Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bronze Gladiator Sandals from The Gap

About a year ago, I was in The Gap and came across these cute gladiators. I liked them because they weren't your typical gladiator sandal. The leather flowers and knots along the strap were unique. I tried them on and loved how soft the ankle strap leather was. I had some hesitation on buying them because the thong strap that goes between the toes had an outer leather covering that's seamed and created a bit of a lip. At $24.99, I figured I could fashion some sort of rub protection should it make my toes blister. Now, I understand the labor issues with The Gap and feel somewhat guilty shopping there but had to go for it because I hadn't found gladiators I really "connected" with. Well, the first time I wore them, I walked maybe a mile total, at the most. The inside of my toes where the thong connected to the sole was stripped raw from that seamed covering. I found a few band-aids and created a cushiony cover to prevent the damage in the future. I put so many band-aids on there over time that it was getting too fat for my toes to wrap around! So, I stripped off all the band-aids and got the white first aid tape to tape down the seam. Then, I got the small square band-aids (that you never use from the variety pack) and positioned them to create some extra cushion around that thong part. That seems to be the solution that worked best. Maybe it was my punishment for patronizing poor labor practices! Regardless, I'm sure it won't be long before I start looking for a replacement pair of gladiator sandals. ;)

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