Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coulda, Woulda, Prada

I am trotting out my now “vintage” Prada’s that I was able to score at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale back in 2004.  I was back in grad school at the time and this was SUCH a major splurge.  I look back and think that was such a MAJOR score. They were originally priced at $550 and I got them for a steal at $220. I DIE just looking at them. ;) 

They are made of grey lizard skin with fuchsia pink suede detailing on the cross straps and heel edging.  They have a 4” heel and no platform.  Now, you know how much I love my platform for their shock absorption (and height of course).  But these are so amazingly comfortable, that they surprise me each and every time I wear them.  The slightly thicker square-ish heel really helps you feel stable in them despite their height.  They are incredibly versatile.  They go from season to season by adding tights for the cooler months and wearing them sans tights in the warmer weather.  The neutral grey with the nice gradations of grey makes them easy to match to most of your grey wardrobe options.  And the pinky and plumy fuchsia just makes the girly girl inside me jump for joy.

I have NO idea what the style name is on this other than the box is imprinted with “Tejus” and the label reads “Tejus Chic” under the Group Name.  I actually think that’s a type of lizard skin.  Prada seems to think its chic lizard, and I really do have to agree.  I haven’t been able to find them anywhere to give you a link to share.  But if you do come across one, I’d be so happy if you could share it with me. ;)

Happy Project Runway Eve!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Blue Suede Shoes

Awhile ago, I noticed that my navy fabric Martinez Valero square toed pumps were looking pretty sad - beyond repair sad.  I’ve had them visit my shoe guy about 6 times for resoling and cleaning.  I bought them at the Macy’s in the Sacramento mall back in January 1999, well technically December 31, 1998 because I got them to wear for New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. 

I accepted that I had to find a new pair of blue pumps.  So, I ventured to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale with hopes of finding a great pair of blue replacements.  I never realized how hard it was to find navy shoes.  It’s really rather weird because they are such a great neutral.  I’m not sure when, but sometime in the last year, blue became one of my most favorite work wardrobe colors.  I think it’s because it’s a nice alternative to black and its still dark so the slimming effect still stands true.  Anywho, as I strolled through the many gorgeous shoes and great bargains, I came across these Steve Madden ‘Caryssa’ and could NOT resist them.

They have this great shade of electric blue that is SO this Fall.  From their 5” heel, they look incredibly scary and uncomfortable to walk in.  After trying them on and walking around the entire Nordstrom’s shoe department about 7 times, I realized that they were really rather comfortable.  They seem a bit stiff when you touch them and try to put them on, but they are surprisingly well molded to walk in.  They have a 1 ¼” platform that helps those of us vertically challenged get to be eye to eye with our coworkers. ;)

They strike a great balance between the lines of a classic pump and sexy secretary without going overboard.  They have become more comfy as they’ve molded to my feet over the six times I’ve worn them to work.  Haven’t had a blister yet!  AND, they have proven to be quite popular at work as I spied a coworker of mine wearing them last week.  They’re only $90 regular price.  She’s not the “friendly” kind otherwise I would have snapped a picture to share.  I did get a chance to ask her how much she liked them.  She said they were great!. :)  I’m not done looking for more navy pumps but for now, I’m pretty happy with my blue suede shoes. ;)

(Apologies for the belated post, lots of things on the horizon. ;) )

Friday, September 24, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 9: $20K Pageant Dresses aka Couture

This is my 9th week of doing 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) is where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  My love for Project Runway and fashion helped me come up with this little ditty.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

Last night’s antics were nothing short of dramatic, from the added ready-to-wear look, to Valerie’s endless tears, to the slicing judges’ remarks.  The designers also brought drama to the runway with Andy’s uberchic futuristic dark angel samurai couture complete with faux boots to Michael C.’s exaggerated cathedral train gown.  Mondo took the top prize, and Project Runway first, of $20,000.  Inspired by L’Oreal’s brite High Intensity Pigment  (HIP) eyeshadows, Mondo translated these colors into a beautiful and original couture gown in true “Mondo-ern” (Mondo Modern) style. I honestly think that Gwen Stefani should be dying to wear it since it really goes with her aesthetic.  His ready-to-wear look was incredibly well edited that was still consistent with the couture dress.  And I totally believe that I would wear that “very slimming” dress when I would want to be channeling Gwen Stefani. ;) See the designs here: (Project Runway on LifetimeTV).  

