Sunday, December 30, 2012

Going Out With The Basics

The end of the year is upon us, and what a whirlwind the last part of this year was!  We survived the Mayan prophecies and lived to wear cute shoes to tell about it. ;)    Having been on a classic styles binge, like in The Real Thing and The Fall Classics, I thought it fitting to end with two more Working Girl Essentials (WGE) to close the year.  In keeping with the philosophy that a WGE, a wardrobe timeless classic, is an investment piece, I bought the ‘Lovely’ by Jimmy Choo, my very first pair on my beloved Bluefly site.  


Because they were my first Choos, I wasn’t completely certain on how the fit of Choos ran.  To make things a little more difficult in getting the right size, they are patent leather.  And as my Louboutin Lesson taught us, patent shoe sizing can be a little tricky.  I went for the straight 38’s and hoped for the best.  Opening the box from my version of Santa, Mr. UPS Delivery Man, the shine on the patent hidden under the flannel shoe bag was so sharp, I could see my happy face smiling back in the reflection.  The patent leather was a little stiffer than I had hoped for but they fit really well for what felt like a shot in the dark.  They were a little on the bigger size that would make me have gone a half size down in hind sight, which I do recommend for any patent leather Choos you purchase.  

These Choos lived up to their name to a T.  Lovely indeed they are.  They have no platform and carry a 4” heel.  They have a softly pointed toe making these truly timeless.  Aside from the damage the urban jungle will do on them, they will last as long as my vintage tweed skirt suits.  *swoon*  The other fab part about this purchase is that they were 40% off so I was able to score them for just over $200.

The other WGE I found was the ‘Delightful’ by Corso Como.  I have been a HUGE fan of Corso Como for a while now, and have been dying to try their pumps ever since discovering them.  So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add the ‘Delightful’ to my Shoe Closet.

These patent open toe pumps also live up to their name. ;)  To my “delight”, they have that uber yummy pillowy cushioning on the footbed just like their flats.  They also have no platform and sport a 3 ¼” heel which add to their timelessness.   Unlike the ‘Lovely’, these run true to size.  Actually, they run a touch on the narrow side but I have a very strong suspicion that they will stretch over time.  That or the cushioning in the footbed will contour to my foot more and will make for a more comfortable fit the more I wear them.

The “Delightful” comes in a great nude color in addition to the shiny black patent leather.  One thing to note about the nude color, is that oddly, the stitching along the edges seems more pronounced than on the patent.  I’m not sure if that’s because of difference between leathers, that being patent versus regular.  But even in nude, these still fit the bill of being a WGE.  The fact that the heel is on the lower side, for me, added to the delicious cushioning inside, makes these Corso Como’s incredibly “Delightful” indeed.  And, they’re on sale for $90 on

Both styles are perfect for any office environment.  They go perfectly with Capri length slacks, pencil skirts, dresses, and suits.  The fact that they make the transition from day to evening such a snap, they are a chic and effortless way of going out with the basics. ;)  See you Dolls in the New Year!


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