Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tip-Toe’ing Through The Tulips

We are at then end of Spring and feeling the warm Summer rays peeking though the morning haze.  And nothing excites me more, besides shoes of course, than SUMMER!  But, while I’m more than ready for the Summer fun in the sun, I still have to work the office wear.    Casual Fridays become trickier as I get older.  I almost feel like I’m in a second “tween” phase because I’m too old for those post college short shorts, and too young for Talbots. :)  So when I came across the latest J.Crew Classic Ballet Flats in bright and bold patent leather colors, I did my happy dance.

Having never purchased J.Crew shoes before, I didn’t know how the sizing ran and there weren’t any local stores that had them in stock.  Add to that, flats that are patent leather.  Patent leather is much stiffer than regular leather so sizing isn’t as straight forward as it is with other regular leather shoes.  Flats are also a tricky fit.  Depending on how the cut is, they can gap in a really odd way as you step.  This led me to read the J.Crew return policy. ;)  The electric blue hue enticed me too much and I took a chance going for my standard fit, 7 ½, and purchased them online. 

When I did get them, I really was enamored by the color.  But, I wasn’t actually sold on them overall.  I am not the poster girl for flats.  I understand their practicality, but clearly I think heels are way more practical. ;)  So, after a couple laps around the house, and a good night’s sleep, and a few more laps around the house and many long stares in the mirror, I decided they were keepers.  And, now that I’ve had them for a few months, I love them even more!

Why such hesitation?  Well, the toe box felt tight.  (The toe box is the front part of the shoe that goes from the tip of your toe to the widest part of your foot.)  And being tight, I wasn’t sure if I’d find them comfortable enough for me to be able wear them all day long.  The tightness was due to the fact that patent leather is stiff and doesn’t stretch over time like regular leather.  Now, while I’m not the poster girl for flats, I do have many… and one of the things I hate about my flats is that over time, they stretch sideways, making my foot look very wide.  And who likes wide flat feet?  Exactly.  So this toe box stiffness made me think that over time, these flats would keep their shape and stay looking shiny and new. 

Low and behold, I was right.  These flats have held up really, REALLY well!  I’ve worn them countless times for Casual Friday age appropriate outfits.  I’ve also worn them for lots of weekend running around town, looking much more pulled together than my old reliable flip flops.  They are a bit pricey at $135 regular price.  But since J.Crew has such great sales, your patience virtue will pay off when select colors go on sale.  Like right now, the Neon Papaya color is selling for $89.99, the deal I got for mine. ;)  The whole combination of the classic silhouette, J.Crew quality, Italian sleek patent leather, flexible sole comfort, bright blue color and sweet little bow will keep us all tip toe’ing through the tulips from Spring to Summer without missing a beat.


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Allan Hawkins said...

I have been wearing the same pair but it is in black. I love it soo much that I wear it with almost every thing. Actually it goes perfect with every dress