On the flipside, it was Ivy’s “bridesmaids under the sea” with “nursey” necklines that got her sent home despite her hard work.  Michael C.’s Scarlet O’Hara look and Valerie’s Miss Guatemala pageant dress were spared the ax.  It’s clear that even Valerie agreed that she made it an “unbelievably tight race for hideous.”  But, in another PR first, Guatemala got a shout out! Holla! ;)

Mondo paired his winning couture look with some thicker strapped sandals and his ready-to-wear look with classic black pumps.  I think the pumps were a good choice but I would have gone in a different direction for the couture look.  I think that you have to commit from head to toe with a look like that.  And Mondo did a great job with the head part making that super cute hat and great hair and make up choices.  But that’s why he need me to help him with the shoes. ;)  I think that the ‘Nixie’ platform pump by Sam Edelman really do the look justice.  The front laser-cut detailing really compliments the bodice of the dress perfectly.  The platform on this shoe has that edged square finish that works much better with the striped geometric element of the dress than thick sandal straps.  In the words of Tim Gunn, the thick straps were too literal of a translation.  The peep toe keeps the pump, and overall styling, from being too heavy but still commits to being high fashion.

For the ready-to-wear look, I found that the ‘Mason’ by Elizabeth and James platform pump carry the Mondo-ern edginess better.  Again, going with that square-edged platform compliments the geometric detail of the dress in a fresher way.  The almond toe gives the pump a classic and ladylike feel.  Its great balance between high fashion and timeless style make it very wearable which is why I really love it.

I’m curious to see what the designers will make for their HP textile challenge, if the designs will make Heidi ask “boobs or legs”, and who the special guests are next week.  Hope your first Fall weekend of the year is great!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Still Play With My Barbie… My Christian Louboutin Barbie That Is

Yesterday morning I got my daily email taunting me with gorgeous camel knee high Christian Louboutin boots.  Being the shoe masochist I am, I just HAD to look.  And low and behold, what did I find but the FAAAAAHHHH-BULOUS Ariella leopard print knee-high boots in all of their 4 ½” heel glory.

I instantly recognized them because I admire them on my Christian Louboutin designed Barbie every time I walk into my living room.  She lives on my bookshelf. :)  And Santa brought her to me last Christmas.  Somebody was really good last year! ;)  I fell in love with her shoes first but then I fell in love with her red hair, olive skin and gorgeous green eyes.  If you missed her debut last Fall, the box comes with a great lookbook with Barbie in all her shoes and matching ensembles and background sets. Its really rather clever, not to mention utterly glamourous.  Mr. Louboutin himself does a couple of cameos in the photos too.  File him under ADORABLE!

Moving further on’s shoe page, their BEST page by the way, I came across the Miss 120 platform ankle boots.  Of COURSE, these are also part of my Barbie’s shoe collection, complete with dust bags and shoe boxes. ;)  These have the 4 ½” heel with a concealed 1” platform. 

When I went to look, just look, for my size in either of the beauties, SOLD OUT.  But that’s usually the case on, sadly.  I honestly want to meet ONE woman that has actually been able to get something truly fabulous (which means something I want). ;) I wonder if maybe the women that do get to score the fab finds on TheOutnet have their blackberries surgically inserted into their hands and, more importantly, if my insurance will cover that. ;) 

So this was not my regular Working Girl’s Shoe Closet post but let’s just blame that on TheOutnet too. ;) At least until I can finally be one of the lucky ladies to score a find like these on there. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can’t Rain On My Parade

Lindsey’s got another warrant for testing positive for substance abuse, there’s a lingering Fashion Week hangover and lots of fashion roadkill from models’ spills on the runways BUT you can’t rain on my parade with these FAB Steve Madden rain boots. The ‘Tsunamii’ wellie caught my attention in Marie Claire’s October issue for their super smart design. They have these edgy little adjustable buckles for a perfect fit that are like Teflon to frump.  But the real bonus is that they have this fantastic contrasting zipper that runs the length of the BACK of the boot. *SWOON*

