Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking Forward to the Spring and Summer Fun

Brandon Holley, Lucky Magazine

Well, it’s official.  New York Fashion Week has come and gone kicking off the Fashion Weeks around the world.  And I was so happy to attend some great blogger conferences in New York during New York Fashion Week Eve in the frigid cold, namely the Lucky Magazine FABB Conference and the IFB Bloggers’ Conference.  It was wonderful to meet other fabulous bloggers I have become friends with in the cyber fashion world and reconnect with familiar friends and faces.  My parting gift was a nasty cold that evolved into a fun spout of pneumonia last week after coming home.  But I have to say that the fantastic time I had in the City was worth every painful moment I spent sick back here in sunny LA. ;)

There were so many highlights that pinning them down to one is just not possible… So I’ll just focus on the SHOES! ;)
One big fun surprise was the Converse lounge at the Lucky FABB conference.  They truly excited me because they have really turned it out with new reinventions of their classic sneaks.  They showed off their pretty classics in truly fabulous colors AND they debuted their incredible collaboration with Marimekko.  Marimekko may not be on the tip of your brain cells, but this Finnish textile icon maker is probably more likely to ring your bells once you see the prints.  They are so graphic and instantly familiar.  You can check them out along with the other Jack Purcell ladies’ kicks guaranteed to keep you urban chic in your time away from the office.  My favorite part about the Jack Purcell’s is the squishy tongue.  It has this totally unique material on the underside of the tongue that reminds of the gel in your eyemask.  Its really squishy like liquidy gel.  It makes the shoe completely customized to the top of your foot for that added comfort and perfect fit.

The other supremely surprising find I had at the Lucky FABB conference was at the Land’s End Lounge.  I know, right?  But you read that right.  Land’s End.  They are following the chic steps of other great commercial work fashion leaders like White House Black Market, J. Crew and Talbots in reinventing themselves with a new fresh modern and young look.  The clothes are so easy breezy, they have me wishing for summer lovin’ fun.  BUT, the part that made me do a double take, actually, I think a double triple take, were their SHOES!  My GOODNESS, they have some seriously cute shoes.  The clogs are truly adorable.  They aren’t crazy lady walker clogs and they aren’t “I’m taking a break from my garden” clogs.  They are really quite perfect for a Casual Friday and weekend fun.  My favorites are the platform wedge sandals.  I am DROOLING for the olivey green ones on the far right end.  Trust me when I say that I won’t be mad at Land’s End should they send me these in a 7 ½…. (wink, wink).

The FABULOUS Ms. Tory Burch

And while all things must come to an end, Fashion Week like my pneumonia, is over but has left memories to remember fondly, and looking forward to Spring and Summer fun. ;)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Midweek Style Society

 This week's roundup of top style bloggers is all about pieces that are used to complete the style puzzle....from nailing the right color to accessorizing correctly to pregnant yet poised style, and getting the gentlemen ready for the launch of Net-a-Porter's men's site. Mr. Porter.  Reading the host of articles this week should you leave ready for style no matter what you wear or what phase of life you're in!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mid (late) week Style Society

The stylish insights this week include some fabulous gift options for 'venti' ladies only, great decor options and insights, how-to advice on looking slimmer (yes!) and dressing for an evening wedding and a look at a timely Missoni shoe purchase!  Click, read and by stylish!!

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Aqua Walls!

Monday, February 7, 2011

OMG, OM 70

Being the city girl that I am, I take every opportunity to go to my favorite city in the US, New York every chance I can.  And this week, tomorrow in fact, is the Lucky Magazine FABB conference which I am over the moon to be attending along with the IFB conference later in the week.  And being the shopaholic designer fashion freak that I am, I make a trek to my favorite jewel in the City, Century 21, with hopes to bring home the goods.  Today, I was able to make it over in the very nice for New York winter day and spend many hours browsing through all the fabulous Century 21 racks.  I also made it down to the shoe department where, OMG, I found these Missoni ‘OM 70’ 

They were such stunners, I immediately started taking pictures of them.  These are the kind of shoes that you love that much more every additional moment you stare at them.  It’s like they have a spell that just mesmerizes you.  In perfect Missoni style, their trademark use of knit draws your eye to the beauty in the intricate pattern and beautiful craftsmanship of the overall design. 

These pumps are nothing short of that.  The house of Missoni turns it out with the ‘OM 70’ pumps.  The soft threads of nudes, pinks, burgundy, brown, and olive weave together to create a feel like that of grandmother’s softest shawl.  The design of the classic almond toe and skyscraper high stiletto heels glam up otherwise traditional, and sometimes frumpy, knitwear to the pinnacle of sophistication.

Measuring 5” high, the stiletto heels include a platform of about 1 ¼”.  I swear when I was wearing these I felt the air was cleaner up there!  And for being so high still, they were rather comfortable.  I didn’t have any pinching or uncomfortable rubbing.  My girlfriend, who shares my shoe size, tried them on and agreed they were rather wearable.  She is not one to wear skyscraper high heels, so she is really a good indicator. ;)

But plain and simple, Missoni shoes are as gorgeous as their clothing.  If you can make it over to the Century 21 by World Trade in Manhattan, there were still a few more pairs in different sizes left.  They retailed for $600 and I got these for $250.  The ones on are going for $325.  Regardless, OMG, they are really just beautiful and truly worth the splurge.  

Happy New York Fashion Week Eve! 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Midweek STYLE Society Roundup

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Aldo 'Zientara'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zenith ‘Zientara’

I think that the combination of the season’s rain and quick trips to New York have really spurred my boot obsession this season.  I’ve been on somewhat of a kick to get all new boots since the majority of my boots really needed to find a new home.  So, for my classic brown boot replacement, I got these Aldo ‘Zientara’ knee high tall boots. 

Now, while their design is classic and simple with its almond shaped toe, their heel height is definitely anything but! ;)  Feeling a little horizontally challenged from time to time, I love getting high heels that give me a physical and mental boost.  These completely fit the bill.  They have a 4 ½” heel that includes a ¾” platform.  The platform is both on the outside and the inside of the boot, so it’s partially exposed.  This is awesome because the hidden platform makes you seem uber tall.

And let’s talk about why we love a platform for a minute.  The added height is the first bonus, elongating your body and making anything you wear look THAT much more flattering on your frame.  But, the thing that makes it genius is the shock absorption value it gives the ball of your foot.  Having something that looks great is important, but having something that you can wear extensively because it’s actually comfortable is worth its weight in gold.  I’m so glad they are totally the rage in this year’s trends. 

So, my most favorite thing about the ‘Zientara’ is how well it’s engineered.  The stiletto-like heel begs the question, “How can you walk in those?”  Well, and the reason is that it is well designed to help you walk in them! ;)  The sole of the boot have a wide flat base.  The ankle part of the boot is snug and almost stiff to help keep your ankle supported.  This is not to say that it’s so stiff that your ankles are sore the next day.  The ankle area of the boot is flexible enough to let you walk around without being restricted but supported enough so that you don’t wobble when you walk.  I’ve worn these several times, even in the rain, and have yet to feel like I’m teetering over in the urban terrain.

Your favorite part may be that they are on SALE for $97.99…(the brown, not the black).  Regardless the reason, every working girl should let these Zientara’s take them to their zenith fashion heights with great classic style.