Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s ReSHOElutions

With the horrible tragedies of Hurricane Sandy and the incomprehensible shooting at Newtown makes me stretch my arms open wider to welcome in 2013.  I love the chance for a blank slate to have my “do over”.  And as such, I’m committing to the following New Year’s ReSHOElutions:

·      I’m going to keep my patent leather shoes separated by at least tissue paper to keep the leather from touching in their shoebox.
·      I’m going to take my shoes in to get resoled and/or reheeled before the tip gets worn off and/or the nail head starts showing in the heel so much that I can hear and feel it with each step I take.
·      I’m going to recondition my suede shoes before AND after I wear them.
·      I’m going to keep helping my Working Girlfriends with their daily dilemmas.
·      I’m going to clean out my “old” shoes once every season.
·      I’m going to bring you the latest trends translated to office shoewear.
·      I’m going to keep giving you Working Girl Essentials (WGE) to keep you looking your best.

So my cards are now on the table and you get to hold me to them.  Hope this helps inspire your New Year’s ReSHOElutions.  CHEERS!  ;)