I honestly think that this is design is SO genius.  We love our wellies for all the protection they offer us from the rain and wind.  What we don’t love about our wellies is getting them on and off! Granted my need for wellies in Los Angeles is not terribly frequent (although these last two years we’ve had some serious torrential moments) HOWEVER, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly broken my neck tipping over trying to pull off my wellies.  Rushing into the house, dripping wet with the umbrella, purse, and totes as cargo, getting out of the wellies to avoid sopping all over the floors is always a major struggle.  Having a zipper with a ribbon loop for extra length and grip is just brilliant.  The fact that the three colors of the boots (black, navy and olive) come with great contrasting zipper colors just makes me adore them even more.  Being able to take them off in my cubicle without a commotion makes them WELL worth their $80.  So, while Paris serves 200 hours of community service and a year’s probation for pleading guilty for cocaine possession, you’ll be zipping in and out of these wellies stylishly and hassle-free.  Bring on the rain! ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guest Blog: Fall-ing Forward for Animal-Free Fashion

Hey there,

Check out my guest blog, Fall-ing Forward for Animal-Free Fashion, on The Fashionisette, a girl who deeply enjoys fashion and looking good.  What can I say, she's a gal after my own heart! ;)  I hope you like it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 8: Channeling Jackie O

In case you’re new to my weekly Friday post, this is a little idea I came up with out of my adoration for Project Runway. 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) is where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of the week.  I have to say that this may be one of my favorite challenges, the creation of a modern day Jacqueline Onassis look.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

With guest judge, January Jones bringing the superb styling eye of Mad Men, the runway was no place for amateurs. Leaving the Forever21 meets Candyland far behind, Mr. Mondo for gave us a fresh and very Mondo-ern (Mondo Modern) Jackie O. look that won the judges, and me, over.  So major snaps to Mondo, especially since he made me melt last week when his heart grew three sizes a la Grinch Who Stole Christmas style when he hugged Michael C. and apologized.  (File that under: FAVORITE PR moment!) (so far ;) ) You can check out his fab design here: Project Runway Season 8.  Sadness struck when we had to part ways with sweetie pie Michael D. as he was auf’ed for his “schizophrenic” look.  And while he was the one chopped, few were spared from the slicing remarks that whipped the designers like the insane tornado storm that hit New York City last night. Ouch!  Of all the carnage, I mean critiques, I have to agree with Ms. Jones commentary about Valerie’s bootie pick for her outfit.  It did not help her cause.  She should have tweeted me for some other options. ;) Hey Val, I’m here for you, anytime you need me Huney!

Jackie herself would have asked to be brought back to life to rock Mondo’s outfit.  Short of that, Mondo, Sweetie, I’m available and very willing to add it to my closet and promise to wear it fashionably.  Feel free to send one over to me. ;)  I have to say that the oversized houndstooth print was genius and pairing it with oversized stripes added the Mondo edge to the outfit perfectly.  Mondo smartly paired some classic patent platform pumps with it, keeping the look from being too busy and very prim and proper.  I think that I would do the same, however, to give it a slightly more edgy tone, you could go with the ‘Jane Pointy Toe Flats’ by Elizabeth and James.   The pointed toe flat compliments the outfit by being retro in its silhouette but the textured snake-embossed leather and lace-up detailing edge it up.  Keeping the shoe black versus grey to match the belt was a bit of a toss up for me.  But, I went with the black because I felt that the grey would have been too busy for the overall look.  The textured black keeps the look interesting without cluttering the outfit.  These uber chic flats are a little pricey at $275, no matter where you get them online (ShopBop, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s – Piperlime has them in purple and bone on sale for as low as $190) for the moment.  However, given that they are black flats, their versatility is the investment you’re making which means that you could literally wear them with ANYTHING in your closet.  Ok, well maybe not your sweats but you could make it work with you yogawear. ;)

I’m dying to see what the big drama is with Valerie in next week’s episode.  I fear she may leave the show. :( But really, I’m hoping that Tim discovers Mondo and Michael C.’s love child. ;) Seriously, imagine how fashionable that kid would be!  Have a shoe-per weekend Dolls! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion’s Fabulous Night Out – From NYC to LA

I have finally been able to pull all my photos together from last Friday’s seriously fabulous Fashion’s Night Out.  If you were in New York City with me, I think the best way to describe it is to say that it was LITERALLY Halloween for Fashion.  SoHo was bah-nanas as Ms. Zoe would say.  I arrived early for the festivities and found lines to get into our favorites spots that stretched a full New York block.  

