Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello! My Name is Fabulous

Well, I may not be crashing a ladies lunch for charity a la Carrie and Samantha in Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman in Season 3 of Sex and The City but these Aldo ‘Darracott’ peep toe mary jane platform wedges make me say “Hello! My name is Fabulous.”  The second my eyes met these ‘Darracott’ beauties, my mind had a flash attack of how many outfits and directions I could go with these.  (

These are not "over the top" fabulous but rather understated fabulous.  These are that ‘go-to’ shoe that you put on when you don’t want to get dressed BUT you HAVE to look like you wanted to get dressed.  These are the shoes you put on when you’re doing that weekend matinee with the gals.  These are the shoes that you dress up for work and take you to after work activities effortlessly.  These are the shoes that match every outfit in your closet, even the paisley moment you had when you were slightly high from overshopping.

The sleek silhouette of the shoe is what makes it so versatile and timeless.  The mary jane peep make it sweet and innocent, while the platform heights you reach in them make them simultaneously sexy.  It’s an all in one shoe!  Can you feel my love for this shoe??  Now, I know you might be cringing at the height of the platform heel but fret not my lovelies.  There’s a good 1 ¼” – 1 ½” of platform base that is part of the illusion.  The actual height of the heel your foot would carry is about 3”, so not so crazy.  And Aldo shoes has really been working on perfecting the cushioning that they put in all of their heels to make them very comfy.  I may have had to use a band-aid or two for ankle blisters on occasion but I’ve never had ball of my foot burns from any of my Aldos.

And quickly, a word about Aldo’s endearing eco-consciousness.  I’ve mentioned in previous Aldo posts how they have moved away from using shopping bags.  They have engineered a cottony rope that threads through the side of the shoebox and lid, making a sweet little handle.  This eliminates the need for using shopping bags and makes your shopping habits greener! ;)  So, for $90, you’re also going to be saying, Hello! My name is Fabulous. ;)


Grumpy old man said...

Great review, sounds like a great buy, and it is actually quite good looking. I love the peep toe effect.
Thanks you very much for the lovely comment you left on my blog, really appreciate it.

Have a stunning day.


Panther GOODY said...

Those are nice looking shoes. If I had a girlfriend right now I would suggest them to her. You have a nice blog!

DaisyLine said...

this shoes are so cute! love it <3
DaisyLine from