Friday, October 8, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 11: Poison Ivy, Working Up a Sweat!

We’re in Week 11 of 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  This little weekly post came out of my addiction to Project Runway and fashion.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

Oh the drama!  We got it served up with a side of karma last night.  This week’s challenge was to create a look to be added to Heidi Klum’s new line of active wear, Heidi Klum for New Balance, #HKNB.  In giving the designers an additional two looks to present on the runway, they brought back all of the designers that were sent home this season. 

It became clear quickly that Ivy came back with a big bitter spoon in her mouth.  However, the bitter spoon wasn’t so big that it didn’t keep her from attacking Michael C. in the sewing room where she accused him of cheating with double-sided fashion tape during the Jackie O. challenge. Heidi gave us a little foreshadowing when she came around to critique the designers’ progress on their designs in the workroom.  She was quite impressed with Michael C’s progress and joked, “Who was it that said you couldn’t sew?  Oh, that’s right, they’re not here anymore.” 

Instigating more drama and looking for vindication it seems, Ivy kept talking smack to the other designers about how she called out Michael C. for his cheating.  She says, “I definitely believe in karma” and the gracious editors quickly cut to Ivy screaming, “AAAAGHH!” where she got poked in the eye by something.  Tim Gunn then has the designers gather ‘round and puts a kabash on the issue and tells them it’s a non-issue so work, work, work.

And work it out they did!  They turned out some really very innovative designs with active wear.  I think this was pretty hard considering it’s a rather limited genre of clothing.  There were definitely a few pieces in each of the designers’ collections that proved they have the talent to still be in the competition.  Karma made another appearance to give Andy the win with his chiffon accented asymmetrical pieces.  The looks grew on me as I looked at them more and more, especially as separates.  Sadly, Christopher was sent home.  Check out all the designs here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV.  

When thinking of great shoes to match with the winning looks, I instantly thought of the Puma ballerina flats with the patent and shiny fabrics.  (I had to go with the cat to keep up with all the cattiness! ;) )  I picked three of my favorites that go with all three of Andy’s great looks.  The first is the Espera II in white with violet. 

The swoopy strap design compliments the asymmetry of the chiffon strips nicely.  The pop of violet adds a little color to the white, grey, black color scheme.  These are on sale for $63.

The second is the Sabadella in black patent with mesh fabric and a little suede as well.  The shiny patent finish on this ballerina flat elevates the outfit from looking like you just left the gym.  The airyness that the mesh offers goes with the easiness of active wear and reflects the stylishness that is inherent in Andy’s designs.  These are on sale too for $42.

Lastly, I’m loving the Saba Sequins Ballerina Flats in the aged silver/metallic silver.  Adding the bling with the sequins really steps up the active wear look to ensure that your outfit never enters the frumpy galaxy.  I think that the shiny sequin ballerina flats truly go with this type of activewear.  The fashion forwardness vibe really needs a shoe that can bring that same level of fierceness without being too much.  Currently, these retail for $75.

All three of these are standard Puma comfort with the great padded footbed for cushioned support and rubber outsole for traction and durability.  Not to mention the cute puma logo!  I’ve always found them to run a little small so I go up a size.  But they all are stretchy and have a little velco strap to help make a perfect fit. :)

I’ll meet you at where we can buy all of Andy’s winning looks as part of the Heidi Klum for New Balance collection.  We're nearing the last of the runways and next week determines who shows at Fashion Week.  Let the nail biting begin! 

Don’t forget you can still use my promotion code for 10% off at from Wednesday's post, Saddle Me Up.  Just a little thanks from me to you. ;)



Stella said...

Those Saba Sequins look great & super comfy!!

I may have to try a pair!!

Thanks for sharing girlfriend!!

♥ Stella

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

I love sharing great shoes! xoxo ;)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

I also have to say that I love that this week's challenge gave me the chance to blog about these cute Pumas. Its hard to be able to pull off these little activewear shoes with anything else before starting to look all "HodgeP'Kosh" lol! (that may have been my favorite thing said in this episode) ;)

Brian Davis said...

WOW looks like we have the same taste in Puma shoes. I have all 3 of these Pumas (and many more)

All 3 provide all day comfort with a feminine style. They're great for any girl (or guy) on the go.