Friday, January 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award *hearts*

I am sooooo honored!  Ms. Anne from Wobi Sobi awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award.   *swoon*

She is such a fantastic fashion inspiration, especially for switching up my work wardrobe!  Ms. Anne, for being so newly connected, I really appreciate this and to be in such great company with the other 14 awardees. :)

I going to take the time to familiarize myself with the other awardees’ blogs and hope you can do the same. :) 

So, part of the deal on winning besides being a gracious recipient, link back to the person who gave me the award, share 7 things about myself, pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers, and share the news with them. ;)

My 7 ditties:

1.   I love shoes.
2.   I REALLY love shoes.
3.   I have a J Lo-esque booty so heels are my bestie to show off its “best side.”
4.   T-straps are my most favorite kinds of heels.
5.   I still remember buying my first pair of Loubi’s (my hands were literally shaking when I handed over the credit card).
6.   I love to make other ladies happy by helping them find fabulous shoes that make them feel good inside and out.
7.   I truly believe that taking care of your appearance makes you feel so sexy and confident, it’s infectious and people are drawn more to you.

My Choices for the Stylish Blogger Award go to:

If I didn't email you directly, I left you a little note on your blog ;) *hearts*

11 comments: said...

OMG You feel honored??? I certainly feel the same Thanks so much I seriously apprectiate it! You're truly one of a kind xoxo

noone said...

hahaha I love shoes too! my shoe closet is overflow a long time ago and bf hates it :D

lovely blog you have, I'm your newest follower!

Anna said...

Congrats on the award and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the stylish blogger award!!! I share this same joy as you, just a week ago:)

Btw,thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! And u know what? i love and die for shoes too:D


Anonymous said...

Love your number seven ;-)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@shoe-radar, @classycareergirl:
You dolls are fabulous and I'm happy to be in the same blogosphere as you!


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Pop-Champagne: I'm an equal fan of your adorable blog! All of our closets should OVERFLOWETH!!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Cinz: If we must die, we should die in our favorite and fabulous shoes!!


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@StyleOnTheCouch: I think that if we pretend to take ourselves too seriously to care about our appearance, we're not loving ourselves enough.


ShoeTease said...

Firstly,congrats and you totally deserve it! Such a fun shoe blog :) Secondly, I am completely honored to be mentioned with other fashion blogger greats! Thanks for the support and the love (& right back atchat!!):)

xo ShoeTease

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@ShoeTease- Thank you so so much. So very sweet! LOVE YOU!!