Sunday, December 30, 2012

Going Out With The Basics

The end of the year is upon us, and what a whirlwind the last part of this year was!  We survived the Mayan prophecies and lived to wear cute shoes to tell about it. ;)    Having been on a classic styles binge, like in The Real Thing and The Fall Classics, I thought it fitting to end with two more Working Girl Essentials (WGE) to close the year.  In keeping with the philosophy that a WGE, a wardrobe timeless classic, is an investment piece, I bought the ‘Lovely’ by Jimmy Choo, my very first pair on my beloved Bluefly site.  


Because they were my first Choos, I wasn’t completely certain on how the fit of Choos ran.  To make things a little more difficult in getting the right size, they are patent leather.  And as my Louboutin Lesson taught us, patent shoe sizing can be a little tricky.  I went for the straight 38’s and hoped for the best.  Opening the box from my version of Santa, Mr. UPS Delivery Man, the shine on the patent hidden under the flannel shoe bag was so sharp, I could see my happy face smiling back in the reflection.  The patent leather was a little stiffer than I had hoped for but they fit really well for what felt like a shot in the dark.  They were a little on the bigger size that would make me have gone a half size down in hind sight, which I do recommend for any patent leather Choos you purchase.  

These Choos lived up to their name to a T.  Lovely indeed they are.  They have no platform and carry a 4” heel.  They have a softly pointed toe making these truly timeless.  Aside from the damage the urban jungle will do on them, they will last as long as my vintage tweed skirt suits.  *swoon*  The other fab part about this purchase is that they were 40% off so I was able to score them for just over $200.

The other WGE I found was the ‘Delightful’ by Corso Como.  I have been a HUGE fan of Corso Como for a while now, and have been dying to try their pumps ever since discovering them.  So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add the ‘Delightful’ to my Shoe Closet.

These patent open toe pumps also live up to their name. ;)  To my “delight”, they have that uber yummy pillowy cushioning on the footbed just like their flats.  They also have no platform and sport a 3 ¼” heel which add to their timelessness.   Unlike the ‘Lovely’, these run true to size.  Actually, they run a touch on the narrow side but I have a very strong suspicion that they will stretch over time.  That or the cushioning in the footbed will contour to my foot more and will make for a more comfortable fit the more I wear them.

The “Delightful” comes in a great nude color in addition to the shiny black patent leather.  One thing to note about the nude color, is that oddly, the stitching along the edges seems more pronounced than on the patent.  I’m not sure if that’s because of difference between leathers, that being patent versus regular.  But even in nude, these still fit the bill of being a WGE.  The fact that the heel is on the lower side, for me, added to the delicious cushioning inside, makes these Corso Como’s incredibly “Delightful” indeed.  And, they’re on sale for $90 on

Both styles are perfect for any office environment.  They go perfectly with Capri length slacks, pencil skirts, dresses, and suits.  The fact that they make the transition from day to evening such a snap, they are a chic and effortless way of going out with the basics. ;)  See you Dolls in the New Year!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Fall Classics

While the runways kept the pizzazz with fun and fantastic fashions for the Fall, they included a lot of classic shapes for that nostalgic throw back to styles that have lasted the test of finicky time.  It inspired me to invest in my classic styles of shoes, like in The Real Thing.  So I started my new project of looking for great neutrals with the classic styles and found myself loving the ‘Stephanie’ by Cole Haan with Nike Air technology. 

I’ve had girlfriends long affections told about this amazing marriage of Nike Air and Cole Haan craftsmanship, but I had never actually gotten a pair for myself.  So, this seemed like the best time for me to do my test run.  And after having sported them to work a few times, you can add me to the list of The Converted.  The footbed is everything it’s lauded to be.  You really can feel the cushioning in that shoe.  It’s so very nice!

The beautiful grey shade is perfect to ease you into the Fall weather outfits you’ve been ready to wear for weeks thanks to our extended 100-degree weather stints in L.A.  The 4 ¼” heel conceals a ¾” platform that makes these a very practical 3 ½” actual heel coupled with that delicious cushioning that carries you for your longer work days.  The combination of a sling back peep toe makes these simultaneously retro and fashionably professional.  It’s just the right amount of “sexy secretary” to still be taken seriously in your skirt suits.  The overall classic shape brings sexy sophistication barring you from ever looking matronly or cheap.

