Friday, September 2, 2011

What Would Project Runway Shoe? (#WWPRS) Kid Inspired Wearable Art

Well it seems that when you are around kids, the grown ups in us come out.  And that was certainly the case in this past episode of Project Runway.  The designers were paired with kids to assist them in a painting that would serve as their inspiration for their design this week.  Everyone put their age forward, along with their fashion sense, and put away their claws, at least for this week. ;)  The concept of wearable art turned out some of the most outrageous fashions we’ve seen this season.  From Bert’s Cirque du Soleil’s crazy pants to Laura’s ethereal fairy dress that resembles a reinterpreted rose.  So, ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?” (#WWPRS) is about pairing a shoe or two with the winning look of the week.  SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading if you want to wait and watch the episode first reading about the winning design.

Well our southern belle, Anthony Ryan (#PRAnthonyRyan), finally was elevated to bride status from being the eternal Project Runway bridesmaid. ;)  Anthony Ryan wowed the judges with his almost literal translation of his inspirational self portrait painting.  The decision of going with the bold brush strokes for his main design element in his dress won the tougher than usual judges including Kenneth Cole and Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire.   

Ms. Zanna said it herself, Anthony Ryan’s styling was perfection down to the shoes.  The Working Girl can only emphatically agree.  Blade’ by L.A.M.B.  is yet another nod to the one and only Ms. Gwen Stefani to lead another fashion forward look.  ‘Blade’ fits perfectly into Anthony Ryan’s winning look with its t-strap fabulosity.   The length of the dress begs for the ‘Blade’s’ 5” heels with 1” platform.  The tapered t-strap design compliments the brush stroke design effortlessly without being too matchy.  The spikes on the ankle strap and spiky tapered heel gives the edge to make the overall look very modern.  All in all, a match made in fashion heaven. ;) 

Now, should the dress be made available for little ol’ us to purchase, and should the dress be made, say a little mini dress, I would HAVE to go with the ‘Roza’ by Sam Edelman.  There is something about the spikes on the back of this heel that just DEMANDS to be worn with the mini version of this dress.  It carries just the right amount of attitude that goes with avant guarde fashion and today’s modern working girl. ;)  The 4 ½” heel with 1” platform make this a truly wearable heel for an urban night on the town!

Next week’s challenge is another team challenge of two teams of five… And boy, have the claws been sharpened for all the lost time.  When do our little designers ever learn that when you get along, you make it work and win?  Tim Gunn ain’t just whistling Dixie here. ;)  See you here for next week’s “What Would Project Runway Shoe?” 

Have a safe Labor Day weekend and Great FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!(#WWPRS) 


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