My game plan was to start on the south end of Manhatten and work my way up through Mid-Town to end up on 5th Avenue.  I didn’t get to as many places as I had hoped because the streets were insanely packed and the lines were very long to get into these fantastic stores. BUT, I did cover lots of ground, regardless.  Its hard to come between me and great fashion on fashion’s biggest night! ;)

My first and foremost place to be was the Piperlime pop-up store.  You know that I had to meet up with all the Project Runway designers and share my ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?’ Friday weekly post.  It was really rather amazing to meet them all as they were all incredibly sweet.  

Meeting Michael C. confirmed that I will always be a “fruitfly” as opposed to a f@ghag because of the fact that I adore him, Christopher, Andy, Michael D., Casanova and Mondo.  Michael C. said that what made me a “fruitfly” was that I was pretty (*hearts*), as most of us f@ghags usually are ;).

Chatting with Gretchen and Christopher about my overall goal to find comfortable yet stylish shoes for working women that are also vegan for my gals, they both shared that as designers it is really hard to find a variety of fabrics that are not just white and off-white for green designs.  

My thoughts are that if Adidas was able to make World Cup jerseys out of recycled plastic bottles, fashion houses can make fabulous designs out of greener materials and sustainable practices.  

I think that stylish gals like you asking for it more, and supporting blogs like mine (wink, wink), we can make it happen. ;)  Bottom line, we all agree that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or a greener tomorrow. :)

Regardless of who wins this season’s Project Runway, this bunch of lovable characters are well on their way to great fashion futures.  Michael D’s company is The Exquisite Corpse and Kristen’s design house is strangefruit.  If you were curious about Gretchen’s jewelry on the show, it was done by Kennedy Enterprises Ltd located in Denver.  

My next stop was Kate Spade where I got to meet the one and only Tim Gunn, where his comments about my blog were to “Make it work!”  I also got his book signed. :)

I also got to meet last season’s Project Runway winner, Irina.  She’s got a line of shoes coming out for I.N.C., which I am REALLY excited about and cannot wait to see and test out. ;)  Her fashion sense has always been so contemporary chic that I seriously doubt she will disappoint.

Another stop was the Grand Central Station’s Vanderbuilt Hall which had some good traffic but was a little lackluster in terms of having the electricity that other spots had that night.  I made my way into Mango and it was rather crazy in the store with two different bars and a crazy kewl DJ spinning great tunes.

By the time I made it up to Barney’s and Aldo, the festivities had just ended but the folks that were last to leave shared it was off the hook.  Other highlights were at Bergdorf’s karoke contest with Nicole Richie and others, Lord and Taylor and Macy’s with Ms. JLo herself appearing for a half of a blink of an eye.  A surprising lowlight was the Ace Hotel.  It seemed to promising but folks felt underwhelmed by the offerings.  I think that Electric Energy may have RSVP’ed but ended up being a no show. :(  In any case, by midnight, I teetered through the streets in my 6” leopard Aldo’s tired but fantastically entertained with a great evening of fun with great friends and new memories.

Now, LA popped Fashion’s First Night Out cherry in true Hollywood fashion at the Beverly Center with red carpets and all.  Speaking of Project Runways of the past, Rami showed some of his incredible dressmaking skills with this paper dress in front of Papyrus.  His demeanor was sweeter in person than he was on the show.  He patiently signed autographs for the gobs of adoring fashionistas. 

The energy in the Beverly Center was through the roof with all the different stores like Charles David, bebe, and Wet Seal having DJs on the 1’s and 2’s, appetizers, treats, and discounts oozing through the every door.  Hundreds of starved for great fashion Angelinos got their fill of great style and beautiful fashions there, The Grove, Melrose and in Los Feliz. 

My only real complaint of Fashion’s Night Out is that its only ONE night.  There was so much to see and so much to do, I considered donating to cloning research just so that next Fashion’s Night Out, I could hit ALL the stores. ;)  I’d love to hear about your Fashion’s Night Out (including purchases)!  So don’t be shy. :)  

Here's a few more pictures:
Mondo, me, my bestie Amy!

Last Week's Winner with FLAWLESS SKIN! April!