Now, the boys aren’t the only ones that are excited about the Fall Classics.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Real Thing

After the horrible disappointment of having tried to fake it, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to invest long term into my shoe closet with a pair of real Louboutins.  And given that the timeless fashions of Mad Men still have us drooling, I figured what could be better than investing in a pair of nude patent Pigalles?  The deep toe cleavage and 120mm (5 inch) heel will make them sexy beyond the foreseeable incoming fashion trends.  However, given how much they are the “IT” shoe, they are nearly impossible to find.  While the wonderful salesman at the South Coast Plaza store wasn’t able to find me a pair on the spot, he did tell me that this style was not a typical fit.  The super high heel really changed the fit and sizing.  Invaluable advice!  He also gave me the scoop that the West Hollywood location would be getting in a shipment in the coming week.

Like a good stalker, I called and reserved my pair in several sizes.  I promptly made my way over the day the shipment arrived.  They are as gorgeous as could be.  I did want to try the 100mm so that I could gage the actual teetering differential.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the 100mm.  I went down to a 37 from the usual 38 that I wear in Louboutins.  These are definitely shoes that you MUST try on prior to purchasing.  The size is completely different than any others. 

I shook a little while I paid the $625 price tag, partly from how much I was spending and partly for the giddy excitement that I. Had. Pigalles.  The buyer’s remorse started to set in on the way home.  But more than anything, the entire rationale for the large investment was that these were to be the classic shoes I will have forever, wear with everything and be my most presentable self, regardless of whatever my moods were inside. :) 
New Decoltissmo

I got home and put them on and stared at my feet in the mirror.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were too high.  While they did not feel uncomfortable in the least, they LOOKED uncomfortable.  It was an actual first for me, which is why I didn’t understand what was going on in my head.  I didn’t know what to do.  This was not buyer’s remorse.  This was the wrong pair of shoes.  After a sleepless night, I decided to exchange the 120mm for the 100mm.  I went back and of course, the 100mm were no longer in stock. 

The very snobbish, pretentious and unwilling to want to help me salesgirl, reluctantly brought me various similar styles that were in stock.  And then it happened.  I slipped my foot into the New Decoltissimo 100mm and it was perfection.  The combination of the nude patent leather, pointed toe, right depth of toe cleavage, and 4 inch heel make these truly timeless and perfect to endure through the decades of fashion to come.  Ms. Joan Harris née Holloway would be proud.  Strangely, the U.S. Christian Louboutin site only has the New Decoltissimo in the 85mm, even more wearable for ladies that prefer a 3 inch heel.  But, the 100mm are available on the Euro site.

So ladies, just like love, it’s never what you thought, or even imagined you were looking for.  You can try to fake it and pretend with a knock-off but there is nothing like the real thing.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

The High Price of Cheap Knock-Offs

It's happened to us all.  We are surfing online, browsing at the latest seasons of Louboutins.  One way or another we end up on a knock off site, tempting us with the pretty pictures and cheap prices.  We add all our fantasy dream pairs into our basket and hover over the check out button.  It’s only the email from the boss that stirs away from our momentary weakness of actually making a bad, impulsive purchase.  However, once in a blue moon, our desire gets the best of us, and we make the purchase.  It’s always against our better judgment, but the thought of having a new pair of red soles in our closet wins us over, and we justify it with the less than fantastic work week.  This is my experience of the bad decision I made in my moment of weakness. 

I made the purchase of these faux shoes from the Christian Louboutin Shoes Online Store in the hopes that they would not be too bad.  However, when I did receive them, they were some of the most poorly made shoes I had ever laid eyes on.  These made Payless Shoes seem like truly fine craftsmanship.  Even the fake black spray painted leather (see the photo) felt like a sad attempt at very cheap pleather that would likely tear if I was able to wear them long enough that the incredibly thin spray painted red soles wouldn't get a hole in them.  The seams on the back of the shoes was crooked and rippled and had a crappy piece sewn at the top of the ankle in their attempt to replicate the lip on finely crafted shoes.  The "dust bag" is made of some weird papery tissue paper thin like material that smells like a cheap vinyl bag.  I was offended for all shoes everywhere that I gave them my money to encourage this kind of horrible market demand.  PROMPTLY emailed the customer service email that so happily and quickly took my Visa card number for payment, in order to get a return.  

While I may have made a poor decision in purchasing fake high end shoes, I did check the website for their return policy.  It CLEARLY STATES:

"7. About exchange, return and refund.
Customers can send shoes back for exchange, return and refund, the shoe should in brand new condition with all tags.
Please contact us for return address, do not send shoes back to sender directly.
After receive the shoes from your side, we will exchange or refund for you."


Shipping & Return Policy
Shipping Policy

Free shipping to worldwide! Delivery is guaranteed. 
We ship Christian Louboutin shoes to anywhere in the world, usually send out within 24 hours. After sent out the goods, you will get a tracking number. 

