Monday, August 2, 2010

Dream A Little Dream

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of making the virtual acquaintance of a new follower who's closet I truly admire, Rosalynn, who shared with me her three most favorite babies. And even though Susan Boyle wasn’t singing, I got the same kind of chills when I saw them. First is the famous Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Mary Jane that has been seen on all the glamorous celebrities having their red carpet moments. Priced in the $800 - $900, it’s definitely a splurge but an investment nonetheless.

Second is the Brian Atwood Maniac. I have yet to personally sample Brian Atwoods, so my curiosity is quite large. Ms. Rosalynn says they’re quite comfortable. Brian Atwood is slightly more affordable in the $500 range but still not quite ATM status.

And last, but not least, is the Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive Peep Toe. Priced at $865 at Saks Fifth Avenue, they truly are a shoe closet staple and long term investment piece. Ms. Rosalynn has had them for about two years and recently got them resoled. Now, when a woman goes to the trouble of resoling her shoes, you know they MUST be comfortable.

High end designer shoes can't be assumed to be more likely to be comfortable.  But, I have gotten confirmation that these really are and, as Ms. Rosalynn has smartly chosen, getting classic styles like these three helps to substantiate the small fortune each one is because you will have them in your shoe repertoire FOREVER.  It's kind of like investing in a few incredible shoes that will carry you through the years versus getting a bunch of poorer quality shoes that will end up falling apart every couple months.  They go with everything and everything you wear, even your Target Merona dress, will suddenly feel like you paid a gazillion dollars for it.  I think having a mix is optimal. ;) 

So, on this Monday – the beginning of another work week, let’s dream a little dream of having these three babies in each of our own shoe closets. :)

A big thanks to Ms. Rosalynn for being so sweet and letting me into her Working Girl's Shoe Closet. ;) You can follow Ms. Rosalynn at:


Roz said...

Thank you so much for this post.

A lot of people think I'm silly for spending so much on shoes, but to me they're an investment, and once you buy a pair of shoes like these, like you say, they'll last a lifetime.

If I can only recommend one pair of designer heels, it'd be one of these as they go with literally anything - from the dressiest dress, to the smartest pencil skirt, even down to the most casual of jeans.

Like you say, what you spend doesn't translate into how comfy these shoes are - for comfort, though, the YSLs are hard to beat, they really are.

So yeah, thank you again for this great post, and I hope it helps people understand why sometimes paying a lot of money for shoes is so worth it.

Unknown said...

*CLAP* Bravo! Amazin post! I love it! Roz is an amazing stylist, she knows exactly what looks good, and she's undoubtadley very smart about her selections!
Thanks to both of you for giving us such great information and for being honest about shoes and fashion!!

Much love and continued success to both of you!!


Tracey's Fashion Outlook said...

I must say Roz is truly a fashionista and amazing. I have gotten inspiration from her wardrobe stylings and myself have shop like she said towards investments and not on the spur. My wardrrobe has turned around and many have noticed and complimented me on this. BRAVO.

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks Ladies! I am really glad the benefits of fashion, like investing in your shoe closet, resonates so well with you! :) xoxo!