Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty

There’s a very fine line between office appropriate and Hookerville as Carrie Bradshaw would call it when it comes to animal prints. These little lovelies, 'Clever', are from Aldo. I was still moping about my recently imposed Furlough Day at work, which equated to a 10% cut into my disposable income, or rather, my shoe fund. The hot designer shoes of the season became more distant from my reach. So, when I found these last Fall and at a price of $110, naturally, I pounced on them.

At first glance, the 5-inch heel looks rather daunting. However, the platform base of the shoe is over 1 ¼” almost 1 ½” so the actual height your foot is angled is about 3 ½” inches. I find them quite easy to walk in and pretty tolerable for those extra long days. Now, in order to keep it professional looking, I always wear solid black with them. A solid black dress, or black top and skirt or slacks make it a perfect work to evening outfit keeping the shoes as the star of the ensemble. Black and tan is a classic and sophisticate color combination that makes it an easy outfit for any office. I was fortunate enough to score the tan lambskin Jean Paul Gaultier for Target jacket that I pair with it in the cooler Winter months. These are also great to pair with jeans and a basic white t-shirt for weekend fun.

You actually have a lot of animal print options in different styles. This weekend I spied cute leopard prints shoes of various heel heights at Charles David, Nine West, Steve Madden and American Eagle for Payless Shoes! Send me what you decide on. I'd love to see them. :) These Clever are still available on for a steal at about $70, but they are only available in all black, not leopard.

I’d also like to make a note about Aldo. I think it was maybe over a year ago, they purposely changed the design of their shoeboxes to add a slot with a fabric cord that slides through to make a cute little handle that also secures the lid. This eliminated the need to use shopping bags when customers purchased lovelies like mine. While its not a cure for cancer, it is what one company was able to do to eliminate excess waste. Companies that are eco-conscious while stylishly fabulous are companies I love to shop at and keep recommending.


Joannalyne said...

hi! that is one good looking shoe. i love it! i hope you will follow my shoe blog too.

cheers for more beautiful shoes!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks Joanne! I definitely will! :) Enjoy!

lou lou said...

I can dig these...their sexy