Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too Gucci To Be True

I was browsing through my Shop It To Me daily email when I came across these beautiful Gucci ‘Hollywood Horsebit’ peep toe pumps.  As I started to drool, I saw that they were on sale from $450 down to $150 at DSW.  And THAT’S when my heart dropped.  I have not tried on a pair of Gucci’s in quite sometime so I had to take a leap of faith on the sizing AND that they were going to be comfortable.  For $150 Gucci’s, it was a risk I was very willing to take.

When my favorite man in brown delivered them last week, I was skipping to my Lou.  I admired them for the gorgeousness that they are.  The red color is more of a deeper red than a classic cherry red but not so red that it’s like a fine red wine. :)  It’s a great red that works almost like a neutral. 

I wore them to work yesterday for the first time.  I was nervous since I didn’t bring my back up flats (The Ultimate City Flat for the Ultimate City Girl) in the case that I should need a lifeline.  But, I took another leap of faith that I would be ok.  Well, that and the fact that I knew I could be parking my behind most of the day so I could avoid walking around too much.  The stiletto thin heel is 4” high and not a friend to sidewalk cracks.  HOWEVER, given that they are 4” high and have what I would think to be too little padding on the ball of the foot, they were amazingly comfortable.  I walked a good six blocks before I felt the ball of my foot start to feel a tinge.  And these are long blocks!  When I did get to put it in “Park”, my feet did not burn.  There was that tinge that starts to make you feel like you’re going into burn mode, but I never actually got there.  I ended up standing for a two hour presentation and never once thought that my feet were hurting because they weren’t.

The fit was very snug but in that way that your foot feels very secure inside the shoe so that it doesn’t feel like it could slip off.  The vamp of the shoe has a fabulous silver horsebit detail that make them unmistakably Gucci.  Now, I know that being a cute little peep toe makes them seasonal.  Except that I actually sported my favorite rain boots the Steve Madden ‘Tsunamii’ that I raved about in ‘Can't Rain On My Parade’ to keep my tootsies warm outside in the morning when it was raining.  The great zipper on the back made them easy for me to zip of them and into my ‘Hollywood Horsebit’ peep toe pumps.  Having stumbled upon DSW in my Shop It To Me email for such a great deal was really what made them *too* Gucci to be true. ;)


Jennifer Vides said...

omg girl I love and hate you all at the same time. Now I need to run out to DSW and pick up those shoes. I do love me some red 4-inch heels. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous pair of shoes! While I like the white ones, you made a great choice picking up the red ones. The red ones seem like they could be much more versatile with outfits than the white ones.

Great buy!

shoe-radar.com said...

I would've took that leap of faith too! $150 is a steal! Very happy you went with the deep red I'm not a fan of white shoes ;) xoxo

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Jennifer, oh I hope you love me more than you hate me! ;) lol. They're pretty haute right?

@Terry and Shoe-Radar.com: I posted the white picture only because it was the most polished version of the shoe I could find :)

I think the whites are way too bridal for every day wear, no?

Pink Stilettos said...

What a fabulous pair of shoes! You go girl for snagging them at such a fabulous price too! I love them :)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Pink Stilettos Thanks Sweetie! I still can't believe how fabulous they are... Totally excited about it. :)