Thursday, July 29, 2010

Basic, But Definitely NOT Boring

I was in the market for some “nude” heels that I could wear with outfits that have a lot going on and don’t really need any accessorizing.  I have a mocha-like skin color with the olive undertone, so online shopping for “tan” doesn’t really work for me.  I need to actually see the color on my foot in order to determine if the color compliments my skin color.  So sadly, online shopping is out for me on this one.  After several disappointing options that were too yellow in my shopping excursion, I found myself fixated on these ‘Atlantic City’ pumps from Aldo.  While the hue is a little bit lighter than my actual skin color, and the official color is called “light pink”, it compliments my skin tones very nicely.  It definitely gives that “naked dress”-ness feel like Carrie’s ‘Sex And The City’.  

What sold me on this shoe, and particularly the color, is that it had this edgy pointed toe that brings the fashion forwardness you can’t really get away with in a professional setting normally.  The fact that it fades into your leg while elongating it makes this shoe a complete must have basic for any girl’s shoe closet.  Having that edgy almond-shaped pointed toe is that little detail that distinguishes your whole outfit taking it from just being professional to being stylishly fashion forward.  It has a generous 1 ½” platform to create a 4 ¾” heel making you really seem like you have legs that go on forever.  Major bonus no matter you are (or aren’t)!  And despite the seemingly scary height, it’s actually quite easy to walk it.  This was one of my first 4” platforms and so I was apprehensive the first few times I wore them.  I was pleasantly surprised that the extra platform really adds an extra layer of shock absorbency to make these very wearable.  As always, Aldo doesn’t have half sizes and the shoes tend to run a bit small, so going up a size if you’re a half size is usually a great fit.  

So the lesson here is if you want to take your outfits up a notch while not going too far, go for a nude shoe with edgy details, then you will have a great basic that will definitely not be boring. :)


Unknown said...

Very true! There is always the option of using shoe jewelry to get more versatility out of the shoe. Not only do nude shoes provide a neutral ground for many outfits, they also elongate the legs and make them stand more ;).

Erica said...

Have you done a full day run in them yet? I usu love Aldo's styles but find they kill my feet by the end of the day!

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