Friday, April 13, 2012

Springing in the Rain

In this late Spring rain, I’ve had to rediscover my rainboots.  And while I love my zippy ones, these have me praying for more rain so I can sport them all over town.  The ‘Gabby is the latest design from our go-to wellies haven, Hunter.  I’m swooning over the great style that the combination of the high heel, lacing, and hardware has given to the classic rainboot.

They are just such genius really.  They have a fantastic design for rainboots.  The boot only goes up half way up your calf, about 9” high.  This is great for a lot of reasons.  For one, this is a perfect option for ladies with the larger calves that don’t normally get to fit into the classic Hunters, or most other knee high rainboots.  Another benefit is that being that they’re lower on the leg, you can get them off and on with much more ease.  This is great if you change them out at your cubicle.  You don’t run the risk of toppling over and giving your coworkers a fun clip to YouTube. ;) 

Like all other Hunters, they have insane traction.  The fact that these are 4” heels has not changed their commitment to traction in the rain.  The heel is SOLID.  It’s square and it has great gripping traction.  They’re better than a new set of tires!  Unlike the regular wellies, these have a little more cushioning on the plant of your foot which makes them utterly great to wear. They come in really fantastic colors that go great with just about any of your raincoats.   When you’ve already got to deal with the rain, the ‘Gabby’ will have you springing in the rain. (And the name choice is not too bad either ;) )


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