Friday, June 15, 2018

Ode to Kate Spade… My Sole Mate

Dear readers,

I know we’ve not “seen” each other in a while, but like true good friends, when we do connect, its like time has not passed.  Its just like that feeling you had when you first laid your eyes on a Kate Spade for the first time…..

This past week’s tragic events including the untimely passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain has really hit home for this Working Girl.  I have a hard time believing that anyone doesn’t remember their first Kate Spade.  She came at a time in our life where our extra cash was given the fancy globally envied term “disposable income” making us financially significant.  And while she started her company behind the guise of purses, it was her shoes that made me a lifelong junkie.

Ironically, it was her utterly practical patent wedges, the Halle, that put her on the national radar with the New York Times article about campaigning in three-inch heels.  *swoon*  UMMMMM, you had me at Hillary.  This work-smart appropriate shoe choice drew out the whimsical love of and for fashion we all had inside of us through all of Kate’s imaginative designs.

And it was this exact playful design eye that made all of us working girls start to push the fashion envelope in the conservative office environment allowing us to use fashion more as an extension of our personality while still being professionals. 

Kate evolved from Spade to Frances Valentine to show evolution and maturity, while still holding on to the fanciful and youthful spirit all women have inside of us, no matter our age.

Rest in blissful fashion wonderful Kate.  You will be forever in our hearts and your shoes will be hard to fill.