Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Flair, Fun and Fancy Free

Kate Spade Carlton

Kissing away any fashion faux pas of 2013, we embrace the flair and fun to be fancy free in 2014.  The Working Girl’s Shoe Closet wishes you a year of sumptuous suedes, luminous silver, gold and rose gold metallics, smoldering strappy sandals, enviable heel enhanced heights, buttery leathers and flamboyant feathers in all of your Shoe Closet additions.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Helpers

Somewhere around mid October, life becomes a crazy mishmash of work and holiday deadlines.  Keeping up with Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years makes even the most prepared and most organized Working Girl dizzy.  That’s why you need to have your arsenal of effortless outfits and shoes within arm’s reach so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your world. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Charlotte Olympia's Kiss Me Dolly Pumps *swoon*

Because we all make our own definition of who and what is family, The Working Girl’s Shoe Closet wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a very fashionable 2014 from the bottom of our shoe closet!


Saturday, November 2, 2013


I feel like I blinked and Summer disappeared into Fall.  It doesn’t help that Fashion Weeks and fashion conferences, like Lucky FABB and IFC, happen within what feels like minutes from one another.  #TimeFlies. The crisp Fall air inherently takes me back to the feeling of a new school year starting.  Granted my school days are long gone, I still can't help but feel like Kate Spade channeled my inner schoolgirl with these utterly adorable Mixer Heels.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seeing Spots


This summer’s heat has everyone so dizzy, we’re seeing spots.  But when I came across these adorable spots in the latest collection of Tom’s Shoes, I was happy to see them!  The red Polka Dot Linen Strappy Wedges had me at ‘Hello’. 

There’s something inherently flirty about red polka dots making them so incredibly perfect for the summer - brings out the Marilyn in all of us. ;)  It’s one of my favorite ways to look cute with absolutely minimal effort.  And the pluses that these wedges offer are just endless.  Starting with the wedge aspect, you get the best of both worlds – heels + flats.  You have the flat sole that gives you stability and then you have the 3 5/8" heel that gives you the height elongating your figure. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tip-Toe’ing Through The Tulips

We are at then end of Spring and feeling the warm Summer rays peeking though the morning haze.  And nothing excites me more, besides shoes of course, than SUMMER!  But, while I’m more than ready for the Summer fun in the sun, I still have to work the office wear.    Casual Fridays become trickier as I get older.  I almost feel like I’m in a second “tween” phase because I’m too old for those post college short shorts, and too young for Talbots. :)  So when I came across the latest J.Crew Classic Ballet Flats in bright and bold patent leather colors, I did my happy dance.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Shooz

Earth Day comes but once a year however, I find super great ways to celebrate being green all year round – in high fashion of course!  You may remember my first Decades encounter a bit ago.  Well, after a short hiatus, they were back and in fierce form.  All slightly worn and previously worshiped Louboutins, Manolos, Choos, YSL’s you name it, were $150.  Yes, ladies.  $150 gets you in the club.  You can imagine the line starts hours before the doors actually open.  And as a previous insider, I was granted VIP front of the line privileges.  Is there any other way to sample sale shop? ;) 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Prada Missy
It’s Valentine’s and regardless of your Facebook status, you can’t deny that you wonder if you have found your soulmate.  Well, however you do or don’t answer that, you should rest assured that you can say you have found your SOLEmate with this wonderful little ingenious idea by the lovely Ms. Jaclyn Shanfeld, called Shop Hers. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s ReSHOElutions

With the horrible tragedies of Hurricane Sandy and the incomprehensible shooting at Newtown makes me stretch my arms open wider to welcome in 2013.  I love the chance for a blank slate to have my “do over”.  And as such, I’m committing to the following New Year’s ReSHOElutions:

·      I’m going to keep my patent leather shoes separated by at least tissue paper to keep the leather from touching in their shoebox.
·      I’m going to take my shoes in to get resoled and/or reheeled before the tip gets worn off and/or the nail head starts showing in the heel so much that I can hear and feel it with each step I take.
·      I’m going to recondition my suede shoes before AND after I wear them.
·      I’m going to keep helping my Working Girlfriends with their daily dilemmas.
·      I’m going to clean out my “old” shoes once every season.
·      I’m going to bring you the latest trends translated to office shoewear.
·      I’m going to keep giving you Working Girl Essentials (WGE) to keep you looking your best.

So my cards are now on the table and you get to hold me to them.  Hope this helps inspire your New Year’s ReSHOElutions.  CHEERS!  ;)