Monday, September 13, 2010

Airport Style

I am travelling back to Los Angeles after a wonderful trip to New York City where I met many amazing fellow fashionista bloggers that I call my "BlogGals". ;)  I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and the Chictopia 10 Media Summit that had great presentations by people in the know.  I also the opportunity to put blogs to faces, soak up fashion during New York’s Fashion Week, and of course Fashion’s Night Out.  I’ll be doing that post shortly (gotta get all my notes, and more importantly, photos in order).

Ok, so of COURSE you know that I’m always looking at ladies’ fashions, especially their shoes as they travel.  And in doing so, I found this lovely woman in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport sporting these fab wedges by Chinese Laundry.  They are the ‘Foxy Wedge’ and she got them a few years ago at a mid-west department store called Bon-Ton.  She explained to me that its like a Macy’s equivalent (sorry Ms. MidWesters, this is unchartered territory for me, but no judgement! ;) ).  She told me that that she adored these wedges, and clearly, they are very comfortable.  She said she loved the stability that wedges gave her with the height of a heel.  Its like she sat in one of my sermons. ;)  These great peep toe wedges are both suede and regular leather that make them very versatile to wear with professional work wear or with jeans and perfect for travelling. 

I searched for these online in hopes of finding them still on sale somewhere and only found a size 9 on Ebay.  This doesn’t mean they are not out there because I’m sitting in the Samsung T-Mobile Lounge doing a quick search in the middle of the Fort Worth Airport. You may have better luck with time, and actually shopping in stores.  ;)  Have a Happy Monday my Shoe-lovers!

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