Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Real Thing

After the horrible disappointment of having tried to fake it, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to invest long term into my shoe closet with a pair of real Louboutins.  And given that the timeless fashions of Mad Men still have us drooling, I figured what could be better than investing in a pair of nude patent Pigalles?  The deep toe cleavage and 120mm (5 inch) heel will make them sexy beyond the foreseeable incoming fashion trends.  However, given how much they are the “IT” shoe, they are nearly impossible to find.  While the wonderful salesman at the South Coast Plaza store wasn’t able to find me a pair on the spot, he did tell me that this style was not a typical fit.  The super high heel really changed the fit and sizing.  Invaluable advice!  He also gave me the scoop that the West Hollywood location would be getting in a shipment in the coming week.

Like a good stalker, I called and reserved my pair in several sizes.  I promptly made my way over the day the shipment arrived.  They are as gorgeous as could be.  I did want to try the 100mm so that I could gage the actual teetering differential.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the 100mm.  I went down to a 37 from the usual 38 that I wear in Louboutins.  These are definitely shoes that you MUST try on prior to purchasing.  The size is completely different than any others. 

I shook a little while I paid the $625 price tag, partly from how much I was spending and partly for the giddy excitement that I. Had. Pigalles.  The buyer’s remorse started to set in on the way home.  But more than anything, the entire rationale for the large investment was that these were to be the classic shoes I will have forever, wear with everything and be my most presentable self, regardless of whatever my moods were inside. :) 
New Decoltissmo

I got home and put them on and stared at my feet in the mirror.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were too high.  While they did not feel uncomfortable in the least, they LOOKED uncomfortable.  It was an actual first for me, which is why I didn’t understand what was going on in my head.  I didn’t know what to do.  This was not buyer’s remorse.  This was the wrong pair of shoes.  After a sleepless night, I decided to exchange the 120mm for the 100mm.  I went back and of course, the 100mm were no longer in stock. 

The very snobbish, pretentious and unwilling to want to help me salesgirl, reluctantly brought me various similar styles that were in stock.  And then it happened.  I slipped my foot into the New Decoltissimo 100mm and it was perfection.  The combination of the nude patent leather, pointed toe, right depth of toe cleavage, and 4 inch heel make these truly timeless and perfect to endure through the decades of fashion to come.  Ms. Joan Harris née Holloway would be proud.  Strangely, the U.S. Christian Louboutin site only has the New Decoltissimo in the 85mm, even more wearable for ladies that prefer a 3 inch heel.  But, the 100mm are available on the Euro site.

So ladies, just like love, it’s never what you thought, or even imagined you were looking for.  You can try to fake it and pretend with a knock-off but there is nothing like the real thing.