Friday, October 29, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Season 8 Finale

We’ve come to the end of Season 8’s Project Runway. And that means that we’ve come to the end of 'What Would Project Runway Shoe?" (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s episode.  This weekly Friday post came out of my addiction to Project Runway.  Spoiler Alert of all Spoiler Alerts!! I’m about to talk about who wins the entire season so please stop reading if you want to watch last night’s episode first. ;)

My goodness!  What a shocking outcome!  The popular frontrunner to win, Mondo Guerra (@LoveMondoTrasho), was robbed according to the Twitterattis and blogs.  Ms. Gretchen Jones (@Gretchen_Jones) took the grand prize of being this season’s winner.  The judges sided with Ready To Wear over what Nina said was teenage fashion. You can get a refresher of what the lines looked like here Project Runway on LIfetimeTV.  If your interested in Gretchen’s jewelry designer, check out my Fashion’s Fabulous Night Out – From NYC to LA Fashion's Fabulous Night Out - From NYC to LA post where I met him and all of this season’s contestants.  And clearly, the decision was NOT an easy one for the judges.  In an extensive, not very edited, look at the judges “chat”, we saw the judges yelling over each other in a way we have never seen on Project Runway before. 

I think the take away from the judges chat “slug-out” is that the factors that a designer successful are factors like commercial marketing and range of appeal.  Gretchen’s line has pieces that would attract women from ages 18-50 because of how versatile the design and use of her print was applied.  And let’s face it, everybody loves OPTIONS, just ask Rachel Zoe! :)   Mondo’s “MultoMondo” collection, as Michael Kors called it, was fun and fresh and completely ADORABLE.  But Nina made it clear that, from a selling point, Mondo’s line was too limited in comparison because it wouldn’t appeal to the range that Gretchen’s did.  I think the judges saw and really appreciated the brilliance and genius that is Mondo but went for the line that would be most profitable.  Remember ladies, bottom line is that fashion is a business.  Heidi, Nina and Michael did not create the Project Runway empire just because they are “fun” personalities, right? ;)  They have the bu$ine$$ $mart$ too.  And regardless, we have all have now been bitten by the Mondo “Mondo-ern” style and are thirsty for MORE!  I’m sure that our little Mondo will be giving us the goods even without this win. ;)

Now, on to the SHOES!  Ms. Jones did a pretty great job with her shoe choices on her runway.  There was only a couple outfits that I would have gone in a slightly different direction, one being her finale dress.  I think that the open toe lace up black suede ankle flat was definitely echoing the vibe of the outfit.  However, because of the floor length hem of the dress with the sleeve, there was a lot of covering up happening.  You needed to show a little more skin, or as Michael Kors called it, “relief”. 
The open toe and the open heel was a good call but still a little too much.  That’s why I though that the Mia ‘Hayat’ was the better balance between the vibe of the outfit and the “relief”. ;)  And it’s just super cute! 

This black suede thong sandal has an ankle cuff with a ruching detail.  It also has an adjustable buckle closure on the outer backside of the ankle for that perfect fit.  These are also a great pick for your shorter shorts and micro-mini hemlines that show off your gams.  And the lesson of the day is versatility.  Having the option to wear something several different ways not only expands your wardrobe but also makes your shopping choice a wiser investment. Your wardrobe needs to be a multitasker just like you! ;) At only $29.99 on Piperlime, it’s a total steal too.

Congratulations to Gretchen and all of this season’s designers!  They made for a greatly dramatic season that kept us all coming back for more.  This has been one of the most memorable seasons for me.  A special thanks to you for indulging me in What Would Project Runway Shoe?  Who did you want to win??

Happy Halloween!  Be safe! ;)


Anonymous said...

Great shoe choice! Sad to see another season over.

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

@Terry - what did you think of the winner??