Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Joy! HeelsUp!

I’ve had a KER A ZEE week!  Driving from LA to San Diego for my 9 to 5, presenting at a State Conference, having a project at City Commission the next morning has left this Working Girl pooped.  Then, I met with sweetie pie fashion correspondent Carolina Davalos last night to talk shop.  After two delicious margaritas at my favorite local margarita stop, I came home to the best present I could have asked for this week.  Mr. Postman had brought me my long desired 'HeelsUp' by Nine West.

Getting these little beauties was challenging to say the least.  Having been featured in just about EVERY September issue, even the pre-order on the Nine West website was sold out.  In trying to resolve this matter with customer service, I got an automated response that was “less than satisfactory.”  Now, you know that it’s not pretty when someone comes between a regular girl and her shoes…. Now, picture me.  Mmmm hmmm, I’ll let you fill in the rest of that. ;)  My sweet Twitter friend, @nluvwshoes, who also just joined the blogosphere with, came to my rescue.  We tweeted our disappointment and got on the Nine West radar.   Long story short, I got in contact with an actual human being.  Apparently, Nine West had no clue how wildly popular these would be.  I had to wait a bit before placing my pre-order…. BUT THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!

So, were they worth the long wait and all the drama?  Oh. My. God. YES.  Emphatically YES!  They are so pretty! As tired as I was after this insane week, I tore the box open to try them on immediately.  I walked all over my apartment at midnight as I got ready for bed wearing them. They are so comfortable.  The leather is so incredibly supple.  And they fit like a glove, snug but not tight so they don’t slip off when you take a step. 

The attention to details on these pumps really is what makes this pair so special. The gold buckle is so shiny and elegant.  The square toe makes the classic pump a little more modern but still sophisticated. The way that the leather is folded around the corners of the toe is done impeccably.  And there’s a little seam on the back heel that just gives it such a great character and uniqueness. 

The dark grey color is a more of a smoky brown grey that is really an unusual shade.  The 4 ½” stacked heel has a concealed ¾” platform that has a great little smidge of padding at the ball of your foot.  The sole as little patches of rubber to give you that great traction regardless of the kind of urban terrain your facing.  The heel is almost like a stiletto but more substantial that a pin thin stiletto.  This is fabulous because it gives you that sexiness of the high heels but still have actual stability.  The only downside I see about this pair is that the platform does seem to weigh it down a bit.  It’s not a deal breaker though.  You will still be able to rock these fabulously in the office and be Heels Up. ;)

15 comments: said...

OHH MEEE GEEE! I love!!! You make me wanna stalk Nine West again so that I can get a pair!!I love the buckle and color!Them being comfy is a total bonus lol Such a great surprise when you get home and the UPS man has a gift for you ;) P.S. Thanx for the lovely shout out! xoxo

Pink Stilettos said...

Great post! I really love the buckles on these. Really elegant shoe...Love them :)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said..., I was able to connect with them because of YOU!!! To be clear, they weren't free, but I got a 25% discount due to the "challenge" of getting some help ordering them.

@Pink Stilettos, thank you! Can you tell that I can't say enough GREAT things about them?? Super Fab. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOVE how the gold buckle adds instant pizzazz to these shoes. These shoes are KILLER. And, they look to be very versatile as well, with wearing them casually with jeans, or sexing them up with a dress.

Great buy!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Terry, thanks Doll and great ideas for pairing them with different outfits! :)

Anonymous said...

Love these! So cute. I like th gold detailing. Gives a splash of class!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said..., Splash of Class! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok hopefully third times a charm lol. My last two attempts to post were a no go. I love nine west esp bcuz they carry 10 1/2 *blushes* I'm Sooo feeling the buckles! Great post! :-)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Alicia YAY! It worked :) Aldo's great at carrying a larger range of sizes too sweetie! And Nordstrom's known for having ALL and EVERY size. I know you're in NJ but you can order online from Nordies ;) xoxo

Marcela said...

Lindos! I heard the word "shoes" at the #LALB lunch and had to come visit!
Next time....we will meet!

Great blog!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Marcela Thanks for stopping by! I"m so glad to hear you like it! I'm sure we will have a chance again soon! So many amazing women were there, hard to meet all the fabulous ladies! Thanks for compliments, I hope to not disappoint! :) xoxo

Jennifer said...


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Jennifer, you can get a pair too! They're STILL available! They did another production run! :) yay!

Anonymous said...

At first glance I wasn't crazy about the brown...tone is just not rich enough for me. BUT THE BLACK! High class luxury appeal and you CAN never go wrong with Nine West....they own about 75% of my shoe closet lol!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said... Yes Lady, you have got that right, they all are show stoppers... SHOW STOPPERS! *hearts*