Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stepping On Domestic Violence

Too many women have been in Whitney’s shoes in having their Bobby moment.  Domestic violence is far too prevalent in many of our relationships.  These incidents range in age from teens to middle-age.  They range in income from the projects to Wall Street.  And they range from professionals with advanced degrees to pop stars like Rihanna.

From October 1st to 15th, Marshalls will Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence.  For every pair of shoes you buy, $1 will be donated, up to $150,000, to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  By channeling your inner budget fashionista, you can help raise funding and awareness for the millions of women living in the horrible cycle of abuse.

This is one of the most difficult issues for women to overcome because of the lingering emotional abuse and embarrassment they feel associated with being a victim.  We’ve seen it all too many times on Oprah and through efforts like these, some women gain empowerment and healing.  Please make a little time to make your way to your local Marshall’s and shop for some new kicks so that you can help step on domestic violence.  Being a do-gooder has never made your shoe closet look so good! ;)


shoe-radar.com said...

If there were ever an excuse to shop this would be it! Thanks for the post! xoxo

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks Sweetie! I think so too! ;) xoxo