Monday, July 12, 2010

Reader Question of the Day

Q: Need your thoughts on heels! Living in NYC, I walk a lot, and shoes with skinny little heels are always getting caught in sidewalk subway grates. Embarassing, plus it tends to shred the heel itself. Advice on thicker heels (that aren't wedges) for daily work and commute but that are still cute?

A: Great question! Whether its a stiletto heel or a kitten heel, all heels are subject to that horrid subway grate or sidewalk crack. And don't get me started on cobblestone crosswalks for all heels in general! And you're right, it shreds your heel up so that it looks like little Fido has been having a field day in your closet!

What you want to look for are heels that are bigger than the typical grate opening/sidewalk crack. While you're not totally immute to the initial feeling of wobbling through, a wider heel gives you more of "fighting chance" to keep you leveraged on the ball of your foot. Your natural sense of equilibrium kicks in and helps you avoid sinking in to the point of damage, or worse, losing your balance entirely and even falling. :(

Check out these 'Rembrandt' Pumps by Sofft at Norstroms: know that they are a higher heel but the great thing about Sofft is that they have a better cushion at the ball of your foot to help you sustain the higher heel for longer periods of time, lessing that burning sensation in the ball of your foot three hours into your day!

Let me know if this helps and thanks for the great question! And keep the questions coming!


Unknown said...

This was definitely a great question!I'm not even a commuter but this time of year I attend more outside events and spend more time walking. I always have anxiety with sidewalk cracks because there is nothing more annoying than yanking your heel out of the concrete lol. Your solution was perfect and definitely necessary for someone living in NYC.

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks Fly Girl! I appreciate the kind words. :)