Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seeing Spots


This summer’s heat has everyone so dizzy, we’re seeing spots.  But when I came across these adorable spots in the latest collection of Tom’s Shoes, I was happy to see them!  The red Polka Dot Linen Strappy Wedges had me at ‘Hello’. 

There’s something inherently flirty about red polka dots making them so incredibly perfect for the summer - brings out the Marilyn in all of us. ;)  It’s one of my favorite ways to look cute with absolutely minimal effort.  And the pluses that these wedges offer are just endless.  Starting with the wedge aspect, you get the best of both worlds – heels + flats.  You have the flat sole that gives you stability and then you have the 3 5/8" heel that gives you the height elongating your figure. 

The materials Tom’s uses are a double bonus too.  You have natural textiles of hemp and cotton/linen that offer you added shock absorption in your step and the pliability of linen that mold the straps to your feet the more you wear them. 

The inner soles are padded rather nicely.  They have almost a spongy feel that hug your feet and keep the bounce in your step for your tootling-about-town summer days.

The soles are textured to give you serious traction and grip greatly needed when maneuvering the tricky urban sidewalks of the big city.  Then, there’s the BONUS bonus of these, and all of Tom’s shoes, being eco-friendly.  AND THEN, there’s yet another bonus of Tom’s pledge of One for One, where Tom’s donates a pair of shoes to needy children.  It’s guilt-free shopping at it’s best - style, do good-ing, comfort and truly affordable at $69.


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