Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Shooz

Earth Day comes but once a year however, I find super great ways to celebrate being green all year round – in high fashion of course!  You may remember my first Decades encounter a bit ago.  Well, after a short hiatus, they were back and in fierce form.  All slightly worn and previously worshiped Louboutins, Manolos, Choos, YSL’s you name it, were $150.  Yes, ladies.  $150 gets you in the club.  You can imagine the line starts hours before the doors actually open.  And as a previous insider, I was granted VIP front of the line privileges.  Is there any other way to sample sale shop? ;) 

My hunt led me scavenge and all red soles first, size was an after thought.  You just grab and try on later.  I grabbed as many as my little hands could hold.  In the whirlwind, I got me several delicious finds.  One being Dorothy’s red glitter pumps made by Prada just like the Pope’s red slippers. ;)  Given that I am The Working Girl, I felt that as beautiful as they were, they needed to go to a home where they would be taken out and shine in the sun, not kept in The Working Girl’s Shoe Closet reserved for dinner party nights out.  But in a fabulous trade, I landed myself the Carrie Bradshaw coined urban myth Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes in this beautiful patent blue gray.  Strangely enough, they ran small, so I went up two sizes.  Lesson learned:  You MUST ALWAYS try on Louboutins.  You are not “one size” in Loubis because of the heel.  It really varies depending on the platform and heel height. 

The other fabulous find were the Yves Saint Laurant Tribute Mary Janes in patent nude.  I literally felt my heart skip with joy when I found these.  They are CRAZY high at 5 ¼” heels BUT they have a 3” platform making them only 2 ¼” in actual heel height.  They quite possibly are the lowest heel I have ironically.  These are amazing for so many reasons!  For one, they are the iconic YSL peep toe that is just so retro modern divine.  Secondly, the enormous height that you get from these Mary Janes coupled with the nude make your legs a million miles long.  And thirdly, the most practical of the reasons, is that being patent, they don’t scuff so easily.  One of my most heartbreaking shoe moments is when I scuff and even tear my nude or other light colored toe or heel of my shoe on a stair or curb sidewalk.  It really chaps my hide. >:(  So the patent treatment not only helps wipe off any mud or dirt but is more resilient to urban surfaces.  File them under Fabulous Find!

Ladies, if being earth-friendly means getting these magnificent shoes at $150, color me green!  Decades has the highest of standards so authenticity is a given, and haute couture is in your recycled brown paper bag. ;)  Hope to elbow you there next year!