Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flat But With A Serious Beat

One of the things that make it hard for me to find flats that I like is that they usually don’t fit me right.  My foot is not a wide foot but it is widest at the ball of my foot, well, the width of that area.  This makes it hard to wear flats that are “low cut” or have a lot of toe cleavage because when I take a step and bend my foot, I get large gaps on the sides of my foot as a result of this lower cut design.  The thing that really bothers me about this the most is that it makes my foot look even wider.  And let’s face it, nobody likes fat chubby tootsies unless you’re a baby.  So trying flats on is a must about 90% of the time.  In my usual perusal of what’s in my favorite shops, I stopped in at Steve Madden to see their stock.  And while I am usually taken aback in seeing their delicious little pretties, I was particularly wooed by these fantastic flats.  Steve Madden usually has great designs but not always the tops when it comes to comfort.  However, they have really been working on the comfort factor these last few seasons.  The pair with the bow and elastic edge here are the ‘Binngo’ and the pair with the jewels are the ‘Kobbe.’ 

I have shared my apprehension about elastic edgings in my previous post “The Ultimate City Flat for the Ultimate City Girl”.  And while I found a winner there, it doesn’t make me leg go of my hesitation when I find a new elastic edged shoe.  I tried them on and was wowed by the softness of the leather.  This was not the typical leather I’ve seen on flats at Steve Madden before, nor the ones I have at home.  These were really buttery soft.  They come up higher on my foot due to the elastic edging eliminating my side gaps.   And they are so, *SO* cute with the polka dot print and suede bow.  This shoe comes with its own “Hello! My Name is DIVINE!” name tag. You can buy them online (http://www.stevemadden.com/item.aspx?id=50379&CID=cj_3245527). 

The jeweled ‘Kobbe’ won me over too when I saw them.  They’re like edited disco balls on your feet that you can actually wear to work!  These come in gold, silver (shown), black and camouflage, which seems to be a major trend for Fall.  In trying them on, these, like the ‘Binngo’ fit perfectly.  They were not cut too low on the sides or in the front to create those side gaps when I walked.  They also came up high enough on the sides of my feet to make them look slimmer.  This is important to consider when buying round toe flats.  The roundness doesn’t elongate your foot so if your foot is like mine, stumpiness is very possible, very frequently.  That’s the benefit in pointed toe flats.  The point elongates your foot.  If you have “longer” or slimmer looking feet, you’ve pretty much hit the flats jackpot because you can probably pull off any flat.

Regardless of which you like more, both flats come with some serious beat!

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