Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoe Gal Had A Little L.A.M.B.

Well, its fleece was not white as snow, but rather, it was supple black leather.  I had seen these ‘Quincy’ D’Orsay platform pumps by L.A.M.B. on a few weeks ago.  I drooled all over my keyboard but hesitated buying them because I had tried on a pair of L.A.M.B. booties in a Nordstrom’s Rack a couple of years ago.  My ankle pleaded for mercy just while I tried them on in the store.  So, I held off. 

I recently took a “quick” trip to the Nordstrom Rack where I gorged on some amazing finds.  As I made my way through the towering racks, I spied these among the designer section.  And horror of horrors, as I approached, another women picked them up and tried them on.  I stopped in my tracks.  Panicking in my head, I played it cool.  I pretended to be interested in some Franco Sarto’s with my best Academy performance.  I kept her and the shoes in the corner of my eye the entire time.  She tried on the left shoe and my heart nearly stopped.  Her daughter made a face which made a smile sneak up.  I looked down so as to hide my excitement.  I could almost feel them in my hands.  She put them back in the box and went on to the next aisle.  SCORE!  I pounced on them faster than a lion on an unsuspecting deer in the Serengeti. 

I tried on the right shoe and felt instant love shower my foot.  I put the other one on and took a step only to have the right one slip a bit.  D’Orsay pumps are tricky.  They MUST fit perfectly.  They have no straps and not much opportunity for jimmy-rigging.  These particularly cover up very little.  They have these delicious little cut outs everywhere that give it so much femininity.  D’Orsays have the inherent pin-up retro feel but what pushes these into the sexy kitty category is the double layered platform.  And just when you think you’re living in the modern 1950’s, Ms. Stefani smartly put her trademark edginess on the shoe by adding this unique design to the top backside of wooden heel.  I was so in love.  I instantly pictured wearing them with bright solid colored tights for the cooler months!

They are incredibly comfortable.  The outrageous looking 4 ¾” heel looks so intimidating but they have a little over a 1” platform that brings the actual height and feel of the heel down to something more sustainable.  As for my issue with the slippage on the right shoe, I got a pair of inserts that they had on sale there and tried one in the shoe (yes, I bought them too since I opened the package).  It seemed that it really did the trick.  Sometimes the floor/display shoe gets stretched out from people trying them on which is why I always try to get a different pair.  BUT, sometimes, you really have no choice.  And since these were priced at $110, you can see I had no choice when these retail for $245 regular price.  On and, they’re going for about $140.  They also come in a chocolate brown and sand.  And, you can always go on the hunt at your local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. ;)

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Anonymous said...

L.A.M.B is fabulous!! They always have cute heels. Great post BTW, and I am loving your blog.


The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Thanks MelRod!

I'm so glad you are loving my blog! I really like it when that happens ;)

Do you have any L.A.M.B.'s in your shoe closet?