Friday, September 3, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 6: The Bridesmaid Dress Challenge aka Designer-zillas

If you’re new to my blog, well, first of all, WELCOME and Hello!   Secondly, I came up with a weekly Friday post that I've titled 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of the week.  Episode 6, ‘You Can Totally Wear That Again’, is the challenge where the designers have to repurpose real women’s past bridesmaids dresses into something they would actually wear again AND are runway worthy.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. ;)

Wow, wow, wow. The claws are not holding back this week. And while the challenge was about bridesmaids dresses, it was the designers that were the designer-zillas attacking Michael C. all throughout the challenge.  A well deserved congratulations to Michael C for his micro-mini dress look.  See the design here: (  Mondo’s pink mod-esque dress was also really a deserving top contender.  I think if he changes how he styles his great designs, sans Pebbles/Snooki hairdo’s, he may win one very soon.  Sadly, we had to say farewell to our darling Peach and while I will miss her sweet Southern demeanor, I’m not gonna miss her goiter ruffle designs. ;)

Michael C. paired the winning look with a classic black pump.  I do agree that you need to keep the shoe “clean” because you have a lot going on with dress, albeit micro-mini.  However, since all the judges commented that the skirt was so short, even though Cynthia Rowley said it was done in a way that made it look tasteful, choosing pumps emphasized that more.  I’m not saying it looks bad, but you can balance that with a different choice. With a micro-mini, you’re not looking for demur if you know what I mean.  But you also don’t to look like Hookerville’s newest resident. ;)  

My pick for the dress is the hottest trend that started last winter, an over-the-knee (#OTK) boot by Report called the ‘Kenly’.  Part of me was drawn to it simply because of the name referencing of Project Runway’s past seasons’ designer!  BUT, it truly does compliment the dress well.  It’s very simple in terms of design.  The silhouette has very clean lines that don’t distract the eye from the details of the dress.  The boot has a 4 ½” heel with a concealed 1” platform.  Adding that height with the length/height of the thigh high boot, you still get that elongating leg effect that micro-mini’s are intended to do…but you won’t be as cold! ;)  Clearly, you’re still looking sexy but not trashy.

I don’t own any OTK boots… yet.  I’m still looking for the right one for me. ;) BUT, these are available on Piperlime ( for only $99, which is a major deal.  

Next week's episode looks like it won't disappoint bringing us more drama.  I hope the drama spurs more great designs too!

Have a fantastic (and safe) Labor Day weekend!  I’m heading east to New York Fashion Week next week and all the festivities it brings, including Fashion’s Night Out (#FNO).  Hope to see you there! 


SoCalFashionista said...

It was quite a fiesty episode!!!! Been looking for the perfect OTK boots for myself too. Still no luck, but I'm in no rush :)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

LOL, yeah next week should bring us more drama! I think it maybe a while before I find the "perfect" OTK boots too! ;)

Sassy Wife said...

Ok, I had to stop reading this weeks post because I missed it last night. Once I watch it I will go back to it. You’re at fashion week!!! Oh how I heart you. I miss those days. I absolutely love the OTK boot and the one you posted is a beauty. I am also on a quest to find the perfect one. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

oh love those boots!