Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Doctor is IN… Again, Well, Still

I remember sitting glued to my TV watching Carrie have an anxiety attack as she told Aiden she need to slow down their wedding plans in the “Change of Dress” Sex In the City episode that aired back on January 20, 2002. Watching as the camera panned out to see Aiden hugging her as they sat on the floor after agreeing to slow down, I couldn’t help but be stunned at what had just happened. AND, I couldn’t stop thinking about her cute red Dr. Scholl’s Original sandals she wore with her Michael Stars tank under the long sleeved t-shirt with blue jeans. Seriously, how cute was that outfit? It was retro and timeless at the same time. Another Patricia Field memorable outfit. Those red sandals stayed on my mind so much, as they did for many women, that I went out and bought a pair in tan. Dr. Scholl’s had an instant resuscitation thanks to Ms. Field, which is why it actually took me a few trips to several stores to actually score a pair.

I have had them for almost 8 years now and have come to terms that I need to part ways with them. They have served their shoe destiny in my life. However, I am unwilling to let the Dr. leave my shoe repertoire. Thus, I have bought a new pair, this time in blue. And I have to say the good Doctor has put in a little work into the Classic. While still being oddly comfortable as shaped wooden soled shoes are, the new ones weigh much less. This is a major plus to those days you do lots of walking and have sore shins the next day and can’t figure out for the life of you why. Also, the leather strap itself, while still being nicely padded on its underside, is slightly slimmer than the old one. The bonus with this improvement is that your foot has more range of motion when walking and less rubbing on the sides of your foot. These improvements make an overall better shoe because it makes for a more comfortable walking experience. I’ve sported them today doing my errands out and about town and while I’m tired from errands (and the insane heat), my feet are surprisingly not tired. If you’re considering doing the Fall clog trend, this may be a good way to ease your way into it too since Dr. Scholl’s also makes several variations of the clog as well. Check out for all the different styles and colors.


Jack said...

I am not well versed in fashion, but these shoes sure look nice! And I can tell you have some kind of sentimental attachment to them because of the show which makes them even more awesome!

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