Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Still Play With My Barbie… My Christian Louboutin Barbie That Is

Yesterday morning I got my daily email taunting me with gorgeous camel knee high Christian Louboutin boots.  Being the shoe masochist I am, I just HAD to look.  And low and behold, what did I find but the FAAAAAHHHH-BULOUS Ariella leopard print knee-high boots in all of their 4 ½” heel glory.

I instantly recognized them because I admire them on my Christian Louboutin designed Barbie every time I walk into my living room.  She lives on my bookshelf. :)  And Santa brought her to me last Christmas.  Somebody was really good last year! ;)  I fell in love with her shoes first but then I fell in love with her red hair, olive skin and gorgeous green eyes.  If you missed her debut last Fall, the box comes with a great lookbook with Barbie in all her shoes and matching ensembles and background sets. Its really rather clever, not to mention utterly glamourous.  Mr. Louboutin himself does a couple of cameos in the photos too.  File him under ADORABLE!

Moving further on’s shoe page, their BEST page by the way, I came across the Miss 120 platform ankle boots.  Of COURSE, these are also part of my Barbie’s shoe collection, complete with dust bags and shoe boxes. ;)  These have the 4 ½” heel with a concealed 1” platform. 

When I went to look, just look, for my size in either of the beauties, SOLD OUT.  But that’s usually the case on, sadly.  I honestly want to meet ONE woman that has actually been able to get something truly fabulous (which means something I want). ;) I wonder if maybe the women that do get to score the fab finds on TheOutnet have their blackberries surgically inserted into their hands and, more importantly, if my insurance will cover that. ;) 

So this was not my regular Working Girl’s Shoe Closet post but let’s just blame that on TheOutnet too. ;) At least until I can finally be one of the lucky ladies to score a find like these on there. :)


SoCalFashionista said...

I'm so sorry you missed out! I somehow managed to get on there the second it started and scored the Black suede tall alti boots. Been wanting tall black CL boots for years, so I'm excited.

Love the 3 CL Barbies. I gave my sister the one in the catsuit because it looks like her :)

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

CONGRATULATIONS! SO glad to hear that you got to actually score those fab boots! JEALOUS! :) I think I just need to be sitting by my computer ready to jump on it. You can't say I'm not a girl with goals! ;) I adore all three of the Barbies... just adore the shoes that come with the dust bags and shoe boxes. I doubt I'll ever hate any of the CL concepts. ;) xoxo.

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