Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reader Question of the Day

Q: Am trying to work out what to wear when trapsing up & down Manhattan! Any suggestions?

A: Great question! Yes, in case you missed it, check out my post from yesterday, The Doctor is IN, Again, Well, Still to see the Dr. Scholl’s Originals as an option. I was able to score mine on for $40 instead of paying the full retail price.

The great flip flops from Havaianas ( are also a fantastic pick. They have been able to engineer the perfect amount of what I call “squish” on the sole to be cushiony while still being supportive enough to keep you on your feet for extended amounts of errand running. And, at a mere $18 you don’t have to spend time debating which color to get because you can easily afford them all.

Many of my girlfriends have commented that flip flops are not their choice because of how dirty their feet get from all the walking about. So, a delicious little flat I’ve come to think of as socks with feet is the Elie Tahari Janine Driver. I first discovered them on the Oprah Fashion Intervention episode last Fall. And you know Mama O never steers us wrong! :) So, I bought my bronze pair on for $198. You can still find them in several different colors and materials for the same price ( The broken sole effect is what makes this shoe so spectacular. It is so flexible, you hardly feel like you’re wearing shoes at all. It’s really quite amazing. I find that they don’t make my feet too sweaty in the heat either.

I hope that these are some options to help you traipse the balmy streets of Manhattan or any other city streets with comfort, style and without breaking into your savings account! ;)


socialitedreams said...

I love a good flat so much, with proper sole support and in a pretty design. I'll wear them until the soles literally fall off, lol, once I get a great pair that just mold to my feet and feel like I'm walking on air...those flats that you posted look divine, but wow that price is steep :-/

Leia said...

Great suggestion! I live in London and normally wear ballet flats for running around the city :)

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