Tim telling me to "Make it Work!" *hearts*

Monday, September 13, 2010

Airport Style

I am travelling back to Los Angeles after a wonderful trip to New York City where I met many amazing fellow fashionista bloggers that I call my "BlogGals". ;)  I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and the Chictopia 10 Media Summit that had great presentations by people in the know.  I also the opportunity to put blogs to faces, soak up fashion during New York’s Fashion Week, and of course Fashion’s Night Out.  I’ll be doing that post shortly (gotta get all my notes, and more importantly, photos in order).

Ok, so of COURSE you know that I’m always looking at ladies’ fashions, especially their shoes as they travel.  And in doing so, I found this lovely woman in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport sporting these fab wedges by Chinese Laundry.  They are the ‘Foxy Wedge’ and she got them a few years ago at a mid-west department store called Bon-Ton.  She explained to me that its like a Macy’s equivalent (sorry Ms. MidWesters, this is unchartered territory for me, but no judgement! ;) ).  She told me that that she adored these wedges, and clearly, they are very comfortable.  She said she loved the stability that wedges gave her with the height of a heel.  Its like she sat in one of my sermons. ;)  These great peep toe wedges are both suede and regular leather that make them very versatile to wear with professional work wear or with jeans and perfect for travelling. 

I searched for these online in hopes of finding them still on sale somewhere and only found a size 9 on Ebay.  This doesn’t mean they are not out there because I’m sitting in the Samsung T-Mobile Lounge doing a quick search in the middle of the Fort Worth Airport. You may have better luck with time, and actually shopping in stores.  ;)  Have a Happy Monday my Shoe-lovers!

Friday, September 10, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 7: Resort Wear but No Vacation

This week I have left the not-so-summery weather of LA and travelled to New York where I am soaking up every stitch of fashion imaginable in New York’s Fashion Week.  I was so fortunate to attend yesterday’s IFB’s conference at the Hudson Hotel and met some of my fellow Blog-Gals in all their fabulosity.  Today, I’m going to venture to Central Park and look for more of the fabulous Blog-Gals at the Style Renegade.  Tonight is the uber-fab Fashion’s Night Out where I’ll be going to as many events as traffic will allow me. :)  My associate will be covering the events at the Beverly Center and anywhere else traffic will let him get to as well so we’ll be toasting you from Coast to Coast tonight!  I hope that you have made plans and itineraries you’re your gals to be out on Fashion’s Night Out enjoying the chilled Champers and free gifts!  Sunday, I’m going to attending the Chictopia Media Summit hoping to get to meet anyone else I haven’t yet. :) So thanks for bearing with me in these “drought” blog moments, as I’m heels deep into putting great stuff together for you next week!

Ok, so this post is a little idea I came up with out of my love for Project Runway.  It’s a weekly Friday post that I've titled 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of the week.  In last night’s challenge, the designers had to create resort wear.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

We had the “queen” of resort wear himself (and judge) Mr. Michael Kors be the second Tim Gunn giving the designers advice and tips on how to improve their designs with some of the most pithy comments in the workroom we’ve seen all season.  A surprising congratulations to Ms. April who also finally gave us a smile!  See the design here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV.  Mondo’s Forever21 meets Candyland bathing suit was rather inappropriate but his attitude was certainly not.  He won me over with his wonderful acknowledgment of his being a “bitch” to Michael C.  Maybe I missed something while grabbing snacks from the kitchen this season but I still don’t understand why all the designers hate Michael C.  In any event, Mondo seemed to agree with me too and they kissed and had a love-fest on the runway (even though Mondo’s design was not). To me, this made Mondo my honorary winner.  The other shocker was having to say adios to our little flaming moth, Casanova.  I don’t think his design was so bad that he should have been sent home.  To me, Ivy’s stinky-butt attitude should have sent her home.  But that’s what keeps us watching! ;)

Looking at April’s design, I really liked the top part of the dress.  It has a really interesting neckline which inspired my pairing of these very practical 'Air Pastine Gladiator's that are Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan.  Even the name of the sandal goes with the feel of the top, very airy.  And come to think of it, strangely, I get some similiarities between April and Maria… maybe its just me.  Anywho, this sandal is a great compliment to April’s design because of the lines of the straps.  I have to say that I adore the shiny gun metal with the black elements of the sandal that really give you that lightness of resort wear even though it’s a mostly black and dark look.  It gives you just enough glimmer to give more interest to the outfit.  Plus, we get the bonus of Nike Air technology in this Maria Sharapova designed Cole Haan sandal.  I think that the flat sandal makes the overall look much more wearable and practical.  Right now, they're even on sale on for $99.99, reduced from their regular $158 price.