Return Policy

We accept returns for exchange or refund due to following reasons:
1. Shipping error
2. Damaged goods
3. Size exchange
4. Dissatisfaction
In order to refund, the shoes should be in new and unused condition with all tags attached. 
Do not return to sender directly.
Before return, please contact us at for details and help.  

As instructed, I emailed for a return due to the dissatisfaction of their "product".  They have since refused me a refund and offered me a mere 10% refund.  This completely contradicts their own policy stated twice on their website.  The long email exchange resulted in the refusal of the owner, Sue Morgan, to follow their own refund policy.  I made several attempts to get my refund and return the shoes but stopped getting any response from them after the third email.  I got screwed.

This should be a warning to you all to never purchase anything from this site and to warn all your girlfriends of the same.  Please repost to your friends, email, post on Facebook and Twitter so that we can stop bad businesses like the Vogue Online Store from taking advantage of red sole loving women like us.

My cheap knock-offs are going to make their way to a non-profit organization, Dress For Success, so that at least some lemonade is made out of this very sour lemon.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Man After My Own Heart

The only other man you need besides your sparkling eyed beau is your Shoe Guy.  This little homemade makeshift sign proves their dedication to making your shoes the best they can be and with great care.  They not only take care of our soles, but our purses and leather jackets too.  The relationship between a heel loving gal and her shoe guy is one cultivated over time, one shoe at a time.  Trust is established just as a relationship.  You start with testing out the small stuff you know, soles and heels, and if he’s a keeper, you’re giving him your LV and Chloe’s to get the handles resewn.  The best way to appreciate your Shoe Guy is to spread the word of his good work to all your heel loving gals.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

iMéxico Lindo y Querido!

While Cinco De Mayo is nothing special to most “real” Mexicans, us hybrids living here in the US of A have come to celebrate it with our favorite cervezas and tequilas over some Lotería games with friends.  Hey, we still put those Frenchies in their place, so why not drink up, right? ;) As a good Angelino, I made my way through the fine Cinco De Mayo celebrations, that fell conveniently on a Saturday, in Downtown LA, including Plaza Olvera, along with all the fine tequila bar establishments celebrating the occasion.  In my fun bar hopping, I was taken back by these adorable maryjane peeptoe wedges from across a crowded bar.  As I approached the gorgeous lady, drawn intently by these shoes, I failed to realize she was actually an acquaintance.  Birds of a feather, go figure! ;)  So of course, she let me get the details of her festive wedges.

They are from a label called Andrea shoes, and fittingly, a Mexican shoe company.  *swoon*  These are not for those with a  fear of height as they are 5 ¼” high with a 1 ¾” platform.  It’s like they know I have a weakness for skyscraper heels, right?  The most obvious thing about these wedges is their endearing print.  It resembles the traditional “gavan,” or Mexican blanket, print.  The ankle strap maryjane sweetness is counterbalanced with a sexy peep toe to make it freshly modern, and utterly irresistible!    

The fact that these are only $62.10 let’s you celebrate your ethnic adoration of Mexican culture all year round.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky FABB West Coast Style

The fashionistas of the West Coast have been finally pampered Lucky FABB style in having been able to attend the first Lucky FABB held in Los Angeles.  Bloggers from up and down the coast gathered in their most fiercest fashions to hear an amazing line up of speakers and get oodles of goodies.  In a stroke of my own luck, I was able to play the role of a Lucky staffer and help coordinate the behind the scenes.  I was in the equivalent of the AV booth helping coordinate the visual presentations and the sound.  While the majority of the day went smoothly logistically, we had some sound issues that we had to work out.  All in all, I was so incredibly fortunate to get to know the incredible ladies of Lucky that have made it my most favorite magazine ever.  I got lots of great pictures from my day’s in’s and out’s.  There were stars left and right and great media coverage of the wonderful day’s run, including the L.A. Times.  I was sad to have missed to meet all the great tweeting ladies like those from Crossroads Trading Company.  Alas, we will be cyberly in love until we meet in person soon, I hope!

Enjoy my sweets!

Moments before the doors opened

Mr. Zac Posen and Ms. Brandon Holly

My post's view

Ms. Alba had an interesting take on where to find investors... just talk to all your venture capitalist buddies.  DUH!

My idea of packing! ;)  Jellypop Shoes!

Jeanie Mai is seriously SOOO adorable!  I want to blue hair now!!

That's me in the reflection! ;)

Easy Shopping Access with Shopping Stations!

Lucky Team briefing for afternoon sessions

View of the beach from the Annenberg Beach House
Colors everywhere!

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