Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking Forward to the Spring and Summer Fun

Brandon Holley, Lucky Magazine

Well, it’s official.  New York Fashion Week has come and gone kicking off the Fashion Weeks around the world.  And I was so happy to attend some great blogger conferences in New York during New York Fashion Week Eve in the frigid cold, namely the Lucky Magazine FABB Conference and the IFB Bloggers’ Conference.  It was wonderful to meet other fabulous bloggers I have become friends with in the cyber fashion world and reconnect with familiar friends and faces.  My parting gift was a nasty cold that evolved into a fun spout of pneumonia last week after coming home.  But I have to say that the fantastic time I had in the City was worth every painful moment I spent sick back here in sunny LA. ;)

There were so many highlights that pinning them down to one is just not possible… So I’ll just focus on the SHOES! ;)
One big fun surprise was the Converse lounge at the Lucky FABB conference.  They truly excited me because they have really turned it out with new reinventions of their classic sneaks.  They showed off their pretty classics in truly fabulous colors AND they debuted their incredible collaboration with Marimekko.  Marimekko may not be on the tip of your brain cells, but this Finnish textile icon maker is probably more likely to ring your bells once you see the prints.  They are so graphic and instantly familiar.  You can check them out along with the other Jack Purcell ladies’ kicks guaranteed to keep you urban chic in your time away from the office.  My favorite part about the Jack Purcell’s is the squishy tongue.  It has this totally unique material on the underside of the tongue that reminds of the gel in your eyemask.  Its really squishy like liquidy gel.  It makes the shoe completely customized to the top of your foot for that added comfort and perfect fit.

The other supremely surprising find I had at the Lucky FABB conference was at the Land’s End Lounge.  I know, right?  But you read that right.  Land’s End.  They are following the chic steps of other great commercial work fashion leaders like White House Black Market, J. Crew and Talbots in reinventing themselves with a new fresh modern and young look.  The clothes are so easy breezy, they have me wishing for summer lovin’ fun.  BUT, the part that made me do a double take, actually, I think a double triple take, were their SHOES!  My GOODNESS, they have some seriously cute shoes.  The clogs are truly adorable.  They aren’t crazy lady walker clogs and they aren’t “I’m taking a break from my garden” clogs.  They are really quite perfect for a Casual Friday and weekend fun.  My favorites are the platform wedge sandals.  I am DROOLING for the olivey green ones on the far right end.  Trust me when I say that I won’t be mad at Land’s End should they send me these in a 7 ½…. (wink, wink).

The FABULOUS Ms. Tory Burch

And while all things must come to an end, Fashion Week like my pneumonia, is over but has left memories to remember fondly, and looking forward to Spring and Summer fun. ;)


6 comments: said...

Girlfriend you sure do get around ;) (in a good way lol) Glad you had fun xoxo

shumei said...

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shumei said...

Looking forward to the arrival of Spring and Autumn Festival.Nice blog,I always keep eyes on your blog,hope you can keep on posting good new and share your life with designer handbags Regards

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said... you know we gotta WERK! ;)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@shumei can't wait for Winter to be over... but boots make it fun. :) *hearts*

Unknown said...

I'm so happy you're blogging again! I'm missed your funny, witty posts! Sounds like you're busy, happy and doing well! I can't wait to see you and your beautiful shoes again!koobox