I’m wondering if Ivy get’s a Tim Gunn attitude check next week or if Mondo and Michael C. make a lovechild.  The designs keep coming with controversy and I’ve got my ticket for a front and center seat.  Hope you join me. ;)

I wish you a Happy Fashion’s Night Out (#FNO) where ever you are and that you share your best shoe finds (and other shopping finds) with me! ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Subway Style

I had noticed these pretty fuschia flats from afar on more than one occasion in my subway stop.  Unfortunately, the timing of the train kept me from getting to know them better until last week.  In my belated one-to-one encounter, I learned that these are not just your basic flat.  Bloch makes these, the company that makes all of the classic ballerina shoes.  I remember being lost in a literal gaze as the gal explained this to me and whispered, “genius” to her.  The genius is because you have a company that has perfected ballerina shoes making walking flats.  Talk about maximizing all the technology for maximum comfort!

Bloch has been making ballerina shoes for ages and clearly know their craft.  She said that they are hard to find around town but was lucky to spot them in a local shop in Los Feliz here in Los Angeles.  In researching more stores online, I’ve found them available at Prima Ballerinas.  The downside is that they have only one store in the US, in New York.  They also have one in London.  The upside is that they can ship from the New York store to your neck of the woods.  

They run a little pricey retailing for $150 to about $175 depending on which style you decide to get.  However, these will be worth the investment.  They come in every color of the rainbow and a variety of adorable styles that fulfill you're inner ballerina's dream come true.  Your feet will do a happy dance every day you wear these.  At the end of a marathon long day of chasing after kiddies, doing months of errands in a day and keeping up with a full time job, you’re going to congratulate yourself on investing in your tootsies.  With it being Labor Day and all, its a great time to take advantage of all the sales too! :)

Pretty Ballerinas also sells those great foldable flats in a pouch and vacuum-sealed flats for those days that you can’t take another step in heels.  They’re perfect to store in your tote, car’s glove compartment or your desk drawer at work.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 6: The Bridesmaid Dress Challenge aka Designer-zillas

If you’re new to my blog, well, first of all, WELCOME and Hello!   Secondly, I came up with a weekly Friday post that I've titled 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of the week.  Episode 6, ‘You Can Totally Wear That Again’, is the challenge where the designers have to repurpose real women’s past bridesmaids dresses into something they would actually wear again AND are runway worthy.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

Wow, wow, wow. The claws are not holding back this week. And while the challenge was about bridesmaids dresses, it was the designers that were the designer-zillas attacking Michael C. all throughout the challenge.  A well deserved congratulations to Michael C for his micro-mini dress look.  See the design here: (  Mondo’s pink mod-esque dress was also really a deserving top contender.  I think if he changes how he styles his great designs, sans Pebbles/Snooki hairdo’s, he may win one very soon.  Sadly, we had to say farewell to our darling Peach and while I will miss her sweet Southern demeanor, I’m not gonna miss her goiter ruffle designs. ;)

Michael C. paired the winning look with a classic black pump.  I do agree that you need to keep the shoe “clean” because you have a lot going on with dress, albeit micro-mini.  However, since all the judges commented that the skirt was so short, even though Cynthia Rowley said it was done in a way that made it look tasteful, choosing pumps emphasized that more.  I’m not saying it looks bad, but you can balance that with a different choice. With a micro-mini, you’re not looking for demur if you know what I mean.  But you also don’t to look like Hookerville’s newest resident. ;)  

My pick for the dress is the hottest trend that started last winter, an over-the-knee (#OTK) boot by Report called the ‘Kenly’.  Part of me was drawn to it simply because of the name referencing of Project Runway’s past seasons’ designer!  BUT, it truly does compliment the dress well.  It’s very simple in terms of design.  The silhouette has very clean lines that don’t distract the eye from the details of the dress.  The boot has a 4 ½” heel with a concealed 1” platform.  Adding that height with the length/height of the thigh high boot, you still get that elongating leg effect that micro-mini’s are intended to do…but you won’t be as cold! ;)  Clearly, you’re still looking sexy but not trashy.

