Monday, July 11, 2011

‘Flipps’ Not Slips…

You may recall my fabulous Nordstrom Rack super find of the Joan and David’s 'Flipps' in two colors last Fall.  Well, I have been wearing these wonderful patent pumps well through this Spring and Summer to make my work outfits classic and yet fresh and modern.  They have been fantastically comfortable and truly versatile with so many different office appropriate looks.

My ONLY issue arose when traversing the various office terrain consisting of very slick cobblestone tiles and marble floors.  I’ve had more than one near fall experience.  Had it not been for my cat like instincts of sticking to landing on my feet, I’d have fallen flat on my booty on more than one occasion.  So, having grown tired of the continual worry taken with each step in these fabulous heels, I decided to resort to my shoe guy for help. 

I took my Flipps over to him and asked him to resole them, not because I had worn out the soles, but because adding a new sole would be a rubber base for my little tootsies to run about town with no worry of slipping anymore.  The added investment proves its worth when not having to think that at any moment, you may end up showing your “C U Next Tuesday” to every pedestrian in eyeshot, coworkers more likely than strangers…  Given that I had gotten them for such a deal, a few more extra dollars doesn’t take away from the overall bargain that they were to begin with at The Rack.

A few words on finding a good shoe guy…. If you’re finding yourself in a new neighborhood, ages from your old shoe guy…. The best way to find a new, good and reliable shoe guy is by either word of mouth or Yelp.  Also, walk in, get a feel for him.  Look at the sample shoes on display that he’s fixed and already has waiting for pick up.  Also, test him out by doing something small like re-heeling your favorite Winter boots.  Summer’s a great time to do that because it’s off season so no matter how long it takes him to do it, or more importantly, how long it takes you to make it back during the hours he’s open, it won’t affect your wardrobe outfit choices. J  Depending on how well he returns the shoes, you can gauge whether you can trust him with a “real” job…  Trust your instincts ladies.  If it feels ghetto, don’t go back… if you feel pampered, and your SHOES feel like they’ve been pampered… chances are, your shoe guy is a keeper. ;)


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