Monday, August 16, 2010

All the Colors of the Rainbow (for Under $25)

In scouting out inexpensive fun flats, I stumbled upon what I felt like was the ‘Rainbow Wall of Flats’ in Charlotte Russe.  The range and arrangement of colors displayed made me perk up and want some sherbet ice cream instantly! J  With all the fun jewel tone suedes as part of the new incoming Fall Fashions, I thought I had to write a post and share the find.  I really like these because they are really a great transition wardrobe piece that takes you from Summer to Fall.  The bright and sunny colors are great for the warm summer outfits and they are the new haute-ness for Fall.  ;)

I tried on about 5 different styles.  I was really impressed with how soft and cushy they were.  The materials on a few styles are a combination of leather and man-made materials.  But, most styles are all man-made/synthetic materials for our Vegan Fashionistas out there.  They have rubber soles and little rubber heels which are the comfort factor you can actually feel when walking around in them.  The detailing is also well done.  Attention was paid to making the added embellishments look clean, which makes the shoe look much more expensive than it really is.  For example, the rosettes on the red ones in the picture are done with grosgrain ribbon and are not sloppily sewn to the shoe.

They have a large range of styles that are really cute and fun without being too youthful.  They are a great accent color to pop your outfit without looking like a teeny-bopper (even though we all still have that sass, of course ;)).  The prices ranged from $19.50 to $22.50 but I just discovered online ( ) that they are knocking off $10 bringing the prices to as low as $9.50!!! (Insane, right?)  I can't attest to their durability since I haven't tested them long enough.  I imagine these will not withstand the test of time.  However. these are a great way to trend up your wardrobe without making the investment that you would with more classic pieces that will carry you through years of fashions.  

The colors available online are a little more limited than the range in the actual stores but I haven’t confirmed if they have the $10 discount in the stores.  Either way, you can have all the colors of the rainbow in your shoe closet for under $25. J

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