Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loafin’ Around

As you all have figured out by now, flats are not quite my first shoe choice, regardless of the occasion.  However, in pondering the new fun bright colors of Spring, I came across these adorable penny loafers at Old Navy.  The whole penny loafer vibe brings me back to my old Catholic school days with the plaid uniforms and crisp white blouses.  The fond memories of making a mess while dying Easter eggs and Girl Scout cookie season remind me of why Spring is so fun and so happy.  These loafers hit that mark completely.

They come in three colors, yellow, navy and cognac brown.  I had to get the navy since I’ve found navy flats rather hard to pin down.  I was really excited about how well these fit.  Far too often I find flats that make a really large gap on the sides of my foot when I take a step…. That’s the sign of an ill-fitting shoe.  These didn’t give me that.  They only have whole sizes so in trying them on, it was the gap that determined the smaller size was for me.  They have a little cushioning on the soles making them really rather comfy.  They were perfect for my Sunday flea market shopping. ;)

Some other bonuses about these, are their super budget friendly $29.94 price tag, they’re vegan friendly for all my ladies who are dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, AND, best of all, no smelly or sweaty feet after a whole day of walking around. :)


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