Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Once every four years we get one extra day in our year.  And since it’s one more chance to live it up and love it up, I’m doing my best to celebrate an “extra” day of life.  And you KNOW that includes some new shoes! ;)  I came across these last week when my barista asked me to help her find some great red pumps.  I was thrilled to assist.  So much so, in fact, that I ended up purchasing these for me!  These are the Mellitta from Nine West.

Miss Whitney Port featured these at New York Fashion Week and I completely see why.  The red patent is just soooo unbelievably sexy chic.  At first glance, the Mellitta carries itself as a very classic pump.  Having had in my hot little hands and sporting them on my tootsies, they are really much more than that.  They have these very subtle nuances of retro style.  Specifically, the round toe is very interesting.  It’s a classic round toe, but the pump comes up a bit higher than most on the bridge of your foot.  This is what adds to it’s subtle retro throwback.

What I am loving most about this pump is the heel.  They have a 5” heel that includes a 1 ¼” platform.  But the difference here is that it’s a thick heel.  It’s not your standard pump heel, very reminiscent to the recent Brian Atwood and Sam Edelman lines.  I should warn you, you have to take a minute to get used to the thicker heel.  I have had to shift where I put my weight on my steps, kinda like the way you had to learn how to walk in wedges after only having pumps all your life. :)  So it’s this thicker heel that I find to also add to the retro feel of the shoe.  It’s a great modern retro twist on a classic.  Ladies on the Nine West site have also raved about the Mellitta in their reviews.  They are a great reason to leap for joy. ;)


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