Monday, October 4, 2010

Flipp Me Baby One More Time

This weekend I found myself in the Nordstrom Rack.  Having been working overtime this past week, I didn’t think I had enough energy to elbow my way through the shoe racks, so I figured I would just give a quick once over.  Turns out, massive deals on designer shoes gives me a HUGE adrenaline boost. ;)  

I came across this chestnut/taupe ‘Flipp’ by Joan & David amid the shoes that were strewn about the racks.  I immediately slipped it on for a perfect fit.  I was absolutely in love with the shimmery bronze color.  The platform was so incredibly comfortable, I could actually feel the sponginess of the cushion with each step I took.  The almond toe makes this an instant classic shoe that is an essential for any working girl’s shoe closet.  It’s 4 ¾” inch heel seems crazy to be able to make it through your 10 hour days but the 1” platform lowers it to a 3 ¾” heel.  But if that still doesn’t convince you that they’re comfy enough to make you last through the day, the rave reviews on Piperlime, Zappos, Endless, and should. ;) 

The monster bonus was that they were priced at $99.50.  Yes, ladies, 50% off.  They are regularly priced at $200 give or take $5 on various sites.  Also, some of the various colors are on sale for as low as $140.  So you know that when I found them in black on the next rack, I had to say, “Flipp me baby one more time!” ;)  Such a major score!  

If you’re not fortunate enough to be near enough to a Nordstrom Rack or find them at your local Nordstrom Rack, fret not. The $200 price tag is truly worth it as these, especially the black, are a true investment piece.  They are an essential piece that exudes sophistication and classic style.  The fact that they are so incredibly comfortable will have your feet thanking you every evening you aren’t feeling the balls of your feet burning.  This is well worth your weight in shoes! ;)  They also come in various patent finish colors: tan, cherry red, deep red, electric blue and reptile print.  Your feet will thank you for years. :) 


Anonymous said...

Nordstrom Rack is super dangerous. I always end up browsing the show aisle on days when i need a little happy boost after a long long day...and yes, i always buy something even when i'm supposed to be saving for something else. buy hey, at least i love what i buy and i look good wearing them the next day!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Oh my god, I totally went nuts. I got two other pairs that I'm going to share shortly ;) Its the best feeling to get retail therapy that you can wear the next day! I love it!