Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion’s Fabulous Night Out – From NYC to LA

I have finally been able to pull all my photos together from last Friday’s seriously fabulous Fashion’s Night Out.  If you were in New York City with me, I think the best way to describe it is to say that it was LITERALLY Halloween for Fashion.  SoHo was bah-nanas as Ms. Zoe would say.  I arrived early for the festivities and found lines to get into our favorites spots that stretched a full New York block.  

My game plan was to start on the south end of Manhatten and work my way up through Mid-Town to end up on 5th Avenue.  I didn’t get to as many places as I had hoped because the streets were insanely packed and the lines were very long to get into these fantastic stores. BUT, I did cover lots of ground, regardless.  Its hard to come between me and great fashion on fashion’s biggest night! ;)

My first and foremost place to be was the Piperlime pop-up store.  You know that I had to meet up with all the Project Runway designers and share my ‘What Would Project Runway Shoe?’ Friday weekly post.  It was really rather amazing to meet them all as they were all incredibly sweet.  

Meeting Michael C. confirmed that I will always be a “fruitfly” as opposed to a f@ghag because of the fact that I adore him, Christopher, Andy, Michael D., Casanova and Mondo.  Michael C. said that what made me a “fruitfly” was that I was pretty (*hearts*), as most of us f@ghags usually are ;).

Chatting with Gretchen and Christopher about my overall goal to find comfortable yet stylish shoes for working women that are also vegan for my gals, they both shared that as designers it is really hard to find a variety of fabrics that are not just white and off-white for green designs.  

My thoughts are that if Adidas was able to make World Cup jerseys out of recycled plastic bottles, fashion houses can make fabulous designs out of greener materials and sustainable practices.  

I think that stylish gals like you asking for it more, and supporting blogs like mine (wink, wink), we can make it happen. ;)  Bottom line, we all agree that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or a greener tomorrow. :)

Regardless of who wins this season’s Project Runway, this bunch of lovable characters are well on their way to great fashion futures.  Michael D’s company is The Exquisite Corpse and Kristen’s design house is strangefruit.  If you were curious about Gretchen’s jewelry on the show, it was done by Kennedy Enterprises Ltd located in Denver.  

My next stop was Kate Spade where I got to meet the one and only Tim Gunn, where his comments about my blog were to “Make it work!”  I also got his book signed. :)

I also got to meet last season’s Project Runway winner, Irina.  She’s got a line of shoes coming out for I.N.C., which I am REALLY excited about and cannot wait to see and test out. ;)  Her fashion sense has always been so contemporary chic that I seriously doubt she will disappoint.

Another stop was the Grand Central Station’s Vanderbuilt Hall which had some good traffic but was a little lackluster in terms of having the electricity that other spots had that night.  I made my way into Mango and it was rather crazy in the store with two different bars and a crazy kewl DJ spinning great tunes.

By the time I made it up to Barney’s and Aldo, the festivities had just ended but the folks that were last to leave shared it was off the hook.  Other highlights were at Bergdorf’s karoke contest with Nicole Richie and others, Lord and Taylor and Macy’s with Ms. JLo herself appearing for a half of a blink of an eye.  A surprising lowlight was the Ace Hotel.  It seemed to promising but folks felt underwhelmed by the offerings.  I think that Electric Energy may have RSVP’ed but ended up being a no show. :(  In any case, by midnight, I teetered through the streets in my 6” leopard Aldo’s tired but fantastically entertained with a great evening of fun with great friends and new memories.

Now, LA popped Fashion’s First Night Out cherry in true Hollywood fashion at the Beverly Center with red carpets and all.  Speaking of Project Runways of the past, Rami showed some of his incredible dressmaking skills with this paper dress in front of Papyrus.  His demeanor was sweeter in person than he was on the show.  He patiently signed autographs for the gobs of adoring fashionistas. 

The energy in the Beverly Center was through the roof with all the different stores like Charles David, bebe, and Wet Seal having DJs on the 1’s and 2’s, appetizers, treats, and discounts oozing through the every door.  Hundreds of starved for great fashion Angelinos got their fill of great style and beautiful fashions there, The Grove, Melrose and in Los Feliz. 

My only real complaint of Fashion’s Night Out is that its only ONE night.  There was so much to see and so much to do, I considered donating to cloning research just so that next Fashion’s Night Out, I could hit ALL the stores. ;)  I’d love to hear about your Fashion’s Night Out (including purchases)!  So don’t be shy. :)  

Here's a few more pictures:
Mondo, me, my bestie Amy!

Last Week's Winner with FLAWLESS SKIN! April!

Tim telling me to "Make it Work!" *hearts*


Blinker Wood said...

You're awesome! Thanks for breaking down all the excitement for those of us who couldn't attend Fashion Night Out!

I love living vicariously through WGSC!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

You are too cute! Biiiig hugs my love! xoxo

Unknown said...

Great meeting you and thanks for mentioning my site. More things to come soon and I'll keep you posted!

Ian Kennedy
Kennedy Enterprises

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks Ian! You're such a sweetheart and incredibly talented! Your pieces are so gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you'll give us next. ;) xoxo