Friday, October 1, 2010

What Would Project Runway Shoe? Episode 10: Memories, Tears and ‘+’

Welcome to Week 10 of  'What Would Project Runway Shoe?’ (#WWPRS) where I suggest a shoe to go with the winning look of this week’s Project Runway episode.  Over the seasons, my love and adoration for Project Runway has grown and now inspired this weekly post.  Spoiler Alert!!  Stop reading if you want to wait to watch last night's episode first. :)

Wow, what a seriously MAJOR episode.  This episode left few dry eyes due to the designers’ emotional vulnerability, so much so even Tim Gunn was weepy.  Having all the moms (and one partner) come in with so much love brought out the human realness in the remaining designers endearing us to love them that much more.  Guest judge Rachel Roy brought her expert fresh fashion eye to give my most favorite critique this season… ALMOST.  She wrote, “Almost, so almost.”  In all honesty, I really loved Gretchen’s print.  Although it was inspired by earthy things, I found her print to be very Kate Spade and clean.  Michael Kor’s comment about having mixed up the size of the print truly would have taken it to another level.  See all of the designs here: Project Runway on LifetimeTV.

Making it a three-in-a-row streak, Mondo took the win.  And rightfully so, as his design was phenomenal. Taking a very serious situation and reinterpreting his HIV positive status into a fun and funky print was incredible.  His strength in sharing his HIV positive status for the first time publically was the major moment of the episode. 

I agree with Nina that the high waist on the pant was a tad too high.  But that’s truly the only critique I could dare say.  I gasped the second that Mondo’s model hit her fierce pose on the runway, just like everyone else.  This is one of those funky outfits that is refined with polish and a chic, expensive feel.  I’m dying to have this ensemble added to my closet.  (Mondo, feel free to send me over one. ;))  You know I loved him before but now I just want to hug him and play dress up with him forever.

I felt that this over the top outfit needed a shoe that could stand up to this fabulosity without competing with it.  So that’s why I went with the black Fendi 'FF' Platform Pump.  This pant length demands a platform but not just any platform. The height is a major must with the length of this pant.  You need the right amount of peek through the bottom of the seam to confirm your fierceness in this outfit.  So this 5 ¼” heel gives you all that with the almost 1 ½” platform.    You need a shoe with a real heel, meaning one that’s not a needle thin stiletto.  Because of the thickness of the print you need something that is just as visible in your shoe.  The FF has the perfect heel that compliments the lines of the graphic print.  

The round toe with the square sole underneath it is the perfect silhouette you want to play off this kind of graphic print.  Lastly, the smooth leather is the perfect finish for this color scheme.  A patent leather could work but again, because there is so much going on already in the outfit, you want to be subtle in a way that still carries the vibe of the outfit down to the little Fendi gold emblem on the tip of your toe. ;)

Clearly, this is SPLURGE at $730 either at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Ave.  But the fact that you can wear these with this outfit prove that there’s very few things in your wardrobe that wouldn’t go with these! ;)  They are truly an investment piece.   Next week’s episode promises more drama with accusations about cheating.  I can’t imagine what will happen next. 

If you’re in to fashion enough to follow my blog, the horrible disease of AIDS has likely affected you or someone you know and love in some way.  This WWPRS is dedicated to all of our little angels that have left us due to AIDS. RIP AJ. xoxo.



PJ said...

Hi There! (Sorry I don't know your name). I hate shoes. I am an ABNORMAL person. I hate shopping. What kind of female hates shoes and shopping? Me! I'm 56 years old, I am overweight, and I'm old fashioned, (I'm Pentecostal so I wear longer dresses than that are in fashion). Back to shoes. I've had feet trouble since my early twenties, and so my feet are short (sz 6, except when they are swollen then I have to go to a 7 or 71/2 for the width). Needless to say I haven't been able to find any comfortable shoes that fit. I go San Antonio at least once a year to buy SAS's but the last pair I bought from them are still too tight. What's a girl to do? Any suggestions? I don't like wearing granny shoes to church, but unless I want to be in dire pain ( which I usually am on Sundays cause I wear dress shoes) I have no choice it seems. According to the SAS measuring standard I wear a 6 TRIPLE WIDE, and that's when my feet aren't swollen!


God Bless!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Hi PJ,
Nice to meet you! I'm so sorry to hear about your shoe situation. That's truly a nightmare! Its understandable why you hate shoes. I would too in your condition. The triple wide shoes area isn't my specialty, however, I think you might find some pretty good options at In fact, these caught my eye as being pretty adorable: They come in extra wide sizes and run the large range of sizes from 4 to 15. I think this may be a great resource for you. Also, you might want to try the Sofft shoe line. They are super comfortable and do have wide width shoes. Their website is: I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more quesions! Let me know what you do find. :)

Evelyn Halim said...

My bestfriend fall in love with this shoe.


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...


THRILLED to hear it! :) Thanks for the comment! xoxo ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Find! I have these and love them and not just for the obvious reason that they are black and can go with everything, but they are surprisingly comfortable. The first wear was trying but once I broke them in I was off and running! xoxo