Friday, March 23, 2012

What Would Project Runway All Stars Shoe? (#WWPRS) Neiman MONDO Approved!

The Project Runway All Stars season has come to an end, crowning it’s All Star winner last night.  And while I didn’t do an All-Stars What Would Project Runway Shoe?  blog series for it, I’ve been watching it religiously because I adored the All Stars crew.  I was fortunate enough to meet many of the All Stars at Fashion’s Night Out a couple years back in the Big Apple.  These designers, aside from being insanely talented, are just completely wonderful sweethearts who’s passion for fashion is so deep, it’s contagious.  *swoon*

So here’s your spoiler alert!

Last night’s winner who received Project Runway’s largest prize package yet, was none other than Denver’s best, Mondo Guerrero.  And I honestly cannot be happier.  I do think that Austin and Michael put out really fantastic collections, and what made it so hard was that while being so incredible, they were so different so it’s really hard to choose which collection was the overall best.  Tommy Hilfiger’s comment about Mondo’s Therapy collection being ‘60’s meets 80’s was so very on point, and probably why I am drawn to it so much.  It marries the best of my two favorite eras.

Even though Mondo won me over with his Calavera/Day of the Dead inspired runway in Season 8, he’s grown leaps and bounds with this entire season and his final runway for All Stars.  Because of how cohesive his black and white color palette was, I immediately thought of the Yves Saint Laurant Tribtoo cap toe pump in the black patent and red suede to pair with his divine designs.  From the first opening look he opened his show with, Mondo’s ability to make clothes wearable for the real working girl is apparent.  The Tribtoo’s Spring update is perfectly in line with the mod color blocking trend.  This shoe is so great for the gal sporting Mondo’s collection because it’s got enough classic lines and traditional conservatism with the black darted crescent toe and pump style that it balances out the red suede pop that has to be inherent in your sass, leaving you looking refined but alive among the stuffy suits at work.

The 4 ¼” heel seems towering to be able to pull off for a long work day but the Tribtoo has a 1 ¼” platform bringing the actual heel to a 3” height that’s much more doable for all the running from meeting to meeting.  The wide leg pants move just enough to let the red peek out from underneath.  And man, talk about making your gams go the distance in the mini dress with these.   Because they aren’t showing “too much” skin, you can pull off wearing the Tribtoos with the mini dress without looking being mistaken for that other kind of working girl. ;)   

These are not what you call budget friendly, rather they're an investment piece. ;)  But like Isaac Mizrahi said last night, you really can’t spend enough on your hair and your shoes, Daaarling!  And I definitely couldn’t agree more. ;)



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