Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loafing Around in the New Year

The beginning of another year prompts reflection on the past year’s bad fashion choices and encourages us to look forward to set a higher bar for the coming year.  We clean out our shoe closets with fond memories and giggles of some fashion missteps.  There are aspects of our lives that we devour with passion like a new hobby or a new goal.  Some go for that new diet for a goal weight, for me its photography.  I got me a fancy schmancy new Canon that is my new intrigue and life.  ;)  And there are aspects of our lives that we sort of wiggle slowly around… like a loafer. :)  That’s why my January pick of the month, regardless of your climate, is the stacked heel loafer.  These are my new darling for 2012.  They could arguably be the new wedge.  Yes, ladies, you heard it here first.  It’s the perfect staple for any Working Girl’s Shoe Closet.  Getting it in various colors helps keep the spunk in your classic office suiting.

I purchased these Banana Republic ‘Quinn’ back in the Fall because I couldn’t make it through the Autumn without a touch of sage coloring my work wardrobe.  Be sure to check every concern of comfort at the door.  These wonderful platforms are very cushy and make those long marathon days a breeze on your feet.  With a tall 4” inch heel, camouflaging the ¾” platform, you walk around making every gal jealous of your recent growth spurt. ;)  The suede is the only thing that left me wishing for more, meaning another pair of course! ;)

And as such, I have been SWOONING for these GORGIE Tory Burch ‘Belinda’ desperately.  Santa brought me lots of goodies for being a good girl this past year, but somehow, he forgot these!  Luckily these darlings are on sale right now and I can’t think of a better reason to max out my credit card! ;)  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that I got the ‘Quinn’ in the suede sage color, because that completely justifies for these universally neutral tan ‘Belinda” loafers.  I mean seriously?  You had me at gold buckle strap…. MAJOR SWOON.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Hacked

Hey there,

Sorry for the technical difficulties.  It seems that the Working GIrl's Shoe Closet is so popular, we've been hacked!  Once all the madness is sorted out, we'll be back on online.

Sorry for the disruption.  Hope your 2012 is hitting it off on the right shoe! ;)