its fleece was not white as snow, but rather, it was supple black leather.  I had seen these ‘Quincy’ D’Orsay platform pumps by L.A.M.B. on a few weeks ago.  I drooled all over my keyboard but hesitated buying them because I had tried on a pair of L.A.M.B. booties in a Nordstrom’s Rack a couple of years ago.  My ankle pleaded for mercy just while I tried them on in the store.  So, I held off. 

I recently took a “quick” trip to the Nordstrom Rack where I gorged on some amazing finds.  As I made my way through the towering racks, I spied these among the designer section.  And horror of horrors, as I approached, another women picked them up and tried them on.  I stopped in my tracks.  Panicking in my head, I played it cool.  I pretended to be interested in some Franco Sarto’s with my best Academy performance.  I kept her and the shoes in the corner of my eye the entire time.  She tried on the left shoe and my heart nearly stopped.  Her daughter made a face which made a smile sneak up.  I looked down so as to hide my excitement.  I could almost feel them in my hands.  She put them back in the box and went on to the next aisle.  SCORE!  I pounced on them faster than a lion on an unsuspecting deer in the Serengeti. 

I tried on the right shoe and felt instant love shower my foot.  I put the other one on and took a step only to have the right one slip a bit.  D’Orsay pumps are tricky.  They MUST fit perfectly.  They have no straps and not much opportunity for jimmy-rigging.  These particularly cover up very little.  They have these delicious little cut outs everywhere that give it so much femininity.  D’Orsays have the inherent pin-up retro feel but what pushes these into the sexy kitty category is the double layered platform.  And just when you think you’re living in the modern 1950’s, Ms. Stefani smartly put her trademark edginess on the shoe by adding this unique design to the top backside of wooden heel.  I was so in love.  I instantly pictured wearing them with bright solid colored tights for the cooler months!

They are incredibly comfortable.  The outrageous looking 4 ¾” heel looks so intimidating but they have a little over a 1” platform that brings the actual height and feel of the heel down to something more sustainable.  As for my issue with the slippage on the right shoe, I got a pair of inserts that they had on sale there and tried one in the shoe (yes, I bought them too since I opened the package).  It seemed that it really did the trick.  Sometimes the floor/display shoe gets stretched out from people trying them on which is why I always try to get a different pair.  BUT, sometimes, you really have no choice.  And since these were priced at $110, you can see I had no choice when these retail for $245 regular price.  On and, they’re going for about $140.  They also come in a chocolate brown and sand.  And, you can always go on the hunt at your local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. ;)

(Psst... you can still use my Discount Promo Code and not just to buy shoes! ;) )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stepping On Domestic Violence

Too many women have been in Whitney’s shoes in having their Bobby moment.  Domestic violence is far too prevalent in many of our relationships.  These incidents range in age from teens to middle-age.  They range in income from the projects to Wall Street.  And they range from professionals with advanced degrees to pop stars like Rihanna.

From October 1st to 15th, Marshalls will Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence.  For every pair of shoes you buy, $1 will be donated, up to $150,000, to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  By channeling your inner budget fashionista, you can help raise funding and awareness for the millions of women living in the horrible cycle of abuse.

This is one of the most difficult issues for women to overcome because of the lingering emotional abuse and embarrassment they feel associated with being a victim.  We’ve seen it all too many times on Oprah and through efforts like these, some women gain empowerment and healing.  Please make a little time to make your way to your local Marshall’s and shop for some new kicks so that you can help step on domestic violence.  Being a do-gooder has never made your shoe closet look so good! ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 11: Poison Ivy, Working Up a Sweat!

We’re in Week 11 of 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  This little weekly post came out of my addiction to Project Runway and fashion.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

Oh the drama!  We got it served up with a side of karma last night.  This week’s challenge was to create a look to be added to Heidi Klum’s new line of active wear, Heidi Klum for New Balance, #HKNB.  In giving the designers an additional two looks to present on the runway, they brought back all of the designers that were sent home this season. 

It became clear quickly that Ivy came back with a big bitter spoon in her mouth.  However, the bitter spoon wasn’t so big that it didn’t keep her from attacking Michael C. in the sewing room where she accused him of cheating with double-sided fashion tape during the Jackie O. challenge. Heidi gave us a little foreshadowing when she came around to critique the designers’ progress on their designs in the workroom.  She was quite impressed with Michael C’s progress and joked, “Who was it that said you couldn’t sew?  Oh, that’s right, they’re not here anymore.” 

Instigating more drama and looking for vindication it seems, Ivy kept talking smack to the other designers about how she called out Michael C. for his cheating.  She says, “I definitely believe in karma” and the gracious editors quickly cut to Ivy screaming, “AAAAGHH!” where she got poked in the eye by something.  Tim Gunn then has the designers gather ‘round and puts a kabash on the issue and tells them it’s a non-issue so work, work, work.

And work it out they did!  They turned out some really very innovative designs with active wear.  I think this was pretty hard considering it’s a rather limited genre of clothing.  There were definitely a few pieces in each of the designers’ collections that proved they have the talent to still be in the competition.  Karma made another appearance to give Andy the win with his chiffon accented asymmetrical pieces.  The looks grew on me as I looked at them more and more, especially as separates.  Sadly, Christopher was sent home.  Check out all the designs here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV.  

When thinking of great shoes to match with the winning looks, I instantly thought of the Puma ballerina flats with the patent and shiny fabrics.  (I had to go with the cat to keep up with all the cattiness! ;) )  I picked three of my favorites that go with all three of Andy’s great looks.  The first is the Espera II in white with violet. 

The swoopy strap design compliments the asymmetry of the chiffon strips nicely.  The pop of violet adds a little color to the white, grey, black color scheme.  These are on sale for $63.

The second is the Sabadella in black patent with mesh fabric and a little suede as well.  The shiny patent finish on this ballerina flat elevates the outfit from looking like you just left the gym.  The airyness that the mesh offers goes with the easiness of active wear and reflects the stylishness that is inherent in Andy’s designs.  These are on sale too for $42.

Lastly, I’m loving the Saba Sequins Ballerina Flats in the aged silver/metallic silver.  Adding the bling with the sequins really steps up the active wear look to ensure that your outfit never enters the frumpy galaxy.  I think that the shiny sequin ballerina flats truly go with this type of activewear.  The fashion forwardness vibe really needs a shoe that can bring that same level of fierceness without being too much.  Currently, these retail for $75.

All three of these are standard Puma comfort with the great padded footbed for cushioned support and rubber outsole for traction and durability.  Not to mention the cute puma logo!  I’ve always found them to run a little small so I go up a size.  But they all are stretchy and have a little velco strap to help make a perfect fit. :)

I’ll meet you at where we can buy all of Andy’s winning looks as part of the Heidi Klum for New Balance collection.  We're nearing the last of the runways and next week determines who shows at Fashion Week.  Let the nail biting begin! 

Don’t forget you can still use my promotion code for 10% off at from Wednesday's post, Saddle Me Up.  Just a little thanks from me to you. ;)