Tuesday, February 25, 2020

#LifeGoals: Rothy’s

Many years ago when I started my quest to find office appropriate heels that were comfortable and eco-friendly, the struggle was reeeeeal.  I’m not gonna lie, pickings were slim.  We did have some great brands that were forward thinkers and sustainably minded.  But I’m over the moon in how the selection and most importantly, the comfort of these earth-friendly options have come along in these last few years. 

Enter Rothy’s.

Oh. My. God.  So few things feel this good, especially on your feet.  It’s utterly mind blowing that they are made out of recycled plastic water bottles!  Granted the merino wool thread probably makes them feel so dang yummy, it’s still so green!  The insoles are that foam that you feel bounces back when you lift your foot.  And stays that way!  Plus, they’re just so light, and incredibly soft, inside and out.  Imagine your best tailored cigarette pant as a shoe, and that’s this flat.

In reality, I had these on my radar for quite some time but it wasn't until I saw one of my coworkers sporting them around the office one day.  And you know me, inquiring minds wanna know... I immediately interrogated her about them.  She raved about them. I was sold.

These babies come in all colors and hues of the rainbow, with some special collections periodically.  And they have rounded toe, their original shoe, The Flat, or pointed toe, The Point, and classic loafers, yes, you guessed it, they’re called The Loafer.  They like to keep it simple. 😄 

They have just debuted a brand new style, The Mary Jane.  It’s like The Point but with adorable thick straps you tie into a bow. And true to the brand, all styles come with the signature blue halo.

The thing that really sets Rothy’s aside, is that all their styles are machine washable.  All you do is take out the insoles and throw them in with your shoes into your cold water delicate cycle and air dry.  That makes your dollars go farther and it helps reduce landfills of those single use plastic bottles. 

Rothy’s is also reinforces their sustainable focus by humanely harvesting the merino wool they use for their thread from an Australian farm (still standing after the fires) and then crafted at a sustainable Italian mill.  The insoles are made from bio-based castor oil and recycled materials.  Their outsoles are made of either carbon-free rubber or luxe vegan leather.  They’re shipped in their boxes so there’s less waste in the shipping and packaging of your new kicks.  Good for the earth, good for fur friends, good for your feets, TERRIFIC all around.

Sustainability and quality do cost some cash though.  Rothy’s range in price between $125 and $155 depending on the style and special collection.  BUT your Working Girl has got you a hook up with $20 discount!  Use this link to get $20 off your first order.

So get out there with your new Rothy’s looking fabulous and feel super knowing you are doing your part to save the planet one step at a time.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Heels for Flat Feet

I know it's been a minute but we're still all working girls first. 😇

One of my good friends has struggled with her love affair with high heels.  Unfortunately, her flat feet syndrome keeps her from being able to really enjoy the happiness wearing high heels brings us.  She’s asked me to help her find heels for flat feet.  PROJECT! 😁

So, not being flat-footed myself and not being an orthopedic doctor, or trained in that field in any way, I’ll give this my best shot.  In the research I’ve been able to find, it seems there is no cure at the moment.  There’s lots of stuff being done for a pill in the future but as for right now, I’m sorry ladies, it’s just not in the cards.  Some say that wearing heels makes it worse, and some even say that it’s the cause of flat feet.  There’s no research that really shows that, and most people have it since birth.  It’s possible your arches can fall over time, but that isn’t always attributed to wearing the fabulous heels. 

The other thing too is that there are no existing heels for flat feet situations.  This news totally bummed me out.  I actually do feel sadness when someone wants to bask in the glamorous splendor of beautiful heels.  I understand that joy and happiness.  I really do…. So someone being physically denied that, well just makes my shoe-filled heart sad.  But there is hope.  

In accepting the challenge, and really wanting to help my girl, I think that there is a combination of things that can help.

Firstly, I think that these foot massages you can give yourself are a great idea, even if you DON’T have flat feet, this looks and feels yummy when I tried it. :) I think doing some type of this stretching and massaging at your desk in a rather discreet way during the day will help you be able to make it through the “walking parts” of your day.  Also, getting custom-molded inserts is another helper.  I know you all probably already have them, so I’m likely preaching to the choir here.  But again, I’m not saying it’s going to get you doing the marathon 14-hour work day in them but just that it will help tolerate them better.  The other thing is that you’re going to have carry around your flats with you so you can switch them out.  

Those lovely red pumps in the top photo are a solid and comfy
option.  They feature memory foam insoles, which sounds super dreamy.  The 2.3 inch heel comes with a pillowy soft feel cushion.  And they boast an A+ arch support.  My favorite part here though is that they're super cute too!  

None of these suggestions will make your pains of wearing heels with flat feet go away, but I really think that they will give you a little less pain, or at least a little more tolerance and more of a real opportunity to wear them. If you have any better suggestions, I’d love to have you share!  😄