Monday, October 25, 2010

Boot Me Up

Clearly, boot weather is upon us so let us relish in our boots!  This year, I was on the hunt for some wedge boots that I could wear to work.  I have several pairs of stiletto heeled boots and wanted to mix it up with something new.  I have actually wanted something like this since last winter but never found a pair that was quite right… Until now that is.  I first hear of the Biviel brand during one of my ‘Sidewalk Style fabulous discoveries in the Fashion District downtown.  Being such an enormous fan of Spanish fashion (Zara, Mango), I was totally enthralled with the boho-chic comfort that Biviel had to offer.  And in perusing their shoe selections online, I came across the ‘BV1818’.  I could not wait to get them delivered by the UPS man, aka the best man in brown! 

Once I got them, they were everything they promised to be.  The leather was exquisite!  It is so unbelievably soft, I just want to pet it all day long.  They have a deep burgundy piping that details the boot along with the button strap on the outside top.  My eyes were won over by the adorable stitching detail on the wedge heel.  It’s so very subtle but its these kinds of details that enamor me.

I’ve worn them twice and love them even more.  Their 3” heel is so comfortable that I would easily run a mile in them.  The cute little cap-toe design makes my foot look small but not in a bad way.  Think dainty. ;)  But the comfort level on these boots is seriously off the charts.  Hands down, these are THE most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.  I didn’t even have that rush of blood or feeling of relief at the end of my 12 hour day when zipping off my boots the way I normally do.  My tooties were just as happy campers in the boots as without the boots, even after all the running around.  So please, boot me up! ;)

2 comments: said...

Girlfriend you are booted up! I myself need to get some wedge boots you found a great pair, your so funny miss "I would easily run a mile in them" lol I can barely run a mile in sneakers! ha! I'll have to check out the site! Thanx! xoxo

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Oh my little shoe-radar! You need to bond with Biviel! Boots, wedges, sandals and everything in between are gonna make you have a new attitude about working out in heels! Think Mariah's Cribs episode when she was on her stair machine in her Loubies! ;) xoxo