I don’t own any OTK boots… yet.  I’m still looking for the right one for me. ;) BUT, these are available on Piperlime ( for only $99, which is a major deal.  

Next week's episode looks like it won't disappoint bringing us more drama.  I hope the drama spurs more great designs too!

Have a fantastic (and safe) Labor Day weekend!  I’m heading east to New York Fashion Week next week and all the festivities it brings, including Fashion’s Night Out (#FNO).  Hope to see you there! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Its that time of year where the days of summer are fading like the light of the sun in the cool evening breeze (and if you’re in LA, you only got about a week of real heat this summer).  We have to open our doors to Fall and all the fun it brings, including the new Fall fashions. In looking for some great Fall finds, I have been very impressed with the major attention that has been recently paid to the styling of the Sofft collection.  They have really up’ed the style factor making my venture to find comfortable stylish shoes find a Mecca.  These delicious ‘Fiorella’ dark purple suede pumps by Sofft made me melt in them when I tried them on at the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.  I fell in love with the vintage modern Anthropologie-like vibe they give off.

The craftsmanship in these shoes is really top notch.  The padding inside is made with a 100% leather covering which is a major bonus for our sometimes “sweaty feet” moments.  The stitching on the sole alone is so well done, it looks like my own Grandmother or Auntie sewed them (and that’s some serious quality!).  The leather flower is so well done that the suede petals are so soft and light, they feel and move like real petals.  The heel is 3 ¼” high but it doesn’t “look” very high due to its cute little spool-like style.  Actually, it almost looks like a kitten heel.  And as far as comfort, they really got this one nailed!  They have a rubber sole that feels like you're wearing a sneaker giving you that major traction and added shock absorption.  They are suede so some maintenance is required, a little scotch-guard spray before you wear them.  I usually just spray them before doing my makeup and hair so that they’re ready when I’m running late out the door. ;)

In terms of price, they retail for $105.95 at Sofft (  BUT remember, its Labor Day weekend Eve, which means Labor Day SALES!  And in a quick Google search, these sweet little ones are available in just about every one of your favorite online sites (,, Macy’s, Nordstroms,,,… should I continue?).  They come in three suedes, the dark purple, a beautiful grey, and black.  And, should you be suede-averse, they have a regular black leather option too.  So, yes, it’s looking like a good Sofftember to me. ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello! My Name is Fabulous

Well, I may not be crashing a ladies lunch for charity a la Carrie and Samantha in Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman in Season 3 of Sex and The City but these Aldo ‘Darracott’ peep toe mary jane platform wedges make me say “Hello! My name is Fabulous.”  The second my eyes met these ‘Darracott’ beauties, my mind had a flash attack of how many outfits and directions I could go with these.  (

These are not "over the top" fabulous but rather understated fabulous.  These are that ‘go-to’ shoe that you put on when you don’t want to get dressed BUT you HAVE to look like you wanted to get dressed.  These are the shoes you put on when you’re doing that weekend matinee with the gals.  These are the shoes that you dress up for work and take you to after work activities effortlessly.  These are the shoes that match every outfit in your closet, even the paisley moment you had when you were slightly high from overshopping.

The sleek silhouette of the shoe is what makes it so versatile and timeless.  The mary jane peep make it sweet and innocent, while the platform heights you reach in them make them simultaneously sexy.  It’s an all in one shoe!  Can you feel my love for this shoe??  Now, I know you might be cringing at the height of the platform heel but fret not my lovelies.  There’s a good 1 ¼” – 1 ½” of platform base that is part of the illusion.  The actual height of the heel your foot would carry is about 3”, so not so crazy.  And Aldo shoes has really been working on perfecting the cushioning that they put in all of their heels to make them very comfy.  I may have had to use a band-aid or two for ankle blisters on occasion but I’ve never had ball of my foot burns from any of my Aldos.

And quickly, a word about Aldo’s endearing eco-consciousness.  I’ve mentioned in previous Aldo posts how they have moved away from using shopping bags.  They have engineered a cottony rope that threads through the side of the shoebox and lid, making a sweet little handle.  This eliminates the need for using shopping bags and makes your shopping habits greener! ;)  So, for $90, you’re also going to be saying, Hello! My name is Fabulous. ;)